Breaking: Senate Committee Taking Hunter-Burisma Bombshell Very Seriously

(Liberty Bell) – On Wednesday, the New York Post dropped an explosive report on emails that contradict Joe Biden’s claim to have “never” discussed his son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign entities during his time as Vice President to the Obama administration.

It’s been well-established for years that Hunter Biden was raking in millions while his father was spearheading foreign policy in the very nations in which the younger Biden had gained his lucrative contracts.

This bombshell report, however, is hugely consequential to an already hugely consequential general election, but you wouldn’t know it from following the mainstream media.

Or social media, for that matter, as Facebook and Twitter have both shamefully decided to censor the bombshell report, deeming the information contained within potentially “dangerous.”

Yeah, dangerous if you’re trying to cover a massive scandal involving the Democrat candidate for president just weeks shy of the general election.

The Tech Giants might not want anyone to pay attention to the Hunter-Burisma bombshell…but a Senate committee is sure taking its revelations seriously.

The New York Post reported that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee confirmed they are working with the repairman who obtained the explosive emails which contradicted Biden’s claim to have “never” discussed his son Hunter’s business dealings in the past, to verify the documents it obtained.

“There are so many red flags about the Biden family trying to cash in on the Vice President’s position that it can be hard to keep them straight,” Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) told the outlet.

“Today’s report raises more questions that must be resolved,” Johnson explained, referring to The Post’s explosive report.

“What we know for a fact is that Hunter Biden took millions of dollars from foreign nationals including, the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, people tied to the Chinese Communist Party and other unsavory characters. Joe Biden needs to finally come clean and tell the truth to the American people about all of these issues, and he needs to do it now.”

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  1. Why is it that President Trump is the ONLY man to go to the White House already mega-wealthy. He has actually LOST money serving our country. He didn’t need this job, that’s for sure.
    Yet the rest of the 30 + years Senators and Congressmen started out average to middle income people only to BECOME millionaires over the years.
    The math doesn’t work. Right Nancy, Maxine, Big Al, Chucky, Adam and MANY more?
    Please don’t tell me that you’ve all made very good investments because then we need to talk about inside trading as not one of you could have possibly been this smart. Nope………….you are just about the most despicable creatures on earth.
    Now we have idiots like Sandy Cortez and her bffs.
    The biggest threat to this country is the enemy within……..Ilhan Omar. Evil and doesn’t hide it. I thought married Muslim women weren’t allowed to have affairs?

    • You are so right! These 🤡 have been ripping off the American people for decades getting wealthy and the poor getting poorer!!! I believe God put Trump their to expose that evil bunch for who they truly are!!! That’s why they are fighting so hard to get Biden elected and if that happens just imagine the damage he could do as president!

  2. Joe Biden and his son are completely guilty of fraud. He shouldn’t be running for
    president. Why would anyone vote for the most evil candidate running for President.
    Democrats are only in the race for power and money for themselves. It is

  3. Dear America: “GITMO should be FULL UP with everyone involved in the FISA Insurrection all the up to OBAMA and every Agency and Member of Congress that Fostered this High Treason”! Quote me for “I am The Real Deal” “Unchallenged”!

  4. Dear America: “All Positive Law is Null and Void in these United States in every Township, Borough, City and Territorial Boundary for Justice is being Bought, Sold, Denied and Delayed by BIG MONEY”! My Registered Copyrights in redress, exposes the overthrow of the United Government and the subterfuge of the Constitution”! I Stand with Themis unchallenged as the President of the United States in redress with “All Rights Reserved and All Others Globally Under Reserve”! Quote me!

  5. It’s well past time for JUSTICE! To be WISE is to realize WE have the POWER, knowledge, skills & ability to fire these people who think they have the power and that we are dumb enough to believe them! Use our BRAINS and POWER to VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

  6. No matter how much comes up on Biden and his corrupt family it is all good. They can lie cheat steal break laws support, BLM, rioting, murder, anything they want to do to win the election and then some, and we pay for their destruction Why dont they get the same treatment President Trump has had for 4 years, does anyone know what rule of law is. If this was trump he would be in jail for 100 years or executed. People you need to really look at who you are voting for, Trump is far from perfect but 2000% better than basement Joe and his family, who dont even know he is not running for senator. Take his teleprompter and the earpiece away and see what he has to say by himself. to the 20 people at his rallies.

  7. Biden is smart. Selecting Harris kind of guaratees Republicans will not try remove him from office even after all his dirty laundry is aired!

  8. What if Biden is elected president (God forbid). If they boot him out of office that leaves Harris as President. How scary is that!!!!

  9. Hell, I thought the Clinton Cartel was bad. It appears the Biden Cartel is even worse. I wonder how much Joe paid in taxes on the millions of dollars Hunter was giving him and the rest of the Biden Cartel. I guess we know now how people can live such luxurious life styles on government salaries.

  10. I hope there are still some strong Oak Trees in DC. With all the CORRUPT ODUMBO officials there are going to be thousands upon thousands of hangings taking place shortly. I can’t wait to see Odumbo’s face when his neck snaps. No hood allowed. That would be to KKK looking. LMAO!!!!!!


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