Busted: What Bernie Sanders Just Got Caught Doing Will Crack You Up

(Liberty Bell) – What is it about leftists? It seems like the more far-left someone leans, the more likely they are to be complete and total hypocrites.

And none more so than climate alarmists, who demand the rest of us live in poverty in an upended economic system while they fly around on private jets.

Do they think they get a special pass because they’re doing their part by flying around and yelling at everyone about climate change?

Or, in the case of Senator Bernie Sanders, if they’re running for president.

Sanders, the “Democratic Socialist” who just won the New Hampshire Democratic primary election, may be looking forward to bread lines and a dismantled global economy, but he doesn’t mind owning three houses and flying on private airplanes.

Do as I say and not as I do, I guess.

Sanders was recently photographed flying first class on those evil gas guzzlers that he preaches us mere plebs have no need to utilize.

The photo was posted by Hank Thomas, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures.

This post was retweeted nearly 17,000 times and has over 50,000 likes.

When Bernie’s not at one of his three house or in first class, he’s flying in private jets.

“Bernie Sanders spent more on private jet travel in three months than his closest competitors in the Democratic presidential race,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Federal Election Commission filings that the presidential campaigns submitted on Friday for October through December reveal that the socialist Vermont senator’s campaign spent $1.2 million on private air travel through charter flight companies Advanced Aviation Team and Apollo Jets.”

Sanders, apparently not a fan of the hoi polloi, has a long history of flying on private jets. In a single month in 2018, he forked out nearly $300,000 flying around on private jets.

“According to federal campaign finance reports, Friends of Bernie Sanders, the senator’s official 2018 Senate campaign committee, spent $297,685.50 with Apollo Jets, a private charter jet service headquartered in New York,” the website VtDigger.com reported. “The report does not break down the number of trips or where they were taken. The check was issued on Oct. 10, according to the report.”


  1. The problems in our country stem from two things: our education system; our children have been brainwashed in schools, and the MEDIA, who wouldn’t be able to tell the truth to save their necks!
    In bed with the left and paid by the left!
    Stay in line, or their out!! I wish just ONE of those morons on CNN would admit any of the above!
    It’s all about the dough. And power.

  2. Trump is a business man, who we need to get this country back on track.
    The entire senate should be replaced with a younger and unblemished candidates.
    This senate is set in its ways and most just go along with the flow.
    A MUST DO ,replace Nancy, she has a one track mind and is doing nothing good for this country. The senate should have a “term of service ” not a life time job.
    Should also be on social security and maybe then they may do something to help with s/s .I also feel that the wealthy should continue paying into social security the entire year. It’s reverent that they don’t need s/s in retirement but would help keep s/s alive.

  3. The commie left seem to forget all the B.S. that obummer did on taxpayer dollars. Pallets of cash( over 400 million $$) to Iran that funded terrorist organizations, jet setting his family to Hawaii for holidays and vacations. Democrats rip into Trump for flying from DC to Fla. But bath house Obama flew all over the world and nobody said nothing. Same thing with Pelosi and the squad. They take one of the jets from the airforce and thousands and thousands dollars of top shelf booze and liquor and fly to France and other hot spots so they can drink all day and get so shitfaced drunk.. That’s fine because big Nancy is there drooling all over herself . Again on taxpayer. Democrats don’t talk back about the party trips. If they do it then it’s fine.; If Trump flew his family to Hawaii all the time like obummdumm did , trump and family would be in shackles in a dark room. And don’t get me started about the Biden’s. They should already be in jail by now.

  4. Bernie has been trying to infiltrate our government with his communist ideology and now with George Soros, AOC and his other comrades who want us to fall to our knees to honor and obey their socialist communism ideology butt Americans will forever fight and reject this type of insanity you’ve tried to spread around the world. Vote for President Trump and a Republican Conservative Independent House and Senate in November 2020

  5. What a total joke this guy is! Even he knows that climate change caused by humans is the biggest lie ever told. Nothing but a crazy wannabe communist, And like the people who run his campaign, they are all angry all the time, But even more so when we the people don’t believe what he is trying to sell us. Granted there are some brain dead idiots that buy in to his Bull*#*#! But they are the VAST minority! If he gets the dem. nomination you will be hearing JFK rolling over in his grave, Because crazy bernie is the kind of person that JFK and the former democrat party would fight against. GOD HELP US! KAG TRUMP 2020

    • Documentation please. If you can’t or won’t then you are not telling the truth. And you really can’t and if you could you probably wouldn’t so like most people advocating for the dems on this site, you are a liar.

    • Really…… I thought you clowns already saw that disproved? No.
      Oh by the way Trump has imposed more sanctions against Putin than Obummer ever did. Obama only did one thing while dealing with leaders of other countries…..apologize for America (I guess for funding the rest of the west) and bending over for them and screwing the American tax payer.
      Next “progressive” lie?

  6. I have no personal objection to Sanders’ traveling first class.

    But he must stop waving his ancient finger at US ALL warning us about alleged anthromorphic climate change and so called “personal financial fairness.”

    Leftism is the very construct of hypocrisy.

    I’m so sick of these people I could puke.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. That’s peanuts compared to Trumps 127 Million Trump has spent on golf trips that tax payers payed for.Sixteen lies Mr. Trump has told.

    • Trump accepts no payment for his presidency. I guess you didn’t know that.

      He has lost millions because he no longer manages his wealth. I guess you didn’t know about that either.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • “127 Million Trump has spent on golf trips, you mean the trips,” he goes to his own golf courses and the plane that is provided by we the people. Which in case you are not smart enough to figure out EVER PRESIDENT HAS USED. so my question is where did you get your figure of 127 million dollars?

    • What the hell are you smoking Gene? You spew out all pure BS that you read from the MSM propaganda outlets and the lying slime-bag demo-commies. You do know that liberalism has been compared to a mental illness by the psychiatric profession and a DNA malfunction by the medical profession.


  8. It’s not surprising. The hypocrisy on the left is seriously disgraceful. Everything President Trump is being accused of was committed by obama with not a word from anyone. Now it’s “interfering with justice” by stating an opinion of the egregious sentence proposed for Roger Stone? Remember when obama stepped in for Henry Louis Gates Jr. and had him to the White House for a beer? Of course no one complains when a liberal breaks the law.

  9. Crazy Bernie is a huge FRAUD! He preaches to all of us when he does not follow his own recommendations. Much like his desire to spend tax payer dollars for his ludicrous ideas but you watch, he will not spend a dime of his own money. The guy claims he’s a democratic socialist, he lies, he is a straight up commie. Elect him and kiss life as we know it goodbye!

  10. Hope he not only loses the Presidential election (assuming he wins the Demo candidacy) but loses his Senate seat as well (along with E. Warren).

  11. Bernie is a communist, he believes only elites should have wealth and luxury, us peons get to support their luxury lifestyles while remaining poor.

  12. Suggested read. George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Some pigs is more equal than others.
    Funny how a socialist manages to become a millionaire on a Senate paycheck.

    • Very good book everyone should read. It’s a short book and can be read in a day or 2. I read it during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, and I could see both Bill, Hilary, and others of his cabinet in those animals.

    • Also the fact that he has never held a real job. He has been in politics from the time he could hold a job. He hasn’t a clue what the average American does for the money they earn. He has never flipped a burger or stood on an assembly line. He has never had his hands dirty from a 9-5 job. The only dirt he has on his hands is from crooked politics.


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