Breaking: Tables Start To Turn As Trump Is Handed This Key Swing State In Late-Game Projection

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new projection from one of the primary organizations whose election calls are relied upon by most prominent outlets covering an election, President Donald Trump has won the state of North Carolina in the still-contested 2020 presidential election.

This comes as part of a wave of relief Trump supporters began to feel on Tuesday as lawsuits geared up, Trump voter deficit numbers narrowed, AG Barr reportedly authorized officials to investigate allegations of fraud, and a bunch of people noticed that RealClearPolitics never called Pennsylvania, or the president-elect, at all.

The tide is turning, folks.

Decision Desk projected on Tuesday that President Trump won the key swing state after leading for the better part of the last week (oh, I get it…call Arizona within five seconds of the polls closing and wait a week to call North Carolina. Yeah, that makes sense).

According to Decision Desk, this will secure the state’s 15 electoral college points for Trump.

Additionally, the entity has projected Republican Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) as the victor in his race against Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham.

This would secure the Republicans’ 49 seats in the Senate they need to maintain a healthy majority in the upper chamber with three races still not yet called or in runoffs.

Trump has now received, according to DD’s unofficial count, 2.73 million votes in North Carolina.

Former President Joe Biden received 2.65 million.

According to the North Carolina Board of Elections executive director, Karen Brinson Bell, the reason the vote counting has taken so long is because the scheduled meetings to count the remainder of the votes were set before the election.

“It is safe to say that North Carolina’s numbers are not going to move until November 13th,” she told members of the media last week.

She also noted that most county board meetings were scheduled for Nov. 12 or Nov. 13.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign still has a much bigger battle to fight across the nation in several legal—and potentially judicial—skirmishes across the nation.

As the Trump campaign has lawsuits ongoing in Pennsylvania and Arizona, investigations and calls for a recount in Wisconsin, this takes North Carolina out of the picture and placed squarely in Trump’s column.

What you’re hearing from the media is spin.

It is far from decided as to whether Biden is the winner.

And if we know anything about President Donald Trump, he’s going to fight tirelessly to ensure that if he goes down, it’s not without the fight of his lifetime.

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Copyright 2020.


  1. As I live in NC, I’m wondering how people voted republican all the way down their ballot, but yet goober Cooper got re elected.

  2. One can always tell who’s democrat as they think they have to use filthy talk that shows their stupidity. Most of them can’t make a sentence up without profanity. A real shame for sure.

  3. Visit everylegalvote dot com to see the vote tabulation of all 50 states in real time.
    The demons who tried to steal votes should serve 20 years as license plate manufacturers.
    The voting software developers, company owners, and all who colluded to alter votes overseas should be treated as traitors.
    Nancy Pill-osi owns a major part of Dominion Election software. She’s been really confident The Bigot would win.
    The CIA developed and used Hammer and Scorecard to effect elections overseas, and it appears that they used it here too. Ex-CIA head John Brennen is always so smug about who will win, and his ridiculous notions of President Trump know no bounds.
    Odd how every ‘swing state’ had those ‘glitches’ and shut down for a variety of ‘reasons’ — probably to “update” their machines with the illicit software after they tabulated what was needed to push The Bigot over the line.

  4. I am praying for are wonderful President Trump. I live here in California and I know a lot of people voted for Trump. I wish they would come here and count the votes for our President Trump. Someone sent out a picture of voting ballot’s sitting in the mail room. I know I didn’t vote for that idiot swamp Democratic creature. Please help us in California come here and count the votes we want to turn California Red

  5. Keep fighting for the winning votes! Biden is a failing corrupt politician who never should have been allowed to run for President. We need justice and freedom, not socialism!!!!

  6. When all the investigations have been conducted (in other words, once all the “i’s” have been dotted and all the “t’s” have been crossed), the end result will be another failed coup by the “woke” progressive Democrats and the re-election of Donald Trump to a second four-year term as POTUS! The Democrats have forever lost any integrity and credibility that they may have at one time enjoyed, and should forevermore be denied the reins of political power and governmental authority!

  7. Y’all in North Carolina are obviously tuned in, care about integrity and damn smart ! Great news, stay focused, protect the American dream, 4 more years, plus !

    • You calling all my hill folks stupid. They will come and rub tar all over you and feather you up. That’s after they smoke your house up to get you outside.


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