California Streets Just Got A Lot More Dangerous As State Officials Continue This Absurd Coronavirus Protocol…

(Liberty Bell) – Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, America has seen some drastic changes and while some rules and “orders” are just blatantly tyrannical and ridiculous, the most confusing and troubling consequence of the virus has been states emptying their prisons in order to prevent the spread.

Quarantining healthy people with stay-at-home orders doesn’t make any sense and is most definitely a violation of our Constitutional rights but releasing dangerous and violent inmates from prison is just downright irresponsible and nonsensical.

In California, seven sex offenders have been released from prison despite being labeled “high risk” by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Apparently, state officials, including Governor Gavin Newsom, feel that keeping prisons from being “overcrowded” is a priority in slowing the spread of a virus that has currently only affected around 50,000 people in a state of almost 40 million. Interesting to note, over 650,000 people have been tested in the entire state with only 50,442 (as of May 1) testing positive.

But, sure, let’s empty the prisons and make California an even more dangerous place for law-abiding citizens and children.

Breitbart gave a rundown of these 7 “high risk” sex offenders who have histories of violating their parole officers and criminal histories including indecent exposure to a child, sexual battery of a child, and child molestation. Totally the type of people we should be concerned about protecting from a virus they likely would easily survive.

Take a look at these now free criminals:

Luis Joel Ramirez, 27-years-old, who has been convicted of sexual battery, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting a peace officer, burglary and possessing a leaded cane, and a deadly weapon.

Ramirez has violated his parole four times since 2019. He was released on April 7 after serving 20 days credit time served on a parole violation for cutting off his GPS despite a 180 day minimum sentence. Ramirez was again released on April 24 after serving 16 days credit time served on a parole violation for failing to report to parole.

Above: Luis Joel Ramirez (Photo via OCDA)

James Franklin Bowling, 50-years-old, who has been convicted of lewd conduct in a public place, repeated convictions for failing to register as a sex offender, repeated convictions for sex offender on school grounds, and possession of controlled substance and paraphernalia.

Bowling has twice violated his parole since February 2020. He was released on April 9 after serving 14 days credit time served on a parole violation for failing to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence. Bowling has been ordered to report to parole and has not yet reported.

Above: James Franklin Bowling (Photo via OCDA)

Rudy William Grajeda Magdaleno, 39-years-old, has been convicted of child molestation, indecent exposure, assault, battery, criminal threats, and inflicting injury on an elder adult.

Magdaleno has violated his parole five times since 2017. He was released on April 13 after serving 142 days credit time served on a parole violation for failing to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence. Magdaleno has been ordered to report to parole and has not yet reported.

Above: Rudy William Grajeda Magdaleno (Photo via OCDA)

Calvin Curtis Coleman, 52-years-old, has been convicted of lewd conduct in a public place. He has violated his parole three times since 2019.

On April 13, Coleman was released after serving 18 days credit time served on a parole violation after failing to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence and ordered to report to parole.

Above: Calvin Curtis Coleman (Photo via OCDA)

Kyle Albert Winton, 40-years-old, has been convicted of annoying/molesting a child, criminal threats to cause great bodily injury or death, resisting a peace officer, DUI and hit and run with property damage.

He has had one parole violation. On April 17, Winton was released after serving 10 days credit time served on a parole violation after failing to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence. He has been ordered to report to parole and has yet to report.

Above: Kyle Albert Winton (Photo via OCDA)

Jose Adrian Oregel, 46-years-old, has been convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, oral copulation of a person under the age of 18, great bodily injury, and second striker.

He has violated his parole six times June 2019. On April 22, Oregel was released after serving 18 days credit time served a parole violation for failing to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence. He has been ordered to report to parole.

Above: Jose Adrian Oregel (Photo via OCDA)

Mario Ernesto Sandoval, 45-years-old, has been convicted of sexual battery, touching for sexual arousal, indecent exposure, assault on a peace officer, and assault.

He has violated his parole one time this year. Sandavol failed to charge his GPS device as required by law and was unaccounted for one third of the time he was out of custody, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

On April 22, Sandoval was released after serving 16 credit time served on a parole violation for failing to report to charge GPS monitor despite a 180 day minimum sentence. He has been ordered to report to parole.

Above: Mario Ernesto Sandoval (Photo via OCDA)

According to Breitbart, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said in a news release that the recent release of criminals from prison has reduced the population by almost 45 percent in less than two months and also noted that there were no prior issues with overcrowding.

