Bombshell: Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Drops Explosive Allegations Of Fraud, Time To “Release The Kraken”

(Liberty Bell) – The Trump campaign’s investigation into voter irregularities and “glitches” involving the Dominion Voter Systems software is really starting to heat up. According to former federal prosecutor and member of President Trump’s legal team, the Dominion software was literally created to “produce altered results.”

Powell also claims there is a growing mountain of evidence to prove these claims and she is “going to expose” everyone involved in this massive ring of corruption and plot to steal the election.

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs, Powell explained that the software was originally developed with the purpose of altering elections in Venezuela to help late left-wing dictator Hugo Chavez. Disturbingly, the software has since been exported to other corrupt countries all around the US for the same purpose, including the United States.

“I can hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we have collected on Dominion,” Powell said. She also pointed out that the software was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba.

“China has a role in it also. So if you wanna talk about foreign interference, we certainly have it now,” she added.

She then went on to describe the campaign’s amount of evidence, which includes statistics and eyewitness testimonies, against Dominion as “staggering.” They’ve even got testimony from someone who witnessed ballot theft in one Chavez election who saw some of the exact same things going on in the early hours after Election Day.

Powell pointed out that the “most egregious problems” in key states occurred during Election Night when they decided to shut down and stop counting.

She then went on to claim that Trump’s campaign has obtained evidence of the “financial interests” of some governors and secretaries of state “who actually bought into the Dominion systems.”

Governors with a financial stake in the elections software? That doesn’t sound alarming at all.

Dobbs pointed out what many Americans have been thinking. President Trump seems to be running out of time to present all of this evidence in court. November is halfway over and the Electoral College meets in early December.

In response, Powell said that she is hopeful that states who are allegedly involved in election fraud wouldn’t be “stupid enough” to move forward with the certification of “hundreds of thousands of votes” that had been altered by Dominion.

There is still plenty left to do in these key states such as recounts and audits. As a result of a “glitch” that caused 6,000 Trump votes to switch to Biden in one Michigan County, state Republicans have called for a full audit and it’s what voters deserve.

Powell asserted that “President Trump won this election in a landslide” and said that when the truth comes out it will be “irrefutable.” She also said that “patriots are coming forward every day, all day, faster than we can collect their information.”

Collecting all of the evidence is a time-consuming, arduous process and it is only in President Trump’s and America’s best interest for his team of lawyers to be as methodical and thorough as possible when collecting it. We must stay patient.

Powell also noted that the voting machines in several states received updates to software either the night before or on Election Day which she said is highly unusual because the machines are supposed to be “pre-certified.” Software updates were cited as the cause for “glitches” and voting delays around the state of Georgia.

Powell insisted that there needs to be “a massive criminal investigation” and that the fraud and corruption “affect millions of voters and elections.”

Dobbs then asked another question that Americans want to know. Are the FBI and the Justice Department doing any investigations into the numerous allegations of fraud. Unfortunately, Powell wasn’t able to give an answer.

She did say that there have been reports of alleged problems with Dominion systems for years and that even Democrats have raised concerns over it but added that nothing has, apparently, been done about it.

“The people in the election security part of the Department of Homeland Security need to be fired yesterday,” Powell said.

According to Powell, the FBI is still “infected with politics” and that they interviewed one whistleblower but it was with the purpose of intimidating him and trying to get him to change his truthful testimony.

Powell stated that this is a new American Revolution and that patriots who wish for America to remain free need to “step up right now.”

She called on witnesses to come forward now and report the fraud that they know existed because the Dominion software and machines were created for the purpose of defying “the will of the people” all over the world.

Dobbs asked whether or not this was just the latest attempt from the Democrats to overthrow Trump’s presidency and Powell said that it “absolutely” is and pointed out that it has been a concerted, organized effort on the parts of Silicon Valley, Big Tech, the social media companies, and the crooked mainstream media.

Powell concluded by saying she is “going to release the Kraken.”

We can only hope that everything Powell said is true and accurate and that the Trump campaign is on the verge of exposing this sick plot to overthrow democracy itself in America.

The Deep State needs to be exposed and brought down. Hopefully their attempt to steal the US presidential election is finally the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Copyright 2020.


  1. Why can’t Trump declare Martial Law And call in the military to defend the presidential election from the illegal results ??? In other words, take over the government with the military and law enforcement on Trumps side they could easily do it…….the Dems would be helpless…and there would be plenty of time to prove the Dems stole the election with unsolicited, fake mail-in votes and every other way they could think of….WE ALL KNOW TRUMP WON THIS ELECTION !!!! IT IS TIME TO REALLY DRAIN THE SWAMP , BY FORCE, IF NECESSARY …Americans must be willing to fight for our freedoms or all will be lost…

    • As pleasurable as that sounds on the surface, such an action is something that would likely have side effects we might never be able to walk back from. Plus, such a draconian measure would only give fuel to those elements that are already saying he is trying to take over and refuse to leave. WE know that he, and we, are trying to prevent a coup and the loss of our Constitutional republic, but the entities we are up against are powerful, and they have the ears of many many lemmings that do not do their due diligence and research to understand that they are being duped.

