Breaking: Pennsylvania’s Ballot Rejection Rate As Compared To 2016 Raises Serious Questions About Outcome Of Election

(Liberty Bell) – You won’t hear about it in the mainstream media, who has declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 election, but there are serious irregularities in a number of states as concerns how votes have been counted and accepted.

It’s time to pay attention, folks, because it is getting very hard to discover the truth as corporate “news” outlets play god with our democratic process.

According to a county by county survey conducted by Just the News in the key swing state of Pennsylvania in 2020, this year, a scant 0.036% of mail-in ballots were rejected as compared to a much larger and more believable 1% in 2016.

“Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania so far this year have been accepted at almost 30 times the rate predicted by historical rejection numbers,” Just the News’ Daniel Payne explains.

He also notes that only 951 out of 2,614,011 mail-in ballots in 2020 were rejected.

This is not something you’d expect to happen with far greater numbers of mail-in ballots being sent in due to COVID.

Payne explains that in the whole state of PA in 2016, election officials received 266,208 mail-in ballots while 2,534, or 0.95 percent, were rejected.

If we were to apply this rejection rate to this year, we’d expect to see roughly 25K rejected ballots.

Instead, a scant 951 were rejected.

This is incredibly concerning at best.

Are we honestly expected to believe that, amid all the chaos of 2020, somehow nearly every single mail-in voter in Pennsylvania did it right?!

Yea, right.

“Now, what about those 24,000 ballots that were accepted?” the Bongino report asks.

“We know that mail-in votes tend to favor Democrats. We also know that President Trump’s 600,000+ vote lead in the state on Tuesday night has completely evaporated and he now trails former Vice President Joe Biden by 28,877 votes (according to Real Clear Politics data at 5:00 am ET on Saturday).

“Although we have no way of knowing how many of those 24,000 votes went to Biden, I think we can safely say that Biden benefited from the state’s more liberal acceptance rate this year.”

They explain that, according to the Bucks County Courier Times, Democrats were worried that there would be high numbers of mail-in ballots that were rejected in the months leading up to the election.

This is a realistic concern for a party that was relying heavily on mail-in voting.

In October 12 under a headline that read “More than 1 million people could lose their vote on Nov. 3. That’s the best-case scenario” the outlet noted “Rejected ballots in the 2020 election battle between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden could become the post-election focus.”

It pointed to several reasons why mail-in ballots could be rejected, such as signatures that didn’t match, missing witness signatures, or use of the incorrect envelope.

The Times also pointed to USA TODAY, USA TODAY, Columbia Journalism Investigations and PBS series FRONTLINE investigation which found that “Absentee ballot rejections this November are projected to reach historic levels, risking widespread disenfranchisement of minority voters and the credibility of election results.”

Really? So it actually turned out that everything was just tickety-boo? Amazing.

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  1. If the democrats gain control of the congress and the president,
    item #1 take down the wall
    Item #2 give everyone free housing, education, food stamps
    item #3 do away with police and prosecute all republicans that defend themselves.

    Then all democrats will go around singing “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD “

  2. Every state that trump lost in should be recounted by the Secret Service with a Republican and a demonrat watching closely. NO COMPUTERS!!

  3. Their battlecry was “count every vote” so they signaled their game plan on election night.
    They probably included boxes of last minute absentee ballots prepared to be used as needed to keep Joe’s totals above Trump’s.
    Or a simple tweak of that suspicious software made with chinese parts would bring up his total. Republicans need to request an Audit in all close states.

  4. Most people realize the democrats have been cheating, but no one realized or Knew about hammer and scorecard. This fraud perpetrated on the American people must be exposed, people need to be held accountable and if America is to survive as a leader this banana republic fraud must be exposed.

  5. Normally absentee ballots are from the old and the infirm, hence a high rate of error. This time many ballots were from the active and the young = lower rate of error. As usual your shit faced writers get it wrong. Shit in means shit out and you are just rotten shit.

  6. Since all of the INSANE machinations of the Deep State and its diabolical minions could not eliminate President Trump as a direct threat to their acquisition of supreme power over American lives, their next logical step was a rigged election! However, they overlooked one important factor: the Senate still appears to be in Republican hands, and Republicans made gains in the House! WHY would otherwise Conservative Americans elect a potentially Conservative Congress and then turn around and elect an otherwise senile Marxist for a President? Such an outcome flies in the face of all reason! When the dust settles and the smoke has cleared, it would come as no surprise to see President Trump snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! What a glorious day it would be for the USA 🇺🇸!

  7. Republicans have to stop saying G-d. We can’t fight stupid with G-d. Republicans AND Democrats pray for and against any candidate. If Pennsylvania lets late voting continue the other states should as well. Lets count THEM! There aren’t 2 separate ballots \1 presidential and 1 congressional.

    • low income, poorly educated, may or may not be able to read.

      They are easily led and controlled and probably offered a bonus of a couple dollars for each illegal ballot they pass.

      Any recount should carry the signed in for work clause:
      “I am aware that voter fraud is a crime, and if I do not report every illegal I find, I can, and WILL be fined $1000.00 and a possible 1 year in prison per fraudulent Ballot I pass through.”

      THAT would be a 100% accurate ballot count. Especially if, when the first box of approved ballots is picked up and the comment is made: “As a quality control check, this box will be recounted by a Secret Service Agent.”

  8. Even if nothing else good comes out of the 2020 election, perhaps true election reform should be the case.. i.e. in cities like Philly and Detroit where, according to at least one commentator, it isn’t a new thing for the Dems to cheat, simply because that is where their power lies, power they’ll do anything, including CHEAT to hold onto… Never, ever should have been the case. Time for a clean sweep, and virtually fool-proof voting methods. That should be the first thing on the POTUS’s agenda, no matter who it is.

  9. The October, 2020 PA Supreme Court ruling prohibiting exclusion of mail-in ballots due to failed signature comparison had to have been a “killer.”
    All those nursing home harvested ballots couldn’t have been checked for signature.
    Pandora’s box was opened.


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