Businesses Are Now Fighting Back After Having Their Power Cut For Violating COVID Orders

(Liberty Bell) – Local businesses in two states have decided to strike back after the cities they are located in cut their power for violating COVID-19 health orders. It’s about time. The authoritarians in command in these states, usually Democrats, have overstepped their bounds far too much over the course of the last year. Business owners need to stand up for themselves and fight for their livelihood.

According to a report from Infowars, says that a strip club located in the city of San Antonio, Texas decided to bring in a truck-sized generator to help keep the lights on in the establishment after city officials turned off the business’s electricity.

Realizing that strategy backfired on them, the city then turned to disconnecting the water to the club. That didn’t work either. The owner of XTC Cabaret just went ahead and brought in portable restrooms.

This situation started back in November of 2020 when the City of San Antonio decided to revoke the certificate of occupancy for the club. XTC Cabaret still kept their doors open and as a result received several other citations for not following coronavirus restrictions.

Last month, the city handed out two citations because “a bartender was not wearing a mask” and “the club was open without a certificate of occupancy.”

The club has received a total of 5 citations with fines up to $2,000.

“Meanwhile, a local bar in Burbank, California had its power and phone lines cut off after the business stayed open against city and county COVID shutdown orders,” Infowars says, adding, “The City of Burbank also issued a warning that they reserve the right to ‘padlock’ the bar’s doors shut if they don’t comply.”

“The court did not provide permission to padlock the doors at this time but continues to reserve such a remedy as a last resort,” the city said in a recent statement.

After the city disconnected the bar’s phone lines, the owners of Tinhorn Flats took to Facebook writing, “Phones have been disconnected. We will not comply. We are open. Cash only.” The bar has stayed open and is currently using a generator to supply electricity to the building.

Customers continue to visit the establishment and essentially flip the bird to the city officials who are overstepping their boundaries out of an unnecessary fear of COVID-19.

This is what it is going to take to get our liberty back in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses will have to protest against the insane orders by simply violating them and not backing down. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a worthy fight if we are going to get back to normal after the left has taken so much power in the name of fear.

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  1. Just house some illegals on the back premise to have power restored. They wouldn’t dare alienating future voters.


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