Breaking: Shock Indictment In Ukraine Proves Trump Was Right! This Is Huge.

(Liberty Bell) – We come to you with a HUGE breaking story out of Ukraine, which couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Deep State.

The head of Burisma Holdings Nikolai Zlochevsky, was indicted Wednesday by was indicted by Prosecutor General!

What’s more, the claim against Zlochevsky alleges that Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, and his partners received $16.5 million for their “services” to the notoriously corrupt oil and gas giant.

Of course, this all comes right as Democrats were holding their show trial impeachment inquiry hearings in Washington DC, where they allege that President Donald Trump established a (somehow illegal) “quid pro quo” with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenksy during a July 23 phone call (which he didn’t) by withholding aid from the nation if they did not investigate Biden (which they didn’t), who they claim that Trump perceived as a potential 2020 opponent (which Biden won’t be.)

The whole house of cards just got knocked over, folks. The Bidens have no where to run!

Hunter Biden, of course, was placed on the board of Burisma Holdings in 2014 despite having no experience in either Ukraine or the oil and gas business. And he made a killing for it, too.

Earlier this month, the Gateway Pundit writes, new memos were released that “reveal Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter.”

In 2018, Joe Biden bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations that, while he was still in office, he had threatened to withhold millions in aid from the nation if they refused to fire Shokin, who just so happened to be investigating Burisma, where his son sat on the board.

The media and the Democrats claim that Biden targeting the man who was investigating the company on which his son sat on the board and made millions doing so totally had nothing to do with Burisma.


When Burisma Holdings went to the State Department to request help shaking Ukranian prosecutors, they dropped Hunter’s name!

Former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko said Hunter Biden was receiving “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions, as CD media reported last week.

Today was a BIG day, folks.


  1. Pelosi has lost her conttrol over her “People”. Her son Paul has a similar situation going on. THere seems to be a great deal of NEPotism with menbers of the DEM party. The more I read, the deeper the corruption. These Dems have been “USING” the system for many, many years. Look at Waters and money disappearing. This entire debacle should be “FULLY” investigated NOW!!! Pelosi looks lost. She has someone running against her in 2020. So does Schiff. The people are calling for Schiff to resign. They hate him so and he is so corrupt. ALSo another investigation into Dr. Hill’s testimony, who is close to none other than George Soros, needs to be called in again. The Big, Bad military man, Vonland told that he. didnt tell all of the truth. Another investigation needed and stripped of his medals. The men serving with him said, he was a loner, distant, story-tellerand didnt relate to the Americans. He hung with the UK soldiers. He answered with a smirk on his face. Dangerous!

  2. All this talk is well and good. I’ll believe it when/if anything comes of it. I’ve seen all kinds of talk from the right but very little action.

  3. Amen John. Go after Pelosi’s son(now you know why she wanted to impeach him so bad). And all the others including Republicans. And my guess is there’s many-how else can Peter Schweitzer write TWO books and not ONE republican asked for ANY info so they could investigate.

  4. I am tired of hearing these self-righteous Dems complain that Trump withheld lethal aid while the country was at war, they were at war thru the Obama administration when Russia advanced into Ukraine and he sent blankets. I want the Republicans to actually say this after a Dems says this. It seems they let these little statements pass without any pushback.

  5. Please listen to the testimony of William Taylor from this last week again. He was asked if ukraine was corrupt. His answer was yes, but so is this country. It’s on both sides. Those who are abandoning their jobs thinking they will escape the wrath of God. I agree with all of you. If Pelosi and Schift don’t listen. Then it is up to THE PEOPLE to make them listen and be accountable. Even Devin Nunes was attacked yesterday during the trial and it wasnt about him, but a Democrat provided a news article that Sen. Nunes had gone to ukraine to investigate so he became a target. If WE THE PEOPLE want to protect and assist our legal and honest politicians. We must stand WITH them. How can we create a lawsuit to hold them all accountable? We must stand together. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. IN GOD WE TRUST!

  6. Im sure if they look at all the dems involed they will find all kinds of money tha was not reported the irs needs to pull all there rturns trump is doing a good job an cleaning out the traders an making us inportant again not like the dens that have done thing for you in years but steal from us but they lost an got cought an they no it that way they are in a fight to cover up but to late they are big troulbe about time god bless our persadent trump for saving us for the the left the dens that want you to be a slave we are free an lets keep it that way vote the dems out to stay free love amerncas not the sosaist dens save your grandkids from the left before it to late you most vote everybody that is the answer vote to show the dems we are free an going to stay that way vote

    • N gene, geeezz, everything else aside for a moment, your comment is just LOADED with badly mispelled words and incorrect grammar ! Pls do a better job when commenting.

