Breaking: Joe Scarborough Busted On Video Laughing About Killing Mistress…Here’s Why It Might Not Have Been A Joke

(Liberty Bell) – Last week, President Donald Trump slammed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for the deeply-buried incident involving an intern who died in his office when Scarborough served in Congress.

The media, of course, slammed him for this “conspiracy,” but a recently resurfaced video from Imus in the Morning reveals Scarborough joking with the host about having had to kill an intern with whom he had an affair.

The audio appears to had previously been scrubbed from the internet but was found on

And, according to The Gateway Pundit, video of this “joke” was also uncovered.

They explain:

During the call between the radio host and Scarborough, Imus says that he asked him when he went into Congress and the then-representative said that “you said you had sex with an intern and then you had to kill her.”

“Exactly,” Scarborough responded with a laugh.

“That’s pretty risky to say,” Imus responded.

“What are you gonna do?” Scarborough continued to joke.

Suspicions have long been swirled around the death of Lori Klausutis, who worked in Scarborough’s congressional office in 2001.

The 28-year-olds death was deemed an accident, which supposedly stemmed from an “undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia” which caused her “breathing to stop.” It was determined that she fell, slamming her head on a desk and fracturing her skill, which killed her.

However, many have doubted this was the cause, as she was an accomplished athlete who had recently completed an 8K race and had been a member of the Northwest Florida Track Club.

What’s more, the medical examiner who worked on the case lost his license in both Missouri and Florida for lying about autopsy work.

In fact, he was arrested in 2012 for storing human body parts in a commercial storage unit!

On May 4th, President Trump called for “Concast” to open up a “long overdue Florida Cold Case against Psycho Joe Scarborough,” adding the hashtag #OPENJOECOLDCASE.

TGP notes that “Scarborough served as a congressman in Florida’s 1st District from 1995 – 2001. He resigned five months into his fourth term in September 2001, two months after Klausutis was found dead on the floor of his office. His office said at the time that he was resigning ‘in order to spend more time with his children.’”


  1. Investigate this Mfer…..I’m 100% sure he killed the girl. As much as he lies, guaranteed he is guilty as puqck!!!!
    I want justice on this low life maggot faggot Mfer.

  2. Well, President Trump is usually right, so there is probably something to this! And he acts kinda like his guilt is driving him crazy, soooo?

  3. He looks like a SCUMBAG and a LOWLIFE. I could have told you all that. I inherited ESP. from my grandmother. My mum used to say, their eyes tell a lot. Just check out his eyes!

    • Lauren I agree the eyes tell all and scum bag PUNK Joe Scarborough eyes show guilt and lies,He’s a dirty low life and its amazing the Punk is on a TV news show who did he pay off and who did he do favors for while he served in congress. He’s and low life .Indict the PUNK

  4. What makes it so funny is that according to articles written at the time, Scarborough was in Washington when the Woman was found dead and the travel time would not have allowed Scarborough to have killed her and then went to Washington, DC. That was all part of the investigation at the time.
    I do suppose some people will try to make something out of rumors which have no foundation in fact.
    Trump will try to cause problems for anyone who says anything bad about him, called Narsissism

    • So Robert, you like what Obama did to our country? Gave a terrorist funding country like Iran, my hardworking tax dollars along with other hardworking Americans millions of dollars to give to those terrorists!! All Obama’s third world Muslim ways are coming out of the closet. Then it was okay to fund our money, millions to the Wahaun lab, that spread the COVID-19 that was done deliberately. You and your scumbag liberals, better get your information straight. ”The Truth Will Set You Free”

    • Yes, and of course “articles written at the time” must have been undeniably factual since politicians and the press never would stoop to lying! Next thing you know, people will start saying that Ted Kennedy was the guilty party in the Mary Jo .Kopechne case

    • Robert,Trump is usually correct and the narcissism are Democrats they are according to them never wrong and they investigate everything that their guilty of and lie their dirty corrupt asses off and then they get busted for lying and nothing happens to them. OBAMA CLINTON Schiff Nadler Pelosi look at the dirty shit they try to pull off.
      Democrats are the evil devils of America and if you want to live under their socialist beliefs your nuts

    • I can’t agree more. Joe was almost a thousand miles away at the time so The commenters above and Diktat Trump make up their own “alternative facts” to suit their alternative reality. It’s really sad to watch the mental deterioration of the Donald as the screws keep tightening. Next let’s watch “Disease Donnie” try to remove citizenship from everyone of Asian descent.

  5. Get police and an honest judge, if possible, to open up this cold case. Too many red flags here. Let the police, decide after being totally investigated, admonish Scarborough. He should welcome it to prove his innocence.

    • And Joe Biden should welcome his records at the university to be searched for “the name Tara Reade”, to clear his name!!! And Adam Schitt should come out and PUBLICLY ADMIT THAT HE HAS BEEN LYING TO ALL AMERICANS FOR THE LAST 3+ YEARS AND SPENT OVER $40,000,000 DOING IT!!! And that he did it just because HE HATES PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! And then he should publicly volunteer to be hanged in the Whit house courtyard!!!

      And if Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pickledlosi, and Chuch Schumer would also hang themselves, I would probably think things were right in the world again!

  6. Which office did this occur in (sounds like it was in Florida) and where was joe at the time it occurred. These are the very minimum questions that MUST be answered at the outset. A good cold case file investigator should be called in – to either determine what happened or to clear his ‘good’ name as the facts indicate.

  7. Joe Scarborough a killer? It would come as no great surprise to me! It wouldn’t be the first time suspicion has been cast upon a so-called “progressive”! Look at the case of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, for example. There’s PLENTY of precedent there! Scarborough’s loose talk may prove to be his undoing!

  8. Joe is part of the MSM so he is allowed to do or say whatever comes into his mind knowing that he will have the Killary and media safety net around him. In any other universe what he said on tape is considered a confession and is good for capital murder and sentence of death or at least 50 yrs. Not so for commie breath.

    • Fact is that the DemonRats will pardon murder – just as the USSR did during the Cold War.

      Vote RED

  9. These Political Hacks get away with Murder! Maybe, He owes Hillary Clinton his life for protecting him from murder. Her deep state connections make evidence disappear, for she has made many people die of suicide, or a drive by shooting. Dishonest Joe Laughs about
    killing that young lady who died in his Office.
    What’s more, the medical examiner who worked on the case lost his license in both Missouri and Florida for lying about autopsy work. This is the very reason Joe got off, the Deep State protected Joe. Now Joe is doing the Deep States bidding, lying about Trump 24/7 like Mad Cow his counterpart.


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