Bombshell: New Report Entirely Destroys The Basis For Schiff-Nadler Hearings

(Liberty Bell) – The entire basis of the sham impeachment claim is that President Donald Trump allegedly wanted Ukraine to make a public announcement that they were investigating the Biden crime family.

While Biden was still serving as vice president, his son, Hunter, was paid $83,000 a month to be on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, despite having no relevant experience or expertise.

Biden, as he famously bragged before the Council on Foreign Relations in 2017, that the threatened to withhold US aid from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma for corruption.

According to a new report from Time magazine, however, as esteemed right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh recently noted, blows this claim right out of the water.

Time talked to Andriy Yermak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, whom US Ambassador Gordon Sondland claimed to have told, “I think Trump wanted Zelensky to make a public announcement [about an investigation].”

Yermak, however, says that Sondland never told him this.

In fact, he says that he and Sondland never even spoke outside of a few casual remarks in passing. Yermack says that they never had any sort of private conversation.

He recalled that he and Sondland bumped into each other in a hallway next to an escalator and only discussed how well their meeting went.

As Limbaugh puts it, Time magazine “has to admit these comments cast doubt on an important moment in the impeachment inquiry’s reconstruction of events, specifically, the only known point at which an American official directly tells the Ukrainians about the link between U.S. aid and the announcement of specific investigations.”

He explained that this revelation “totally takes the entire foundation of the Schiff-Nadler impeachment proceedings out from under them.”

“It totally destroys the basis on which they did all of this.”

Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) House Intelligence Committee called to testify State Department employees and other bureaucrats that Limbaugh described as having their noses “all out of joint that Donald Trump even got elected, that somebody so smelly and somebody so deplorable and somebody so unsophisticated and so uneducated could possibly be thrust into their elite world.”

“The only witness with firsthand knowledge of anything close to a quid pro quo was Gordon Sondland,” Limbaugh noted. “Gordon Sondland testified that he told President Zelensky’s adviser, Andriy Yermak, that he thought — he couldn’t remember for sure — he amended and revised his testimony at this point after hearing from Bill Taylor and Yovanovitch and some of the others.

“He thought, he presumed that Trump wanted Zelensky to make a public announcement about investigating Burisma before he, Trump, would release the aid. Sondland then told Bill Taylor and others that, yes, he had told Yermak that. So then this gets passed around. Sondland therefore become the source for the story that Trump demanded a quid pro quo, and it was aid in exchange for Zelensky announcing the investigation into Burisma. Not starting it. Not doing it. Just announcing it.”

Time wrote that “most crucial point at which Yermak’s recollection contradicts the testimony of the inquiry’s witnesses relates to a meeting in Warsaw on Sept. 1, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.”

“The meeting was part of an ongoing effort by the Zelensky administration to improve ties with the Trump administration,” Time said.

“One of the American diplomats who attended that meeting, Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, testified before the inquiry last month that he pulled Yermak aside after the Warsaw meeting and delivered an important message: U.S. aid to Ukraine would probably not resume until Zelensky’s government announced two investigations that could implicate President Trump’s political rivals.”

“I told Mr. Yermak that I believed that the presumption of U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine took some kind of action on the public statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” Sondland testified.

This is simply not the case, says Yermak.

“Gordon and I were never alone together.”


  1. I noticed we live in a opinionated world. I wanted to take time to wish everyone a great Holiday season. Over looking the ill due to years of Consistance of he said she said. God Bless we the people. And our president .

    • AMEN! Please allow the joy of this season to soften the hearts of everyone, despite all of the hate-filled rhetoric from those who are attempting to undermine our president at any cost. Lord, protect our constitutional republic from all who would attempt to either “fundamentally transform” it (as Obama tried to do) or destroy it completely and replace it with an Islamic Caliphate (as Muslims are commanded to do through various forms of jihad).

  2. If the Dems persist on this Impeachment folly, the 2020 election will surely be another epic landslide for President Trump & the GOP. Dems better re-think & any of their few principled vote down this inane, weak, unfounded, useless , costly, rare “I” process.
    We still need a strong 2 party system at risk of being dismantled by failing hyper- partisan liberal fools in their corrupt party, their compliant dishonest media, the opportunistic Wall Street/Silicone Valley/banks/businesses, over salaried hubris indoctrinating academia, hypocritical elitist Hollywood & violent leftist NGO cabals.
    POTUS had cancelled the WH daily press briefings near 2 years depriving the non-journalistic self-cannibalistic show boaters of a forum, snubbed the annual WH correspondents dinner 3X now, threatens to forego the 3 Presidential 2020 election debates until the abusive MSM reform their biased reportage & skewed inquiries.
    They’ve more than met their match in this no nonsense business-executive President Trump promptly retorting in barbed tweets but at times over done, eschewing jaundiced hour interviews exc. with fairer Fox TV channel, preferring to connect directly with regular weekly overflowing middle America town hall rallies concurrent with his tireless, succeeding, cogent socio-economic-political-diplomatic agenda.
    Hail to DJT & more power to the USA.