  2. PRAISE GOD…TRUMP WAS ORDAINED TO ROUTE THIS OUT….Not another man that couldn’t have withstood with pressure.



  3. I’m afraid the run off election in Georgia is going to be no different then the national election if we don’t do something now I’m afraid it’s all going to be for not .

  4. This company needs to stand up to an audit and let a representative who does analysis of computer software from both sides with complete transparency. This needs to get done ASAP and our elections in america are sacred to us Americans and no one will get away with making a travesty of our democracy the people in America will rise up and demand justice so do not take this lightly , you who are responsible and how dare you.

  5. Isn’t it strange also all the COVID scares are back and lockdowns taking place just in time for the next take over of the Senate run offs. Already Abrams in Georgia is talking about 800,000 mail in ballots ready to be sent out. With this chaos with mail in ballots we are going to do it again. Runoffs should be in person or absentee ballots for justifiable reasons only. Could the Dems be dragging another excuse why mail in ballots should be used (COVID as the excuse). This race could determine the checks and balances needed to prevent their insane agenda. George needs to storm their elected officials demanding no mail in ballots and hand counts only with both sides viewing the results. Don’t let this be the mess this election has become.

  6. I guess dominion thinks that all the affidavits submitted about fraudulent votes were by little green men👽 Dominion should know they shouldn’t discriminate against illegal aliens from another world👽

  7. The right wing Republicans have close contacts with the computer and software companies, so this is b.s. Lou Dobbs has morphed into another fat nazi like Trump, what an arrogant punk.

  8. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local ,State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen the Committee on Unamerican Activities then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists, communists sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance because now that the powers that be got the suckers to vote and plan to dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local, State and Federal. We went through Hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard. Gray Davis tried to pull a fast one on California just like the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out of the stadium with a recall election . We got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of money, resources, time and people and they can’t do it again so soon . So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for what ever hits us next.


    • It’s what globalist elitists do. They think they know best (really pretend to).
      They want to dominate the world by monetary power, like the tech titans are trying to do.
      The demonrat party is where they hang their hats because it’s the party that is easily corrupted. The demonrat party learned long ago that they could use the constitution to defeat the constitution, and use taxpayer dollars to buy votes. They created the welfare system to corral their voter-minions. They know that only lowlifes would sell their souls (votes) in such a way, but they will tolerate the welfare set as long as they are needed.
      If the demons ever do take control of all three branches of our government, the welfare minions will be the first to go, because they are really expensive to keep up, and they are basically worthless to the state (nation). You only need to look to the history of Socialism to see who goes first. We don’t teach history for that very reason. The demons want the nation to keep making the same mistakes over and over.

  10. If everything is proven to be true The Tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with fresh blood. This time let’s have some real Justice for the guilty with a short piece of Rope and a tall oak tree.

    According to a Joint Statement by the federal government agency that oversees U.S. election security, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” The government & private sector councils that support this mission called the 2020 election “the most secure in American history.”

    An unsubstantiated claim about the deletion of 2.7 million pro-Trump votes that was posted on the Internet and spread on social media has been taken down and debunked by independent fact-checkers.

    Edison Research (ER) has refuted any claims that company data suggests any voting irregularities, including vote switching. ER President Larry Rosin told The Dispatch Fact Check, “Edison Research created no such report and we are not aware of any voter fraud.”
    Claims that 941,000 votes for President Trump in Pennsylvania were deleted are impossible, as Dominion only serves 14 Commonwealth counties. Collectively, those Counties produced 1.3 million votes representing a voter turnout of 76%. Fifty-two percent of those votes went to President Trump, which amounts to 676,000 votes the company’s system processed for the President in Pennsylvania.
    Dominion has no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela. Dominion works with all political parties; our customer base and our government outreach practices reflect this nonpartisan approach.

    As reported by the Associated Press, “Dominion made a one-time philanthropic commitment at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in 2014, but the Clinton Foundation has no stake or involvement in Dominion’s operations, the nonprofit confirmed.” The meeting included bipartisan attendees focused on international democracy-building.
    There have been no “raids” of Dominion servers by the U.S. military or otherwise, and Dominion does not have servers in Germany.
    No credible reports or evidence of any software issues exist. Dominion equipment is used by county and state officials to tabulate ballots. Human errors related to reporting tabulated results have arisen in a few counties, including some using Dominion equipment, but appropriate procedural actions were made by the county to address these errors were made prior to the canvass process.

