Breaking: 60k Mail-In Ballots Missing In This Key Electoral State

(Liberty Bell) – Pennsylvania is a key battleground state and President Trump must win it again in order to win reelection but, unfortunately, the fix is in and Governor Wolf is doing everything he can to ensure the election is as messy, rigged, and fraudulent as possible.

Despite the fact that Wal-Marts in the state have not missed a day of business since the coronavirus pandemic started in March and children are even back in school, Governor Wolf is still encouraging Pennsylvania voters to play it “safe” and vote via a mail-in ballot. The only problem is he and his administration have done everything imaginable to make that as confusing and problematic as they can.

A new report claims that almost 60,000 mail-in ballots in one county have yet to be received by voters.

Here’s the story from WPXI News:

Voters in Westmoreland County are confused and frustrated as 58,000 mail-in ballots, supposed to have been mailed out earlier this week, still haven’t been delivered.

In a statement obtained by Channel 11, the Westmoreland County Election Bureau is placing blame on a contractor hired by the county to mail out ballots this election cycle.

“The first batch of processed and approved applications was submitted to the County’s mail house, Mid-West Direct on October 3rd. It has been brought to our attention today that Mid-West did not sent out the ballots on Tuesday as indicated.”

Channel 11 contacted both the Attorney General’s office and the Secretary of the Commonwealth once Channel 11 viewers raised concerns over their ballots.

A short time later, we received the news release with this quote: “The County has been assured that the ballots will be sent out starting tomorrow morning. Once Mid-West is able to catch up on the backlog over the weekend, the County expects the process to run smoothly.”

This is just another example of how ill-prepared the state of Pennsylvania is to handle a presidential election of this caliber with the number of mail-in ballots they are sure to receive. They can’t even seem to get the ballots out to voters in a timely manner. Of course, this could all just be part of Governor Wolf’s grand scheme to delay the election results and muddy up the entire process along the way.

Wolf has already accomplished pushing back the deadline for getting ballots turned in by the following Friday after Election Day, a move that state Republicans have been busy fighting and which is currently in front of the state’s Supreme Court for review. Naturally, the state Democrats insist that striking down the extension of the deadline will lead to voter “disenfranchisement.”

Fox News reports:

The state Democrats also panned Republicans’ warnings that accepting ballots that arrive after Election Day could potentially mean ballots cast after Nov. 3 would be counted. They said counting such ballots is standard practice around the country and that by only counting ballots that arrive up to three days after the election there is a small chance any incorrectly mailed votes will be counted.

“Otherwise, many thousands of voters who have relied on the current guidance from state election officials may be disenfranchised through no fault of their own,” the state Democratic Party said. Boockvar made a different argument, saying that the U.S. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to review the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s interpretation of its own constitution, so the U.S. Supreme Court should simply deny any review in the case and let the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling stand.

This is no small issue. A state like Pennsylvania could literally make or break the election. There is no reason why ballots should be counted beyond Election Day. Either you care enough to get your ballot mailed in a timely fashion or you don’t, period.

Just another reason why it is vitally important for Pennsylvanians to vote in person November 3. State Democrats led by their tyrannical leader Gov. Wolf are doing everything they can to ensure this election will be anything but fair.

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  1. My name is Rodney J Mc Donald, I live Banning Ca. riverside county, and a republican the date is Oct. 12, 2020 and I’ve been told that our ballots were mailed out over 2 weeks ago. if they were then friends and family still have not received them either. In elections past ballots and polling places were sent out much earlier, maybe you can spread the word it seems to me if people have voted already then there is something fishy going on here.

  2. Anything associated with the Democrats in crooked. They cannot function except outside the law. They should all be expelled from the US. We do not need them within our borders.

  3. This mil in ballot crap is a total JOKE. I have read and heard of so many thousands of destroyed ballots, missing ballots, multiple ballots to persons, discarded and hidden ballots, and so much more. Can you only imagine how many more thousands that we will not hear about. Voter fraud is the real reason for insisting on these mail in ballots. They must stop all of this and deny any but in person voting except for requested absentee ballots. Even some of them have been found to be screwed up. Sure, we are given an excuse but IT HAPPENED. This election is rigged and everyone knows it. Same as all the media and their constant bias. The ENEMY WITHIN. What has this country come to? I would never have thought this country would be so damn corrut. I will continue to pray for this country. When we kicked our God out of the schools etc this is what is left. If allowed it will be just like Venezuela and others who went the same way and once were very fine countries.

  4. My wife and I requested a mail in ballot over a month ago. The GOP called and asked why we never made the request. They sent us another request form which we sent in and again never received the ballots. Yesterday I e-mailed the county board of elections and asked them what the story was on this. I do not count on getting an answer/.


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