“These kinds of high-risk sex offenders are the most dangerous kind of criminal and the most likely to re-offend,” Orange County District Attorney Toff Spitzer said in a statement. “They are doing everything they can to avoid detection by the parole officers assigned to monitor them so they can potentially commit additional sex offenses. These are not the kind of people who should be getting a break.

“It is not the Court’s responsibility to control the jail population by releasing these dangerous criminals back into our communities,” Spitzer said. “The residents of Orange County deserve to have the peace of mind that registered sex offenders are being held accountable and not just let out the front door of jail by a court commissioner who refuses to follow the law.”

Just a month ago Newsom made the decision to commute the sentences for 14 convicted murderers, including a man who was convicted of stabbing his pregnant wife to death and a woman who was convicted of assaulting a child to death.

There doesn’t seem to be any actual justification for releasing these types of people back into society, especially in such tumultuous times. Prison is the perfect place to quarantine sick individuals so it seems really bizarre to allow criminals back out on the streets out of fear of the virus spreading when they were, in actuality, much “safer” behind bars.

Newsom is going to turn the entire state into one big criminal-controlled cesspool akin to “Gotham City” with this kind of reckless behavior. Unfortunately, Batman isn’t real and Californians are going to be the ones to suffer.


    • If those DUMDEMS had of sent all those illegal aliens packing back to their birth place when they arrived, we wouldn’t be reading these stories about perverts, all felons, etc., being put back on the streets to start their dirty work again……..

      Send all those illegal aliens back where they came from and BUILD THE WALL……Those illegals are not welcome here in the USA & thats according to OUR CONSTITUTION.

  1. California has screwed up the whole system that this state along with others in the same sync
    We taxpayers are tired of that
    California screwed the taxpayers with their ideology of political bed
    It is time now that the taxpayers say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
    Now it up to the real authorities to act and clean up the state
    If the authorities cannot do it then we the people have that under the 1st and 2nd Amendments , Bill of Rights, etc.
    We are the larger number than those in fake Politico wanting to assume power under their ideology
    Time is coming

  2. California residents need to reject sanctuary efforts, vote to remove all the democrats that support this approach and remove all illegals that have any criminal history. Ignore the press, most of these people are lazy and they don’t have the ability to put together a real news story. The democrats are not going to do right by you.

  3. California is another democrat disaster ran by the likes of Pelosi, schiff Waters.just the mention the worst .nothing but scum.running illegals for cheap labor and for their votes ,protecting the Hollywood squares and trying to keep the border open for their drug trafficking and their donation to the dem party .

  4. The officials, starting at the Governor and working down, who facilitated their release should be charged with Aiding and Abetting, as well as Accessory Before the Fact, in any crimes these people commit while they are released early. Full prosecution of both the officials and the convict for anything done.

  5. Well, fellow citizen, taxpaying voters…. You’re finding out the hard way who has our best interests at heart and it ain’t the China paid leftist Dems. I sincerely hope those that let these folks out of jail gets to experience first hand crime from these individuals. (Just deserts.) Remember them at vote time and vote against the China controlled leftist Dems. In the mean time, ya just might want to do target practice and conceal carry heat. MAGA/KAG 2020!

  6. Ehst is the matter with Newsom by letting criminals out of prison? They will just ho out and do the same thing again. What can you say as he’s nancy Pelosi ‘s nephew.

  7. After they release these criminals, they should load them in a vehicle, give them nude magazines, booze and drop them off in front of Peloshit’s house. Have a nice day Nancy.

  8. Why don’t you California democrats vote republican so you can get a safer state. Democrat politicans are power hungry AT ALL COSTS.

  9. Newsom, Pelosi, Feinstein and the Democratic Party should be arrested or at least be held liable every time one of these criminals injure or kill someone.

    • Don’t worry your little head friend. Just vote the democrat’s in again and there will be nothing to fear!! Democrat Nation is what the liberals want. That only means we will be on our own on the streets and in our homes trying to protect ourselves with all the criminals they refuse to hold in jail. Just remember the democrat Nation wants to be sure and take your guns too so you cannot defend yourself against convicted felons. In the meantime, Newsom is giving away your tax dollars to illegals that should not even be here. Don’t worry the democrat nation is on the job to bankrupt you, your state, and the feds, to support those that do not belong.

