BREAKING: Biden Spending Millions Per Day to Halt Border Wall Construction

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden wasted absolutely no time in coming after former President Donald Trump’s legacy, much of which centered on his plan to help end illegal immigration and secure the border to our country by building a wall to help keep folks from coming in without legal permission.

In fact, some of the first of Biden’s orders written on his first day in office were to toss out these immigration policies, which then left the United States open and vulnerable to miscreants and criminals who are hiding in large groups of migrants flooding across the border.

What’s more aggravating is that, according to Breitbart, the pause in the construction of the wall is now costing taxpayers somewhere around $6 million per day as the construction sites sit completely idle. This information came from a trusted senior source working within the Department of Homeland Security.

The 60-day pause ended on March 21. The pause lasted 60 days. We the people just watched an obscene amount of our hard earned money get flushed down the toilet.

The source also stated that expenditures are required for materials orders that were placed before the pause and expenses for the cost of the equipment sitting there and not being used. When any sort of issuance comes forth to pause a work in progress and causes that contractor to leave their machines idle, that individual is still entitled to be paid for rental expenses or costs of ownership.

“Early in the pause, a spokesperson for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) informed Breitbart Texas that contractors would be informed of a final decision sometime after the 60-day pause concludes. The time was to be used for evaluating each contract to reach a decision to terminate-for-cause or continue,” Breitbart’s report said.

“The Biden administration has not indicated which direction they will take regarding the end of the pause. Little information concerning the immigration crisis on the border has come from the leadership team within DHS and U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” it continued.

“Senior officials within DHS reported being instructed not to speak to national media on the issues facing DHS at the border. Information from other agencies within the new administration is equally elusive. USACE did not respond to a request for information concerning the end of the pause and the border wall contracts currently being evaluated,” the report said.

Even as the deadline for a decision approached, the equipment was still sitting idle. This is costing us a fortune, which we could never really afford before COVID, but now it’s really hurting our economy. We can’t just flush money down the toilet like this.

Our government is so inept.

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  1. We May Be Wrong, But We’re Dedicated to it and Stubborn About It- is the InfraGard Lifestyle.

    Evidently, this strategy paid off for them in the past, so they will just keep doubling down. They are behaving like alcoholics. They would have a couple drinks to feel better, when it didn’t work anymore, they would drink more, eventually, no matter how much they would drink, the drinks just didn’t improve the situation any more, and only made things worse, at that point if someone does not stop drinking, which they really should have done long before reaching that point, they will literally enter a death spiral. That is where it is with InfraGard now. They have to stop lying, as difficult and as uncomfortable as that may be for them. These are not normal individuals. They are not superior individuals either, but have convinced themselves that they are. They are living in a different dimension, and live by different rules. They are gamers, literally gaming the system. The only meaning of life to them is winning at all costs. It takes precedence over everything and everyone else in their lives. They are gamers, with event 201 event 221, and they are always playing these stupid expensive military games that tax payers are forced to pay for. Many of them believe that life is not even real, and is just computer simulations, within computer simulations, within computer simulations, making killing even easier for them. If someone is just a set of computer algorithms in their minds, they are not killing people. Game theory and its adherents are pretty messed up individuals in my opinion. RAND corporation, Neuman, and Nash were some of the main backers of it. I think that it has been proven to be complete bullshit. It may work for poker, but not for life. Somewhere along the lines they have blurred the lines in their minds between games and life, and that will ultimately prove to be their fatal error. Not only are they stubborn and incompetent, they are full of hubris.

    Game Theory is Bullshit because KARMA.

    I have seen it play out too many times in hind sight, not knowing what they were doing at the time with 9/11, the seven false flag wars, robbing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, and currently the scamdemic, which I knew from the start was complete scientific, economic, and political fraud.

    Game Theorists in InfraTard are evidently going to have to learn about Karma the hard way.

    They can’t say that I didn’t warn them. 

    I know that the surveillance/police state is an organized crime ring. They only destroy, steal, terrorize, torture, and kill. 

    Nobody has ever been held accountable for any of the crimes that I mentioned that were actually guilty of any of those crimes, and nobody has ever been held legally accountable for the crime spree perpetrated againat me, members of my family, my dog, and my property either, despite the fact that I have contacted law enforcement, politicians, health care, and corporations, at every level, and since many people have been spying on me in my neighborhood, in the media, and in government which I know because they have repeated and done too many things that I have said or done in my home for it to be coincidental, and everyone knows that the surveillance state exists to spy on people, but they will only reveal that they were spying on people if and only if they are able to catch them in a crime, and the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was a prime example of the way that the InfraTards operate their organized crime ring. Othewise, they just claim that someone is crazy, which is typical criminal behavior for a criminal to accuse his/her victim of being crazy. It’s the old and nuts and sluts defense. It is old and worn out. Nobody buys it any more.

    Obviously, these people have made the German Nazis pale in comparison. Monsters like that are not entitled to be forgiven. They have mistakenly been forgiven by people for over twenty years. Their crimes only become more monstrous, sadistic, and evil. This is just way too much to overlook and sweep under the rug. They obviously have no intention of changing their behavior, because they would have done it by now if they had.

    They are not fooling anybody but themselves, and self deception can be the most deadly of all.

    The ImfraGard mindset, is that they are essentially pkaying a gme of truth or dare, and will always choose dare over truth, even though the dares involve violatingnmany laws, and are hell bent on destroying their real lives, just in order to win a game of truth or dare.

    They are in helter skelter death spirals. They will not get back to the top of the slide to go for another ride because they will be dead. 

    It is different this time, because of time, bcause time has exposed them for who they are, and because time has destroyed the country and the world in the process, and because time has allowed Russia and China to benefit off of InfraGards illegal, sadistic, predatory, destructive behavior.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. I think we need to have laws in place that have limits on contributions to any election by wealthy individuals, corporations or businesses. We have to be able to stop the wealthy people from running our country and buying the elections. THAT would stop the Democrats. All the harm being done to our country at this time is because of the idiots that voted for Biden/Harris and all the people who have the wealth to buy elections. The election was not won, it was stolen. We have to put a stop to this, contact your Representatives and lets make them put a limit on contributions that cause elections to be crooked. We have to stop the Democrats before this country goes the way of other Socialist countries. IMPEACH Biden and Harris for Treason against the People of the United States. He is wading through millions of dollars to stop the Wall and bringing in thousands of illegals. WORST so called President in History!!

  3. Still yet another example of the disaster of the Biden/Harris administration. January 20,2025 can’t get here soon eneough.

  4. Sixty days times 6 million a day that’s 360 million spent on nothing. These fucken assholes should be in jail rotting away for the rest of their fucken useless lives.


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