Breaking: Sidney Powell Reveals She Has Jaw-Dropping Evidence Of Paid Ballot Harvesting

(Liberty Bell) – The 2020 election was seriously compromised.

I don’t think there’s any point in even bothering to deny it. After all, the best denial that there was widespread voter fraud that the Democrats and the mainstream media can come up with is to simply, well, flat-out deny it exists.

They never bother to answer the many explosive claims made by President Donald Trump’s campaign law team or any of the informally associated attorneys filing explosive allegations made in defense of election integrity.

In every major swing state where results were delayed there have been multiple allegations of voter fraud, irregularities, or tampering.

We’re honestly expected to believe that the lifelong politician Joe Biden, who comes with a host of political issues including allegations of corruption, sexual assault, and little to show for 50 years in the political arena, somehow got more votes than former President Barack Obama, the nation’s first black presidential candidate who spurred historic voter turnout?

Yeah. Right.

As independent attorney Sidney Powell has alleged, the turnout for Trump was so significant that it actually broke the attempted rig, hence why Biden has such high reported numbers.

This week, Powell told legendary radio host Howie Carr that she has hard evidence of people paid to ballot harvest.

This is huge.

“We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest,” she explained on his program.

The Gateway Pundit explains that ballot harvesting is “an illegal practice where Democrats and Marxists manufacture ballots in bulk to steal elections.”

It’s not the first time the left has employed ballot harvesting to manipulate elections. It was alleged in 2018 and, earlier this year, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released an explosive undercover video which appeared to show a paid ballot harvesting operation on behalf of Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar (D).

California is the only state where it is legal—and look how well that’s worked out.


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  1. So-called “JusticeforTrump” is among a group (the Demunists/Commucrats) who never had any values, morals or minds – they gave them over to their lamestream media cohorts with the many Pied Piper lemmings that are leading the rest of them over a cliff!

    When he or she talks about a criminal scam artist, serial sexual assaulter and traitor, that describes Biden to a tee! And who is unpatriotic other than those who would tolerate the demise of the U.S. Constitutional Republic’s fair and impartial election process in which very LEGAL vote counts?

    Worthless scumbags like “JusticeforTrump” are the kind who only want their party to win at all costs, regardless of the legality of the votes and the short-sightedness to not be able to see that they will turn America from a Constitutional Republic into a banana republic!

  2. R Phillipson has his head up his as*. He understands neither evidentiary law nor court procedure. Allegations are not determined by the MSM, or by blind partisans, but in a court of law by someone equipped to ascertain the Value, truthfulness and materiality of the evidence. Phillipson is just another brain-dead Biden voter whose mental powers are on par with Biden’s.

    Sidney Powell is one of this country’s most skilled and principled lawyers. Her book “Licensed to Lie” was a brilliant expose of abuses by Justice Department lawyers and the incompetence of some federal court judges. Few lawyers would have had the courage to write this book. R Phillipson doesn’t have the intelligence to shine her shoes.

  3. You keep giving publicity to this sad, disturbed woman. If she had evidence of anything she would have presented it, not just in the courts but to the FBI and the public. Instead of playing to he fantasies encourage her to get help. You extremists are very sick people.

    • Why do you assume the FBI is not investigating?
      Why do you assume this lawyer has no evidence to attach to her Complaint.
      You are not in a position to judge.
      The woman you refer to as “sad” is a licensed attorney with an outstanding bio. We should have more hard-working attorneys like her.
      Ask yourself if you honestly would have made the same statement about a male attorney.

    • You dumb “jack.” Don’t you know that attorneys never spill their evidence, especially to the public, until the court is in session. How stupid are you democrats anyway! You farts live in a hole you call CNN, MSNBC, etc. No wonder you are so ignorant. C’mon, man!

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PUT ILLAN OMAR IN PRISON!!! That’s where she belongs! She’s trying to undermine our voting system. She has done so many illegal things since she’s been in our country and in our Congress, and our government knows it, but where the hell is our justice system? SHE SHOULD BE IN PRISON!!!!!

    • She’s trying to turn this country into the same kind of country she escaped from, only she has set herself up to be one of the rich oligarchs so she would be immune to what the rest of the country will be subjected to and will suffer from. She should be DEPORTED back to the very country she fled from. I guarantee you, she won’t last long back there! So why should be have to put up with her?

    • If they voted for Biden, they will soon regret it because they’re going to suffer right along with the rest of us. God help us all.

    • Trumpsters already have killed their values, morals and mind as he is a criminal scam artist, serial sexual assaulter and traitor and you and his cult members are unpatriotic worthless scumbags.


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