  10. Newsom is a f’ing idiot…if these felons commit more crime, it is on his hands, he will be a MURDERER…VOTE RED, Cali or you are doomed

  11. What if? High Paying Nancy Pelosi stopped eating her $12 Icecreams. Put in 1/10th effort of pure WHITE MAN HATRED energy into helping Her Own Country? California would be a Beautiful State again. She ( along with Democrats), could put All them $Billions (,fighting Trump’s impeachment from DAY1?) and use 1/10th effort and Americans Hardworking taxpayers Monies to clean up her own State? She “Can’t handle Her own State? How can She help United States? Coronavirus? She’s Highly protected! How about AMERICANS will suffer and die? The Almighty Answer is? Nancy, Stop your Murdering Trump mentality! And work for Taxpayers that helps her pay her $Million Dollar Mansion, expensive cars, etc? Nancy claims to be a Christian?

  12. So sad to read about California….I was born in Long Beach in 1941 during a blackout and an earthquake. My grandparents said I caused quite a commotion. Hubby and I lived there until late 1995. California was still beautiful then but becoming very crowded and troubled. Very sad for what is happening to such a beautiful state…

  13. You want your states back. STOP VOTING DEMO. Wake up people, the Demo. are taxing you to death and littering killing you.

  14. The Governors that are releasing prisoners are Frigging Super Stupid and they should be locked up. They don’t give a damn about the safety of the citizens

    • I wish a group of folks who have been harmed in any way by these animals would hire a truly powerful law firm and flood the state with multi billion dollar lawsuits against each one of these politicians for reckless endangerment and bodily harm.

  15. California, Chicago, NY Virginia and michegan are all democratic states and they are taking away all the rights of the American people and giving it to the low life’s, but this is what happens when you get vote Democrat you get nothing in return. You vote for them, you reap what you sow. Trump 2020 . God help the American people and the babies who are being killed. We need a strong government. But for all those who voted Democrat these are your people. Deal with it or move.

    • The idiot we have for a governor here in California says it is his job to protect us. Yea, by releasing criminals back on the streets!

  16. Until and unless, the real citizens of California vote out the radicals, progressives, democrats/socialist, or, whatever else you call them, I’m afraid you will have lost your beautiful state. A good first step would be to clean up your voter rolls and insists on overseeing your polls to ensure a fair shake at the polls (you aren’t getting it now).

  17. NY, SAN FRANCISCO, LA, WASHINGTON D.C.,CHICAGO, top states people are moving away from. Top 20 are all ran by democrats. Get it? Democrats don’t know how to run their states, cities. All the ones begging for federal money are democrat sanctuary states. All the ones that don’t want the state open and displaying tyranny are democrat states. Get it? Insist on voter ID In person voting. I bet you’ll see Ca turn red.

  18. this is tremendously stupid on so many levels. newscum must have been taught by aunt nancy, they are a disgrace to our country. calif residents need to wake up. WTF

  19. They “all” need to be rounded up and returned to prison, or else there is going to be a lot of dead bodies on the streets of CA.

    • You don’t understand Robert. The left-wingers, democrats/socialist, progressives, radicals, and a whole shitpot more of ’em could care less about you or any other law-abiding citizen.

    • Nancy and the governor should be taking the places of the ones that got Released doing two years for each New violation by the released prisoners

  20. It’s California, dummy! They get what they deserve when they elect pathetic Socialist scum like Pelosi, Waters and Newsome!

  21. There are 63 million who voted for Trump, and the many in NY and CA who did not bother to vote because of the Liberal control of the Electoral College in these states, and their Families, the total is perhaps 150 Million people who are Trump supporters.
    The Liberals are in severe depression as they lost the 2016 election and they grouped together and threatened Macy’s, Nordstrom, and other retailers forcing their hand to eliminate Trump products.
    Trump Supporters must retaliate against the media now! need a computer savvy person to set up a web site that lists the sponsors of say CNN and NBC News to start, the huge amount of supporters of 150 Million Americans can affect the bottom line of these organizations, CNN’s viewership is already at a record low, this could force them into bankruptcy, where they belong.
    Hollywood is obviously on the top of the Boycott list, I went from 25+ movies per year to 0 since May 2016 and DO NOT miss going to the movies. I believe Hollywood are already seeing the effect as George Clooney’s last movie Money Monster was DOA, Tom Hanks last two movies, Inferno and Sully were both box office disappointments.

    • Your comment is insane, because of voter suppression and the smear on Clinton many Democrats were not too enthused about her, and less about Trump. If everybody voted Trump would lose in a massive landslide. That why they trick people to not vote, read about the Republicans dirty tricks, eliminating polling booths last minute, cutting voting hours and days, putting up roadblocks in poor area, sending mailers out that state voting day has been changed, crazy ass voter ID rules where if there is fraud it is from the Republicans, read about the 31 cases in the 2016 election 31 out of 130,000,000

  22. When are you people living in California going to wake-up! Pelosi is a do nothing for her constituents and your state’s second most beautiful (WAS, not now) city, “NOTHING” is her mantra. Your Democratic Governor and his Administration are political hacks and miscreants who are driving good, hard working, law abiding citizens out of your state and both gladly and rapidly replacing them with refugees, illegals, green card holders and are now emptying your prisons of hard core felons under the guise of COVID-19 health issues.

