Breaking: Hunter Biden Met With CCP Spy During His First Visit To Beijing—Guess What He Asked For?

(Liberty Bell) – The question that has been on everyone’s mind lately is “where is Hunter?” He has seemingly gone missing. Amid reports from the New York Post of a growing number of emails implicating him and his father being involved in countless international business deals while abusing the office of the vice president, Hunter has been nowhere to be found.

There is likely very good reason Hunter has fled as evidence against him and his father continues to mount. Now even more damning evidence has surfaced, this time straight out of China. has reported breaking news that Hunter Biden allegedly met with a CCP spy upon his first visit to Beijing with his father then Vice President Joe Biden.

Not only are reporters in Asia discussing this but they’re also talking about the attempted smear against Rudy Giuliani coming from the left in an attempt to distract the American people and discredit him and the work he has done to uncover the seemingly endless Biden corruption.

According to sources, when Hunter Biden was first in Beijing with his father, they met with a man named Che Feng at the Pangu Hotel. Che Feng went to meet with Hunter on behalf of the CCP with the express purpose of befriending him to ultimately gain access to his father.

Upon meeting Feng, Hunter promptly told him that he was interested in getting money and that he wanted a mansion and “hot girls” and asked Feng if he could introduce him to some. Feng ended up helping Hunter on behalf of the CCP to the tune of 1 million RMB (150,000USD) and he later recalled how surprised he was that Hunter was so easy to compromise.

Meanwhile, not a single FISA warrant has ever been issued to spy on Hunter Biden and his illicit activity in China. Hunter Biden is exactly the kind of person FISA warrants are designed to spy on yet the FBI has been using them illegally to spy on innocent people like President Trump and his associates. Do you need anymore proof that the FBI has long been corrupted by the Deep State?

No wonder Hunter can’t be found. He apparently knows that he didn’t do a very good job behaving discreetly and now that the snowball of evidence has started rolling it’s only a matter of time before it turns into an avalanche.

Reporters in Asia are also apparently discussing the smear campaign being run against Rudy Giuliani and they’re saying they know they aren’t true.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Giuliani was set up by Sacha Baron Cohen for his new Borat movie. During the set-up, Giuliani was asked to give an interview with an underage girl who purported to be a conservative journalist. The interview took place at a hotel and when it concluded the supposed underage girl, who was played by a 24-year-old actress, assisted Giuliani in removing the electronic equipment used. This is where the left claims they have evidence of Giuliani’s indecent behavior as he appears to have his hand down his pants.

Well, his hand was briefing down his pants as he tucked his shirt back in. Even the reporters in Asia agreed to this much and said they can clearly see that this is an attack coming from the left in an effort to silence Giuliani and stop the release of more evidence against Hunter Biden.

“They are trying so hard to smear Mr. Giuliani,” the reporters agree.

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  1. only ignoramys or brainwashed idiots or very low IQ would ignore the truth and be fixed in fake news as THE GOOD BOOK
    I only feel sorry for all Trump supporters that will suffer just like the democrat supporters if Biden wins. Because they never asked to suffer….they don’t even ask why millions run away from socialst countries to come to the free world

  2. SOS..Both father and son should be behind bars now, awaiting trial for Treason against the United States of America, and then they should both be hung, publicly, for all to see. Rat bas***ds

  3. It would be easy to investigate Biden as he is wealthy beyond reason on his reported income and amount he was paid for his government job. In other words where did all his money come from? Any one else would be investigated by the IRS,unless the IRS is weaponized to investigate only certain people as we saw under Obama!

  4. It is Trump, his family and pals like Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Jared, Donny Jr, who have met with Russians, not Biden or any of his family or friends. You fools keep believing Trump’s 22000 lies, Limbaugh lies and the lies from Fox which are endless from especially Hannity, Carlson, Pirro and Ingraham.

    • One ounce of proof for your Trump “Russia” claims? Your pal Adam Schiff tried for 3 years and came up empty

    • Robert muller and the special council found not one trump campaign
      Or any Americans had any connection to Russia I encourage you go read the findings it’s on line before you keep repeating democrat talking points also trumps phone call with Ukrainian is also available to read so know what your talking about another way to put it is put brain in gear before engaging mouth

    • To Kines and John, Mueller despite being a lifelong Republican and too old to handle the job found 272 contacts the Trump administration’s campaign had with the Russians, many of those contacts were with KBG agents. You can find them allyou aren’t too lazy, they are listed in the Mueller report and even on line. Mueller also found 10 strong obstruction of justice charges. His belief a President cannot be indicted was why he left it up to the Congress to examine, of course Barr, lied about the report. Trump was impeached for even worse, trying to fix the 2020 election, he will always be an impeached President. The only way that can win is if the election is fixed. The Russians and GOP are probably hacking into the machines because even an amateur could do it, and no internet is needed to do it. You Trumpsters don’t care if the election is fixed, that is how traitorous you are like your sick god, Trump.

  5. Like father, like son! Neither of the Bidens has even two brain cells to rub together! One can probably include wife Jill and Uncle Jim in the same category if one looks hard enough! NONE are even a close mental match to Rudy Giuliani! They should have known better than to even have tried!

  6. Hunter was so easily “compromised” because he was most likely high on crack. China probably has video evidence from his hotel room. FOX News contributor, Gordon Chang said “it’s standard for guests to be recorded” in most prominent hotels.
    The CCP probably is blackmailing the Bigot, because of his weak son . . .


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