    The Michigan Secretary of State’s office offers a Fact Check Page which debunks false or erroneous claims about voting in Detroit, as well as a user-error incident in Antrim County.
    The Georgia Secretary of State has also repeatedly stated throughout the count that “[a]s the work goes on, I want to assure Georgia voters that every legal vote was cast and accurately counted.”
    Claims about software updates being done the night before Election Day are 100% false.

    Both Spalding County and the Georgia Secretary of State have verified that a) this type of unauthorized update is impossible, and b) the actual logs from equipment under the custody of the county determined an update did NOT happen the night before the election.
    Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabe Sterling has independently, and unequivocally, rebutted inaccurate claims made about an update to machines on the eve of the election. He affirmed in his daily press briefing on November 9 that “nothing was done to the [PollPad] system after [October 31],” when voter files were updated as part of normal procedure.
    Election officials provide writing instruments that are approved for marking ballots to all in-person voters using hand-marked paper ballots. Dominion Voting Systems machines can read all of these instruments, including Sharpies.

    The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, “if a ballot has issues that impacts its ability to be scanned, it can be hand counted.” The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors assured voters that “sharpies do not invalidate ballots.” Dominion has stated that “Sharpie pens are safe and reliable to use on ballots, and recommended due to their quick-drying ink.”
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has debunked numerous claims, including claims about the existence of a secret CIA program for vote fraud called Hammer and Scorecard.
    All U.S. voting systems must provide assurance that they work accurately and reliably as intended under federal U.S. EAC and state certification and testing requirements. Election safeguards – from testing and certification of voting systems, to canvassing and auditing – prevent malicious actors from tampering with vote counts and ensure that final vote tallies are accurate. Read more from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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    • What else would you expect Dominion to say? You think they won’t lie thru their teeth to protect themselves & call everybody else reporting vote fraud are all liars?

    • I wonder if you’ll come back after all the investigations and court cases are over? Or, will you hide in shame for believing the demons?
      Only a demon would prop up Dominion even though there is evidence that fraud did occur.
      Georgia’s Secretary of State made a statement already that fraud did occur, in the Dominion software. He is being investigated for colluding and altering. Our Governor Kemp is even implicated because he was Secretary of State when the system was purchased. Many Georgians are disgusted over Kemp.
      They’ve found more ‘glitches’ in Fulton, Dekalb, and Gwinnett counties; all demon strongholds. They all shut down at the same time the other demon strongholds shut down. There will be registrars and election employees arrested.
      The CISA Christopher Krebs (originally from deep-blue Atlanta) is on his way out, and is being investigated for some of the fraud. I live here. I see the news. I work around it.
      If they can prove corruption in one state, it’s certainly to follow in other states.
      Just wait.
      The election mess is not over, no matter what your beloved demon-media has to say. The media does not elect the president. There is no such thing as ‘President Elect’; and Constitutionally, The Bigot does not have any authority to start ‘moving into the Whitehouse’. He can’t “transition” until the ELECTORATE says he is indeed the President. The electorate can’t be chosen UNTIL the states ratify the vote; which can’t be done until they are contested.
      You should also take note that the electorate has free will. Which means no one really knows how they will vote. It’s the primary reason the demons want to do away with the electoral college system.
      Go do some real homework, and stop copying and pasting your beloved demons.

    • Glad you laced out the response argument. It already shows errors in that 1. TX said no to using your protect last year because of stated issues, and
      2. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and others have already gone in record in December on 2019 stating these very issues.
      Nice try.

    • Unfortunately – on CNN right before a cutaway – you could see votes leave Trump and go to Biden. Just play it frame by frame. It is there. We all know the swamp is deep, add your name and Dominion to the swamp people

  12. Will there be an investigation of Biden for interference by China? There is already far more evidence than there ever was with the Russia Hoax. China also has a compelling reason to see the President defeated, i.e. to stop the tariffs. We all know about SOME of the Biden family connections with China. Maybe Hunter was involved in trying to get Joe elected so dad can pardon him.

  13. I don’t think any of us had a clue as to how strategically structured and powerful worldwide the old cabal and the NWO has become. They have bought barriers all the way up to the Supreme Court, and even the UN, to all the way down in our big cities.

  14. I would demand every state that used the Dominion system be made to scrap it. Make those states have the election again with no mail in votes. Absentee hand counted votes, no machine counted votes. Let the national guard count them with national guard as poll watchers.
    Make a system where there has to be a thumb print left or right on file with a place on the ballot to put it. A thumb print and signature would be a personal verification your vote was cast.