    How long are you going to believe the long time fallacy that the Democratic Party is for the common-man, how long? There is no remnant of that political party in existence today, that political party died our with our grandparents. Today you have a political party with that title but that is all that remains, the title.

    The Democratic Party of today is a self-serving, exclusively partisan and do nothing except disrupt the legislative process on all levels of government and they prove that 24/7. For over three years now they have disgraced our Nation, attacked our President and his Administration, misspent millions of our tax dollars on ill-advised and illegitimate, bogus investigations including their Impeachment process and for what end, eventually “their own political deaths ” when the truth is revealed.

    The Democrat career politician has destroyed the ability of Congress to do its’ job and slowed the legislative process to a snail’s pace or stopped it altogether on legislation they do not want brought to the floor for a vote. They have destroyed the process of bi-partisan politics and replaced it with partisan politics “my way or no way”!

    I could go on but there is no real point to that. Until you residing in California “get your heads out of the sand” and decide enough is enough and give the Conservatives a chance to right all the egregious wrongs the Radical Progressive Far Left Socialist Democrats have done to you and your State the downward spiral you are experiencing will continue and the horrendous outflow of your tax dollars being spent on non-contributors which includes your social services being driven to bankruptcy will be unabated.

    Californians, are there any in your State that are not happy with your current situation or do you like the image and the national contempt your Radical Progressive Far Left Socialist Democrats and LGBT-Q controlled entertainment Industry have provided you? The only States that are screaming for our federal tax dollars to bail them out of their fiscal shortfalls are controlled by so-called Democratic Administrations, you get the irony?

    Wake-up and change your voting habits, give the other side a chance and I believe, no I know, you will not regret it. You will experience a change for the better.

    Tell your State’s Government, by your vote, that they have failed you and your State and it is time to go home with their “political tail between their legs”! If not, you deserve your State’s continuing decline and what that will eventually leave you with.

  23. Muslims want Biden, China wants Biden, Iran wants Biden, Russia wants Biden, Abortionists want Biden, Felons want Biden. Illegals want Biden. Get It??

    • I GOT IT. How in heck do we make this info public. Newspapers won’t print it; Twitter will delete it; facebook will delete it. And Biden seems to be gaining support. I doubt the Dems will allow him to debate Trump. The Republicans need to get out some REALLY GOOD ADS.

  24. What is wrong with California and all Democrats?
    In California the people have an opportunity to send Schiff, Pelosi, Waters packing, show Newsome and Finestein they are next. Unfortunately that wont happen, the state is controlled by useless lazy people, leaches and trolls.

    • John Todd, if you only knew how we tried to get rid of Newsom etc. etc. Many are voting republican but our votes do not seem to count any longer. We tried, believe me, we tried and will keep trying in spite of voter fraud etc.

    • The four Republicans who lost in Orange County shows me that there’s fraud going on, OR Democrats have moved into RED areas in order to change the voting. I lived in Orange County for many years until I moved out of state (Sorry, but couldn’t stand it any longer, especially the beligerence from my so-called friends) and was in shock when those four seats were lost. I don’t think Californians are going to be able to change anything until Voter ID is more stringent and there is a depletion of the number of illegals in the state – my beautiful HOme State.

    • No, it’s not a question of Republicans getting out and voting these corrupt crooks out..The problem in California, and why that whole State is a mess, is because, the voting roles are loaded with people who have no RIGHT to vote, It is a sham. Like they said in Russia, “if you are the one counting the votes, you cannot lose ” so the Democrats control the elections, they allow who will vote, they suppress or eliminate Republican votes, and the crooks keep getting reelected and raping the State…you think Pelosi, and Waters came by their riches Honestly?….don’t be a fool..They believe they are entitled to everything they get, because they do so much….ha…so much for themselves….the politicians in that State ALL ought to be a jail cells.

  25. If the Dems don’t suffer the greatest losses in Party history this year, there is either some serious cheating going on or they have bought so many losers and low life social leeches with their gimme programs they can’t loose.

    • I agree with you, but if you read comments on the internet, Yahoo, AOL, Fox News, the Liberal Loony Tunes are out there strong in force. Then we have the propagandist media who should be investigated, they are Communists.
      Time for Trump supporters to rebel, retaliate against the media, if we don’t do it soon, we will be sorry!

