California Shuts Down…Again. This Is The Question Gov. Newsom Needs To Be Asked.

(Liberty Bell) – The state of California is not known for its fiscal responsibility.

The state itself is burdened with debt and a host of massive public crises, like homelessness, illegal immigration, and steadily increasing cost-of-living.

Residents have been fleeing the state in droves in recent years, seeking cheaper, freer states where they don’t have to fork over massive amounts of taxes to fund, in part, radically far-left social programs.

The state, which had a near-total shutdown in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic despite maintaining a relatively low death rate for some time, has yet again shuttered businesses in a state where nearly 2 million residents were forced to file for unemployment since the pandemic began.

Governor Newsom: are you trying to devastate your state?

Will the Democrats completely destroy their own localities just to maintain the impression that we’re in the midst of a deadly pandemic just to increase presumptive party nominee Joe Biden’s odds against Trump?

This is sheer insanity.

The Daily Caller reports that Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that he’ll be rolling back plans to reopen businesses following a sharp rise in coronavirus cases (read: not actually deaths).

Newsom announced on Twitter Monday that he has is moving to close indoor operations for restaurants, movie theaters, zoos, and bars, among other businesses.

“We’re going back into modification mode of our original stay at home order,” Newsom said in a statement. “This continues to be a deadly disease.”

In addition to restaurants and bars, Newsom also said that churches, fitness centers, hair salons, and barbershops would also be closed in 30 of the hardest-hit counties in California.

California averaged roughly 8,000 new cases per day as of Sunday, The New York Times reported Monday. The state has recorded 331,626 cases and more than 7,000 deaths as of Monday, according to a NYT database.

New York and New Jersey have respective death tolls of 34,000 and 15,000, according to data.

As of Monday, the virus had killed over 135,000 Americans according to Johns Hopkin University’s pandemic tracker.

The Daily Caller concludes:

California officials instituted a lockdown on March 19. Most governors followed suit after the Trump administration issued guidance on social distancing and other mitigation efforts designed to slow down the spread.

The decision to mandate stay-at-home orders resulted in a considerable amount of pain for millions of people. Nearly 2 million Californians were thrust into unemployment following Newsom’s order, and more than 40 million Americans filed for unemployment after their states imposed lockdowns to slow the virus spread.

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  1. The “sharp rise in coronavirus cases” is by design, from over-tabulations in clinics and testing sites and hospitals in multiple states. It’s been in the news for a couple nights.
    Seems the demonrats have discovered another loophole to exploit, and further maintain their draconian devastation. Ohio, Texas, and Florida have been caught registering single-patients as multiple new cases, or forgetting to add all the negative cases when reporting to their respective state’s databases.
    Ohio’s hospitals won’t allow seniors to go home until they test ‘negative’, and the patient is tested daily. On man’s family said the hospital tested their father 18 times, and the hospital recorded him as a “new case” each test. Imagine doing that hundreds of times a day on hundreds of patients?
    Texas had several test-sites only sending in their positive results, and dropping all negative results; which alludes to a 100% rise in cases.
    Florida had clinics combining positive and negative cases, and moving decimal places when recording. Seems many dummycrats can’t do basic math. Their 76% really is 6%.

    No matter what Newsom does, it’s going to hurt CA residents. He is a true Marxist, and the citizens (of all persuasions) are of no importance. The ultimate goal is to win back the Whitehouse, and prosecute Trump for having the gall to step into the arena in the first place. Gavin, like all the other “elites” in CA will not immediately be affected by their own decisions; and if the populous leave the state, there’s always the Mexican serfdom to exploit.


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