    • You Reynaldo are so brainless ,you don’t know your ass from your elbow.Nancy Pelosi moved for impeachment, knowing the political fallout, after the Ukraine incident. Article 1 of the constitution empowers the Congress to pursue impeachment, in Case of power grab by the executive. They have decided and they will pursue impeachment. Let Trump prove himself in the Senate, if he has proof to the contrary.

    • Very well written, “reynaldo.” By the vulgar personal attack, poor “Eddi” immediately revealed himself (or herself) as a leftist troll, possibly paid. Newsflash, Eddi: the president does NOT have to prove himself “innocent;” and Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi have presented no corroborated (or even substantive) evidence that has convinced any non-partisan of his guilt! The Committee Dem’s lengthy, redundant and vitriolic diatribes from the dais plus the bureaucrat/academic “witness” testimony from people who actually witnessed NOTHING just make their Dem’s case look anemic , biased and petty. Opinions, presumptions and “hearsay to the nth power” is all they’ve got…and all of it would all be tossed out of court as inadmissible. Nice try though, Eddi…and thanks for playing.

    • Hey Eddie, did you read the transcript?
      Reynaldo has it right.
      The only abuse of power is from house dims! On a side note Reynaldo, I might stay away from hail, the left loves to run with one 1 to make political hay.

  3. you think by holding Donna brazile up to a bunch of trash is going to make her look better she’s trash like the rest of the trash she only did that because she was going to be caught try to save her own butt

  4. The Democrats are nothing but trash Adam Schiff Naylor pelosi biggest bunch of dirtbags ever come down the pike and so is anybody who supports them

    • Nadler, genius! I hate Democrats as much as anyone, but the DNC crows about how much they admire black heroes, well, this is a conundrum, now I don’t expect you to know what that means, but they do!

    • Right you are. The demos have a monopoly on dirt bags. They sure do have a corner on the market. The demos know how to deal in scum.

  5. This article lost all credibility at “esteemed right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh”

    More right wing gas lighting propaganda. Simply despicable.

  6. If Biden/Hillary/Holder or what ever flavor of the month committed a bunch of crimes then why has Trump, who is in charge of the DoJ been unable to even bring charges? Your argument, at best, boils down to Trump being horrendously incompetent.

    • Because John Durham is still assembling evidence. I suggest you know what you are talking about before commenting.

  7. Failing to recognize Donna Brazille is so wrong! You take back everything you all have faught for as women, take back all the praise you have give. Leaders before her! She is a much better woman than HRC or Nancy Pelosi will ever be! Her heroic action was real, it was brave, and she stood tall against all. Not only was her stand against corruption, it was her own Party’s corruption!

  8. Donna Brazille stood up against corruption in her own party! She called them out, and she stood tall waiting on them! They never met her, they were Cowards! This woman deserves your respect! Fearless in the face of adversity against her own! I am exceedingly proud of Donna Brazille!

    • Donna Brazile should be out on her rearend. She fed crooked Hillary debate questions and answers in 2016 and also rigged the election in Hillary’s favor. Likely she was promised a big job if HRC won, but she lost and Brazile lost out.

  9. You DNC Women always want to make sure you raise up Heroic Women, well Donna Brazille should be made mention of! She risked everything to fight corruption in the DNC! You people are all liars and hypocrites if you don’t stand up for her! She is way more than HRC, Nancy Pelosi, or Sheila Jackson Lee! She risked everything and stood tall and proud against the machine! She is still alive and you people better not wait until she is gone to recognize her heroics!

  10. Donna Brazille is an African American Hero, just like Dr. King! She stood up against the DEMOCRAT CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, she deserves to be remembered for her bravery, and if you DNC women don’t recognize her for what she did, you are all hypocrites!