    • The problem with this is US – the people. It is sad to say that Americans cannot be counted on to follow through. Even as a die-hard Trump Supporter, I know this to be true. If I can’t count on people – after days of back and forth messages – to come and pick-up a valuable item offered for FREE on Facebook Marketplace, how can we ever expect people to go back and vote again?


      My daughter got sick and I had to go to the ER.
      I had to work late.
      My car broke down.
      Was that yesterday? I’m sorry. Well, just give it to someone else…
      We are just so swamped with Thanksgiving…sorry, it won’t work out…

      Ask people to vote again?

      As vital and important as this election is, I am deeply sorry to say…I just don’t have THAT much faith in my fellow citizens. Trump supporters or not!

  15. I hope Biden et al know that the crickets they’re hearing is a ticking national bomb. Either way it goes for them. But it’ll go off a lot faster when it’s officially Trump.

  16. The voting or counting of votes process is not a partisan issue of review, but the review that each citizen’s vote had equal opportunity for success of reaching the intended person I voted for!
    Any voter fraud makes the relationship between citizen taxpayers and our collective governments UN repairable and leads us to today’s Tyranny and oppression!
    There have been zero accountability of all the lies, theft and fraud persistent in our governments! So, We The People, believes Our Collective Governances are internal enemies that must be destroyed for America’s future success!

    • Exactly. Through Ballottrax, I know my vote was received and counted.

      What I still do not know is WHO my vote – that was ‘counted’ – went to!

  17. Don’t tell me about bomb shells to get our hopes up. Let us know when the indictments are handed down and people will be held accountable. The trouble with both sides of the aisle is that they tease just to make headlines and then nothing happens. I understand it takes time to build an iron clad case, but right now with the election time is of the essence to get this to the Supreme Court and have the whole election invalidated and then let the Congress decide with their one vote per state and then Trump wins!

    • You make a good point! They stay in office, get wealthy, play us like a violin, but very little ever seems to happen. And the only time they really fight is when someone tries.

  18. if trump isnt given enough time to present all the evidence of corruption i hope he stays in office and arrests all those envolved,including pelosi,schumer,etc.

  19. Powell knows exactly how the enormous and powerful old cabal works. She should be FBI chief after this. Wray, Barr, and Durham, with mountains of evidence we can all see, haven’t done shit for some reason. They better have one.

    • Ha! I’m a retired guy and I got out of the house more than old Joe did “campaigning” for president. Why study for the test when you already have it! At least HRC put in a tad more effort and she “knew” she had it too.

  20. Financial punishment is the easy way and is not a deterrent, jail time and a televised execution by firing squad sends a real message. Let’s start with g. soreass.

  21. I’m 84 years old, present election reminds me of ww I and II. For sure we don’t have journalists and reporters comparing to Earnie Pyle or Walter Winchell. Our civic and history books have disappeared and our colleges are turning out free thinkers and communist.

  22. Put who ever has ties with this organization, up on trial for treason. Then when they are found out. There punishment is death by firing squad. NO, jail time

    • I agree !!!! Even when traitors are found NO PUNISHMENT IS GIVEN !!!! This is not new. This lack of accountability goes back to Jane Fonda’s trip to Hanoi. She should have been arrested when she and her “friends” stepped off the plane !!!! This is just one example but America has been gutted from the inside and our education system has been destroyed to the point it is disgusting !!! DEMORATS in the WH again will make the slide down that slippery slope go even faster !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and HELP TRUMP !!!!

  23. I can’t wait for Sidney Powell’s court case. I want to know now!

    I wish we didn’t have to fight so hard to prosper. I will never understand why anyone would want to give up freedom.
    The dummycrats are pushing the demonrats to the far left because they are essentially lazy spoiled rotten brats that had helicopter parents, and got trophies at every ballgame and school recital.
    Trump has made the lives of ALL Americans better, but the demons in government are only in Washington for profit, and Trump threw a monkeywrench in their machine works.
    Their corporate masters want to go back to China to earn their billions, but want to live here because of the freedoms they would certainly lose if they moved to China.

  24. Stop the talk and institute the arrest action, and accountability.

    There is so much corruption, and foul money in politics I say arrest them all bring them before the tribunal, cut the money, benefits, and return the honest committed ones to work at realistic pay. The riches of politics makes them think they are above the law, and not servants to the people. Time to turn it back around.

  25. We need the truth about this election. And if, IF, the Democrats orchestrated t his fraud, we will need jail time and financial punishment for those involved especially Democrats who are “above the law.”

    • IF? I have no doubt the Dems are up to their eyeballs in this fraud. No if’s about it. It’s just a matter if the courts have the guts to prosecute. I don’t think they will. The Republicans don’t have the balls to pursue the treasonous actions of the left and have way too many RINOs in their midst. I hate to say it, but I think the fix was in and our leaders just don’t care.


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