Breaking: Biden Campaign In Panic After Seeing These Post-Debate Polls?

(Liberty Bell) – The Biden campaign has got to be freaking out right now.

For far too long, the Democrats have relied on their empty promises to minority communities and voters of color to push their political campaigns to victory.

Nothing has exposed their hypocrisy and lies like the last six months, however, and President Donald Trump will be remembered as the man who liberated voters from the Democrat voter plantation.

They can’t stand this.

Case and point: a poll taken after the first presidential debate last week shows that Trump has seen his support among both Latinos and Black voters skyrocket.

It’s now even higher than he had in 2016, which was record-breaking back then!

According to CNN exit polling from the 2016 election showed that Trump had 28% of the Latino vote and 8% of the Black vote.

However, following last week’s debate, he now enjoys 36.5% of the Latino vote, which is a 8.5% jump from 2016!

That’s huge.

His support among Black voters, however, has jumped to 15%!

That’s almost double!

Western Journal reports:

The IBD/TIPP survey also found Trump narrowing Joe Biden’s lead overall to less than 3 percentage points nationwide, with 48.6 percent supporting the Democratic nominee and 45.9 percent supporting the president among likely voters.

An IBD/TIPP poll of registered voters in early September showed Biden with an 8 percentage point advantage, 49 to 41 percent.

Registered voters responding to IBD/TIPP’s latest poll gave Trump the edge in the debate regarding the issues of the Supreme Court (45 to 40 percent) and the economy (47 to 44 percent).

One of the very interesting polls that made headlines following the debate was how many Telemundo viewers thought that the president had won.

Telemundo, the largest Spanish-speaking outlet in the U.S., isn’t exactly known as being pro-Trump; quite the opposite.

But their viewers clearly can see who the better candidate would be for their community!

Meanwhile, the left’s control over the Black vote continues to deteriorate.


  1. The msm has them brainwashed. tds is a debilitating condition. It would take one on one psychological counseling. I am a Christian counselor in prison. When they truly feel the light of Jesus the Christ shine in their hearts they change instantly.

  2. Keep in mind that the media has a louder voice than either Trump or Biden. If
    you can accept that & you already know the media supports the liberal left, who
    do you expect to be elected on 11/3/2020?
    The 4th estate “owns” public opinion in this country & they’re gaining strength
    every day. Harris/Biden this election & something even worse next time.

    Hope like Hell I’m wrong.

  3. alot of my dark skin American brothers have become curious because of the Democrats and the medias constant negativity towards President Trump, and it’s causing them to use their smart phones to search for the truth about the Democrats and the Democrat parties history. Once awakened, they see what the Democrats have done to them while promising to, but actually doing nothing for them except slowly returning them to slavery thru incarceration. The truth is the Democraps want to make Slaves out of everyone middle class and below under the disguise of communism. Once they get control of the Senate and the presidency, they will outlaw guns and then there will be no turning back.

  4. Democrats believe the Latinos & Blacks can’t think for themselves. They are waking up and will destroy these White Elite Liberal Hyprocrits! Vote Red!


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