    • Donna Brazil is a cheater and a liar You gave questions from a debate to Hillary Rodham Clinton and conspired against Bernie Sanders in a primary election this is unforgivable and I’m not even a Democrat There is considerable evidence that trump did nothing and even other democrats are coming over to the Republican side at this point I just wish people could read and know what they’re talking about before they open their big traps.

    • Any body who prazes Donna brazil has got to be as crooked and lowlife as brazil and shiff she has done any and every under handed thing she could do every chance she could now she is on fox cause they need a dumshit to make thing look even

  11. If you DNC voters weren’t all cowards we would be having CWII right now! What a bunch of COWARDS! Come get you some you DNC Traitors!

    • Antifa I would like to give you a personal invitation to come out to West Texas and try your Liberal Portland krapp.
      Come on down we can have an Old West Texas debate.

  12. The DNC is angry because after giving Obama, and Hillary, the green-light, to rig their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election, stealing it from Sanders and their voters, they still got beat! hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha

  13. Biden not only admitted that he held up Taxpayer Funds to Ukraine, he bragged about it on tv!
    Why isn’t the DNC going after Biden?

    • Who is stupid enough to believe anything this site produces , just lies to protect our criminal president , grow a brain people

  14. African Americans are descendants of slavery, they feel cheated, they feel as if they are owed reparations, they are racially biased, they hate white folks and America!
    I don’t blame them! But, should they really be participating in American Politics?

    • English, European-Americans are THE ones that brought them to America against their will in the first place, NO DOUBT. SHOULD they be deprived of freedom to vote TOO in the country they were forced to adopt as their own, you mean?

    • You are a rambling moron…You need to shut the blank up…None of your arguments or pronouncements matter to anybody, except for yourself… just to get an idea of the hypocrisy that would be coming out of blowhards like blimpo, I have been listening to that station here… people like him and you, just want to be in in the dictators’ crotch giving him pleasure for some reason beyond anybody’s understanding of why you can’t admit he is one of the worst people ever to walk this Earth… you’re a no-count fool

  15. Releasing the transcript was more than enough. Must the Presidency be stripped of all of its privacy because of the SPYS in the White House?

    • You are right we have been on the slide for a while thanks DNC, and Trump knew what was going on, and finally decided to do something, about it, “A Fixer”, but for them “A shit disturber”, for us, “Mr Chingon”
      Happy New Year to all our true American friends, even our enemies……..

  16. You’re not a republican, you’re a feckless Trump tool, a Russian programmed fool! Think for yourself Trump has always been a lying criminal scumbag, now he’s a Traitor.

    • TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME in full view. It’s a psychological disorder. You have an extreme case of it. You’re out of bounds with that comment. Have you lost all rational?

    • Only someone who refuses to confront the truth that Trump didn’t do what he’s accused of doing (once again) by the Democrats can call someone else “programmed”.

      Trump inadvertently stumbled upon a vast corruption scheme of certain Democrats in the Ukraine by asking the President of Ukraine to look into Hunter Biden.

      The same goes for the Russian collusion nonsense. This is all nothing more than certain Democrats trying to cover up their own dealings with Russian assets

    • Great summation. Back it up with proof. Problem is with you Dems, you cannot prove any wrongdoing regarding our duly elected President. That makes you the pathological liar, look in the mirror. It is easy to spread rumors that you fail to prove.

    • According to the Democrats, Russia is not to be trusted, is that why HRC and Obama gave 20% of our uranium to Russia? Was that what was meant when Obama said—Tell Vlad (meaning Putin) I’ll have more flexibility after the election?

    • Really, well “A Harvard Study Shows“ Obama was Kenya Born, and Indonesia Raised! The DNC, Knowingly supported a foreign born individual as POTUS! What does that do to Nancies Oath Of Office? UnConstitutional.
      The DNC, Knowingly supported HRC, and BHO, rigging their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! Yea, they stole it from Bernie Sanders, and their own voters! Huh?
      Obama sent teams of Lawyers to Israel to interfere with their election! That’s right, our most dependable, ally!
      HRC, and BHO, took taxpayer owned Uranium and sold it to a Russian Firm that specifically asked for Bob Mueller to represent Americans!
      You Democrats are Treasonous Traitors and should be run out of America!

    • The only traitor I see in this garbage is you. You just can’t get over the demonrats have been lieing all along. I have a feeling A.G.Barr will solve the problem.