  7. Iam a professional who migrated to USA. I don’t have time to watch TV media but when I noticed around me that this country is going down since I came in 1979, I now pay attention to politics. The Democrats are like the politicians in the country I left behind. They monopolize the media and they are corrupt. I will not allow that to happen to my new country, USA . Iam voting for Pres Trump again.

  8. So, do the Republicans have the courage to let the DOJ do their job, or will they cower under the shield of moral highground and let this persistsnt threat to the Republic continue.

  9. I have been a Democrat all my life, and just changed to the Republican party for they are far better than my old party, but, I do not consider myself either, I belong TO THE AMERICAN PARTY AND THAT IS HEADED UP BY TRUMP. I WILL WORK TO GET HIM ELECTED AGAIN FOR I BELIEVE THAT HE IS GOD’S TOOL TO CLEAN OUT THE MESS WE HAVE ALLOWED OUR GOVERNMENT TO GET INTO.

  10. I believe that the same “force” that put our President Trump in office will continue to protect him from the evil “Domestic Terrorists” on matter how hard they try.
    The damn fools are epic Losers!

  11. So many democrats on the take in one way or another and nothing has been done about those crooks? Come on peloshit, turn your ire into your own corruption by democrats. Lock up the Biden’s. Handcuff maxi pad, the corrupt James brown wig who steals millions on a daily basis. Many more are crooked including yourself. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist party immediately.

    • And take all their money and assets and put it back into our SS system for the retired people who put their money there for their retirement and not the fu,,,,,,g politicians pockets.

  12. i love it the cards are all going to fall, theonly problem is that democrats never seem do any wrong it would be totaly great to see uncle joe serve a prison term , that would be alot like the first term that president trump has served because of the lying cheating stealing demos.

  13. The rats are, one by one being smoked out, but as the whistlblower’s lawyer said, if they catch one, two more will take his place. I think the only way to get rid of them all is to fire the entire staffs of both the state department and the intelligence community (I think Pompeo is OK). In my lifetime I have never witnessed such a concentration of corruption as has been displayed by those groups (I think too much Obama and Clinton for too long a time). One can only hope that Durham and Barr will dig them all out, so they can all be hung or jailed.

  14. As with the ‘Clinton Crime Family,’ the ‘Biden Crime Family’ is long overdue for “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW!” My prime issue is with how long do “We The Serfs” have to wait for any ‘justice’ for these people? I have grown old watching these criminals having never to “pay the Piper.” I am pessimistic that true justice, for these self-enriching, narcissistic, people(?) will ever happen in my lifetime.

  15. This should be the END of the DEMONRATS! People, look at the facts! Everything they’ve accused our President of doing is a drop in the bucket compared to the corruption the left has been doing for a very long time! It’s going to come to an abrupt end! This corrupt party has been outed and I only hope that people are held accountable and prosecuted! Just imagine if the left would have done their job and worked together with OUR PRESIDENT how much greater we would be, thank you President Trump! Keep doing what you’re doing for America and it’s LEGAL citizens

    • The demos keep bring items up against Trump so that there will be no time to investigate themselves. It is time to put charges on their backs and lock them up and hang them for treason.

  16. well the truth usually comes and sometimes at the worse time. now less see if those corrupt democraps and libturds are impeached and removed from office because they’re all in bed together and now their worse nightmares are going to catch up with them.

  17. I hope that the GOP asks FIONA HILL who in 2015 wrote ab OP Ed that she was Against giving DEFENSIVE weapons like THE JAVELIN anti tank missiles to UKRAINE afraid that it would “UOSET” Putin who was INVADING UKRAINE and had taken over CRIMEA….and now she “IS UPSET ABOUT A # MONTHS DELAY” releasing Javelinbs….Is this more of SCHIFFT BS ACT???

    Americans know that there was “Quid-Pro-Quo” when Joe Biden had threatened to withhold millions in aid from the Ukraine if they refused to fire Shokin, who just so happened to be investigating Burisma, where his son sat on the board.

  19. just more corrupt persons to join the SWAMP. They get their educations from left wing (socialist) educators. Hunter learned well form his corrupt father who the people put in office under the disproven president

  20. This will put the nail in the left’s coffin and show America who the real crooks are. Watch an see if Zlochevsky now throws both Biden’s to the wolves trying to get some deal? This will be fun to watch.

  21. Lock these people UP! . . . It’s about TIME. If it was one of us PLEBES (“common unwashed Roman citizens”), we’d be in PRISON as they would THROW away the key. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • Fiona Hill }forgets that she WAS AGAINST giving Defensive weapons to Ukraine in 2015 bur now she is “UPSET” that there was a delay…..but they GOT THEM !! and knew about Ukraine involvemnet by Ukraine ifficilas to undermine Trump but “forgot” ??? HELLO FIONA !!!





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