  26. Agree with Donald. Lock and load and if you see one of these pathetic individuals, send them to their testing place.

  27. The radical dem’s are pathetic and they truly believe that their pathetic leaders have leadership qualities but I would say the qualities they have even satan has and don’t expect him to lead this country in the right direction it’s time for real leadership that will change this country and that’s why we must all vote for Trump and the Republicans for a safer more prosperous America and may I add put GOD back in our country again!

    • Used to be that Californians used this phrase, and recognized that (we) had a lot of them. NOW they are in the majority, and “regular” Democrat Californians who have been turned into Radical Dems and outrageously, idiotic supporters of so-called political correctness. It breaks my heart.

    • Bud
      That is what we called that state when I returned from Korea in 52. One of the sweet people tried to get cute with my combat buddy. He got his face smashed. Someone ran up and “said get out of here they are protected in this city,”

  28. Well those who elected newsom have made a gruesome bed for Californians Citizens..
    It is the illegals and criminals he cares for not Californians
    Remember that when you vote next time
    If we still have that right

  29. Dealing with epidemics in a close quarter environment is not new to Prison Systems. During my 28 year career in the System I witnessed the AIDS scare and the MDR Tuberculosis scare. Proper Precautions were taken to address those issues. One of the biggest healthcare issues that went unheard of was Hepatitis. Now, for some reason this Virus is causing insanity among the Left. Releasing Sociopaths from Prison is not a viable solution. Inmates will always cry threats of violence and whine about inhumane treatment, they’ve got nothing to lose so why not. When and if they’re released who’s culpable when they commit new crimes? The State? The Corrections Department? Parole Commission? Correctional Institutions should lock down, isolate as much as possible, close as many outside influences as possible, Volunteers, Packages, Visitation, all scheduled activities such as Events, Conjugal Visits and internal Group gatherings at least until a viable solution to the virus can be found. This would be difficult to deal with, since it would create many disgruntled inmates, but it’s better then releasing them on the Public.

  30. Their photos are now public and most of them are pretty unique looking. Target practice time? I wouldn’t cry if people out there took things into their own hands.

  31. Newsom’s communist rule of California will cost millions of people their freedoms and even their lives. Newsom is enemy number one of the people.

  32. Reminds me of the former Soviet Union where the Secret Police would set up atrocious crimes and then clamp down innocent citizens, sending them to the Gulags.

  33. Gavin Newsom is an idiot, just like his Aunt Nancy Pelosi ! To put monsters like THESE out on the streets is incredibly stupid, and dangerous. They will continue to commit the SAME horrible crimes, that put them in prison in the first place !

  34. give these guys the address of the residence of the Gov,Pelosi residance, her daughters residence the scum in Sacramento,and give them directions

  35. Quite babying these SOB’s and put a bullet in their ear. Problem solved. They have proven over and over they will NOT abide by any laws and will never change. I’m tried of all the low life crap arrested over and over at my expense. Solve the problem, NO deportation, NO public legal BS to get them off. Next stop landfill, dead animal pit. Then the Democraps want open borders so we can be overrun with this crap. Hunting season may soon be open. Get ready.

    • And it is being dun by the same dumb bass turds that want to take away your guns, revoke the second amendment, and remove ammunition from the open market so law abiding citizens can NOT protect themselves. They need to be removed from office either by vote or by force. Doesn’t much matter to me which method is used as long as it is done soon!

  36. Time for a revolt at the voting booth in November.If the CA voters continue to elect Democrats to office you have no one to blame for your condition but yourselves. The anti gun laws in CA effectively prevent the citizens from protecting themselves, the police never get to a crime scene before the fact. For 40 years CA has been controlled by 4 family’s, the Browns, Pelosie’s, Newsom’s( Newsom is Pelosie’s nephew) and the Getty’s. CA has 10% of the US human population but CA has 33% of all the US welfare receivers, who vote for Democrats because that is who created the CA welfare system. Wake up CA you are living in a Fascist State.

  37. This whole virus episode has been turned into a huge power play by all of the dimocrtes. If we do not re-open our country soon, so that most people can get back to work in a safe manner of course, our economy and our Country will no longer exist in a capacity that the USA maintains its number one position in the world, and China will inherit that position and replace the Dollar as the worlds standard of currency.

  38. Newsom is either insane or criminally negligent…probably both. What amazing events produced by the citizens of California, could possibly result in the election of such an aberrant individual as the governor of their state’s highest office?


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