    • It’s one thing to choose a political philosophy and fight for what you believe is right. And also to follow along with the media and believe and support unverified claims. But the proof of all the lies and even planting false evidence to jail an innocent family man is in your face. Yet you still deny what has been proven to be true. You sir are mentally ill. You need to check in and get help.

    • And you are coward and an idiot Read some unbiased news occasionly and even a moron can come to a conclusion that trump did not collude but Biden did

  17. We will see at the voting polls how well this Democrats charade will do them . I’m afraid this will backfire on them. The socialism push, the obstruction of a president doing his job, The spying of a private citizen running for president. I have voted both Democrat and Republican however it sure looks like this is going to bite them in the ars and they will be scrambling for quite some time getting the American voters to trust them again. Pelosi said no impeachment is the way originally but she had no way out but to do a senseless , rush , baseless hearsay impeachment in order to save face. Most die hard Democrats I know say they are fed up and get over it and start working for the American people which they are not obviously!

    • That’s all fine, but it shouldn’t get that far. Are the people who call themselves “Democrats” so ignorant they know what the political term “Socialist” means? I understand that groups of people who want money just given to them without doing anything will always be there, but now there are truly ignorant people who are demanding everything they want from the government. Warren and other Democrats are promising free everything. The USA will cease to exist within a few years.

    • All you parrot is the lies of Trump. I’m a lifelong republican and I will never belittle or attack my fellow citizens for their beliefs. Do some research on everything that you just spouted that doesn’t include a single partisan source. You won’t find anything to support that propoganda, the real lies all come from Trump. If your source of information pushes hate, it’s not the truth!

    • They (the demonrats) have been trying to impeach Donald Trump since before he was elected. They broke the law trying to get it done. Now we go to the senate and get the real truth. Nadler and Schiff need to be questioned under oath. They are both traitors and should be made to pay back all the money they wasted on their little witch hunt.

    • Trump all the way from 2020 and and beyond and once we clean house, we shall be known as “America the land of Giants”
      (W/O the DNC)

  18. The people that can clear all of this up are Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. They were there. Why is Trump denying them the opportunity to clear his name?? Probably because he’s guilty as charged. Republicans complain about process at every breath but denying the two people that can settle this right now is suspect. If you ain’t guilty, bring your best forward. Trump should be removed if for nothing else, covering up his own extortion. Every Republican defending him should be duely investigated in the coverup and prosecuted.

    • That is ridiculous. The president had no choice but to finally say enough is enough. He has been investigated since before he took office. We know the original investigation was a frame job attempted coup, sham. The Democrats have done everything possible to hamper his ability to govern. A national disgrace. With all of that he has still done more for this country than the last four Presidents combined. You all love to say that the president is not above the law but apparently Biden is. As well as Obama and Clinton. Trump is going to win reelection in a landslide and he’s going to carry the house and the Senate because swing voters see right through all this BS.

    • I thought Sondland claimed the two were alone when the conversation took place, so if Sondland was being truthful then the other two participants wouldn’t matter. I don’t think counting on him lying is a good argument for the truth. Kinda blows it all to hell any way we look at it.

    • Nope. Bolton and Pompeo have no direct knowledge of anything. Sondland and the President of Ukraine are the only ones who do.

      Sondland’s testimony has been refuted by others. Even with that Sondland had NO DIRECT knowledge of a bribery or quid pro quo deal – he assumed/supposed that was the case. Supposition is not fact, it’s opinion.

      That in itself shuts this case down.

    • He never asked for it nor did he ever get it. All you have left is possible intent. That’s simply not enough. Supposition isn’t fact.

      Sondland was never told anything directly, the President of Ukraine said he wasn’t pressured or bribed, no aid was withheld, no investigation was ever done.

      Where is the crime?

    • You are a turd, why do you want to be such a piece of shit? The only one that can clear this up, already said there was no quid pro quo!

  19. You know, it’s pretty clear that the leaders of the Democratic Party are sitting on the wrong side of the branch they’re trying to saw off. Their actions will likely cause them a great deal of regret in the near future. There was a time when landowners were the only ones with voting rights. The electoral college is somewhat reminiscent of this, as it gives representation to huge sections of our country that would not be fairly represented otherwise. It’s a moral question whether a vote from someone who owns 100,000 acres of farmland should weigh more than someone who owns no land and is unable or unwilling to be self-supporting.
    One thing I know to be true. There is nothing to be gained by being as rude and disrespectful to others as they have been to us. Not if we reasonably expect a peaceful outcome from the terrible divisions presently manifesting themselves in the country we claim to love. We don’t have to forget to forgive. At the same time you turn the other cheek, you can raise an arm to ward off another blow. If we really want to be better, we must walk that difficult walk and stop the talk.

