Busted: AOC Wants To Raise Taxes For You And Me…But Doesn’t Want To Pay Her Own

(Liberty Bell) – Have you ever encountered a progressive who practices what they preach?

You certainly won’t find one in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the firebrand Democratic socialist who has no problem demanding that hardworking Americans fork over their taxes to pay for the overhaul of the American economy, but is far less willing to pay her fair share.

According to Fox News, AOC has not yet paid a 7-year-old tax bill from a failed business venture she launched long before she was a congresswoman.

They report:

AOC had founded Brook Avenue Press, a publishing house that sought designers, artists and writers from urban areas to help paint the Bronx in a positive way in children’s stories, in 2012.

As the Post previously reported, public records show the state dissolved the company in October 2016. The state can make such a move when a business fails to pay corporate taxes or file a return.

The state Tax Department then filed a warrant against her now-defunct business on July 6, 2017, over a $1,618.36 unpaid bill.

As of Friday, the tax warrant had still not been satisfied, and the outstanding balance had grown to $2,088.78, the department said.

“She just thinks she’s better than everyone else. Clearly, she’s worse,” said Hank Sheinkopf, spokesman for AOC’s chief June primary-race opponent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, to The Post.

Hilariously, an AOC spox claims that the $2,088.78 hasn’t been paid because it was issued “in error.” The congresswoman plans to challenge it.

“The congresswoman is still in the process of contesting the tax warrant. The business has been closed for several years now, and so we believe that the state Tax Department has continued to collect the franchise tax in error,” said Lauren Hitt, an AOC spokeswoman.

“As anyone who’s tried to contest a tax bill in error knows, it takes time,” Hitt added.

The freshman congresswoman is up for re-election in November and will face Democratic challengers for the 14th district in New York on June 23rd.

Fox notes:

She shocked the political world when she toppled ex-Congressman and former Queens Democratic Party Chairman Joe Crowley in the 2018 Democratic primary.

In one of her first moves as a congresswoman in 2019, AOC said taxes on the country’s wealthiest should be increased to as much as 70 percent.

Meanwhile, the financial statement of Caruso-Cabrera, a former CNBC anchor, has yet to be publicly posted. Her campaign spokesman said it was filed Friday – the May 15 deadline.


  1. I believe this disgusting creature actually rates an old tried and true method our forefathers used. Tar and feather the twit and light the feathers!

  2. I will never understand how such stupid, and pathetic people, like AOC, get elected to the congress! People like her are supposed to be leaders for us?! My God, I was probably at least as smart as her when I was in the 6th grade!

    • You are wrong. You were smarter than the bug eyed donkey face on your first day of kindergarten. Heard she also out stupid herself again, if that’s possible. As for how this pathetic worthless stupid piece of donkey crap got elected it’s because most of the voters in her district rarely, if ever, show up to vote and those that do vote are just as dumb as she is.

  3. Cuomo’s tax department in new York needs around 20 million dollars to for new computers in Albany so it may take them even longer to get to her tax shortfall. Meanwhile some unemployed New Yorkers have not received benefits in some cases in over 2 months.
    Now Cuomo’s mouthpiece has stated that the rest of people without grocery money indicate “possible fraud” in their applications.

  4. Her brother answered a call for an actor where he entered her name. A leftist organization then pushed her to run for office and look what it got us

  5. WHAT A JOKE. DROP her off in the nearest cesspool and place the lid back on.
    Would somebody please drop a nuke on D.C. I am soooooo sick of listening to this BS EVERYDAY. Even when I try not to listen to it. I can not believe that these people think we really care about their opinion about anything. Just go away and play with yourself. Take the other illegals with you too.

    • On a technical point, and if I’m not mistaken, AOC is PR by ethnicity, which means that she is at least a DERIVATIVE citizen by birth REGARDLESS of whether or not she was born outside the continental United States, and PRs are usually BIRTHRIGHT citizens! The “other illegals” you refer to are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (I presume), and they can take their ungrateful asses back to whatever third-world shithole they escaped from as far as I’m concerned! Of course, if on the other hand you mean the border-jumping variety of “other illegals”, forced deportations may be the order of the day!


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