    • Try again bubba, Trump has been a lying criminal scumbag the entire fifty plus years I’ve been paying attention. Now he’s a traitor, who violated his oath and the Constitution. He’s only screwed us farmers, and the farm bailout is already four times bigger than the auto bailout. I’m a lifelong republican but I don’t drink the covfefe!! Never Trump lock him up!

  20. It’s truly shameful that Hate Trump Syndrome has turned an entire political party into, liars, slanderers, sub-treasonists, lawless, vicious, mob-loving, Constitution breaking, citizenry-detesting, mean, unhappy, miserable , un-reasoning, and unreasonable proponents of worthless, time and money -wasting efforts to take our lawfully and fortuitously elected president, Donald J Trump. KAGA 2020.

    • The demonuts were already , liars, slanderers, sub-treasonists, lawless, vicious, mob-loving, Constitution breaking, citizenry-detesting, mean, unhappy, miserable , un-reasoning, and unreasonable proponents of worthless, time and money -wasting.

    • Y’all are being fed lies, no patriot would ever attack a fellow citizen for having a different viewpoint. If your source of information tells you to hate fellow Americans it’s bovine excrement! Trump lies more than any human alive, he’s been a criminal my entire life. Now he’s obviously a Traitor! Choose country and Constitution over the evil con man! Never Trump lock him up!

  21. Well it’s obvious John would love to vote for that shining example of conservative principles , Mittens Romney. The President’s favorite Democrat. Isn’t it incredible that Romney presented himself during his campaign as a man of principle (gag me), an intelligent businessman who had nothing but the best interests of America at heart, a man of deep religious convictions?

    Now Romney displays his true colors – no principles at all, only a deep and abiding hatred for Trump. And why is that? What did Trump do to incur such hatred? He accomplished what Romney was NEVER capable of – being elected the President of the United States by conservative voters throughout America.

    Romney also hates Trump because Trump has accomplished so much in just his first term in office. Things that the gutless establishment Republicans and RINOs (such as Romney) could never pull off – especially while they were bending over for the Democrats – even when they had control of both the House and the Senate.

    Romney is suffering, because he sold his heart and soul to the Democrats, he compromised what few principles he may have held, in order to be chosen as the Republican candidate running against Obama during Obama’s second election campaign. And as bad as Obama was – and remains – Romney couldn’t get enough support to beat him. The American people knew Romney was not Presidential material.

    So, John? Seeing that you sound like an echo of Romney, pretending to support conservative values while vilifying the best President that America has had since Reagan (and possibly even surpassing him), why don’t you take a running dive through a rolling doughnut (I’m sure you are cognizant of the true expression). No one on the Right will agree with your nasty, foul-mouthed opinion of a man who is one hundred times the man you believe yourself to be. Suck on your hatred like a straw in a septic tank. You are full of the same substance, and your opinion has the same value as the contents of that septic tank.

    • You are not allowed to claim morals ethics or values if you support the moral equivalent of the Antichrist. Trump is the Lord of Lies.

    • TWO THUMBS UP, RegT! Poor Jonathan should promise to self-deport when President Trump is re-elected next November…and then DO SO! (I certainly wouldn’t want this indoctrinated, hate-filled leftist troll to have to endure another 4 years of “the Antichrist’s” successes in America.)

  22. You are quite correct. The only thing that gets votes for the Dmrats is free stuff sought by people with overly-dependent personalities. Keep an eye on the campaign and Nov 2020 and you will see that America is coming to its senses. The true agenda of the Dimrat Party is to be the ONLY party, quite like communism, and want to dictate thought, speech, action, income, and personal freedom while spoon-feeding benefits and illegal voting rights to any parasite that they can sign up as they create their dystopian world of delusional policies.

  23. John, you are perfect example of a brain dead liberal democratic boot licking ass wagon. You are welcome to pack your bags and take the first plane to some faraway place where your type of scum is welcome. Better yet, do the whole world a favor and just check out of the physical realm. You’re just another annoying whiny little girl like Greta. Take your opinion, which is as worthless as you are and just leave. People like you are our problem in this country. Liberals of politics, academics and the media are traitors and need to face the firing squad for act of sedition that you and your ilk have been perpetrating for 3+ years against our nation. Drain the swamp and eliminate these traitors. Those who think this is a harsh commentary of this foolish moron, I don’t hate this fool I really feel sorry for this poor unrepentant lemming who is beyond redemption

  24. Considering the avg. viewership was 2.1 million and the polls consistently show nobody is budging from over 50+% against and 40+% for impeachment, I doubt if any of those 2,1 m viewers will change anyone’s mind, so to me the attempt by the Dimrats to create a spectacle failed.

    I am so looking forward to the Senate and then Nov 2020 when the Dems finally realize they have committed political suicide and lost control of their communist leanings in favor of fundamental American values of fairness, equality and justice

  25. Im in Australia and like most Australians I like President Trump and the Republicans, it is amazing how bad your Democrates actually are, if they were in Australia they would be voted last in each and every election, the Democrates are self imploding they are not a very clever political party.

    • You are quite correct. The only thing that gets votes for the Dmrats is free stuff sought by people with overly-dependent personalities. Keep an eye on the campaign and Nov 2020 and you will see that America is coming to its senses. The true agenda of the Dimrat Party is to be the ONLY party, quite like communism, and want to dictate thought, speech, action, income, and personal freedom while spoon-feeding benefits and illegal voting rights to any parasite that they can sign up as they create their dystopian world of delusional policies.

    • You’re so wrong, yes the Democrats are very clever but you know what President Trump was much Smarter not only calling out the Corrupt Democrats but also the Corrupt news media.
      Let’s hope many go to prison for all the wrong they have done over the years, I especially the Bonnie and Clyde of the Democratic Party Bill and Hillary Clinton.
      President Donald Trump 2020…!

    • Thank you. It’s so much easier to be nice! Love is stronger than Hate. Here in America we are very blessed . I love America and I plan to vote for Our president again this next election.Blessings to you and family.

  26. He explained that this revelation “totally takes the entire foundation of the Schiff-Nadler impeachment proceedings out from under them.”
    One, Schiff is a known proven Liar and Nadler is a Dumb Box of Rocks who has
    had a challenge to even stay awake let alone run his part of the impeachment.

  27. Hate corrupts the vessel which holds it. Witness the corruption of the democratic party. Get rid of the hate and try using positive characteristics for a change. Millions are walking away from the democratic party because they don’t want to be involved in such hate.

  28. The Dems believe if you throw your hat in the ring for president, then you are immune from prosecution for your crimes. That is the only reason Biden is running and not living in an old folks home for treatment of dementia. This is the same reason Hillary has to get back in to become a 3x loser. Their corruption is being exposed and the only thing left for them to run out the clock is accusing Trump of what they are doing to obfiscate and delay their prosecution because ” they are being unfairly
    attacked as a political opponent. “

  29. And even if Ambassador Sondland DID make such a statement to ANYONE, Sondland has admitted, it was his opinion, and that Trump Never TOLD HIM ANY SUCH THING!

  30. Guess that any contradiction of “your” facts from the people who are supposed to have been agrieved has to be false right John. You nitwits now claim that the Ukrainian elected Government was so afraid of Trump that they just nod their heads and smile agreeing with our president or, worse, claim they are lying??? What is going on in your dem party??? Oh, that’s right!!! You didn’t really loose the 2016 election so you are still trying to claim the Whitehouse. Nice try…but no sale.

  31. The house is currently not worthy of any respect, with nothing to show for their first year of nothing but corrupt members in the majority party

    • You are right. The Dems conveniently forgot that their boss – the People who elected them – hired them to do a job; a job that did not, and does not, include the unlawful overthrow of our duly and legally elected President. They need to be ***Fired*** as soon as possible. They chose to ignore that job that they were hired for and need to be fired.

  32. John: WOW, I personally do not know who you are but I’ll bet if they put your brain in a bird it would fly backwards!

    Hatred gets you no where and as it is told in the Bible ”a liar will be found out” also, if you used the good sense God gave you you would realize if you hear it say it or look for it you will find the answers you want other than the truth! Wishing you the best on your quest in finding reality. All you people do is give our President strength to stand stronger for our Nation give the people the much needed confidence bring those who have given up out of their tents give them hope and a job!

  33. WOW, I personally do not know who you are but I’ll bet if they put your brain in a bird it would fly backwards!

    Hatred gets you no where and as it is told in the Bible ”a liar will be found out” also, if you used the good sense God gave you you would realize if you hear it say it or look for it you will find the answers you want other than the truth! Wishing you the best on your quest in finding reality. All you people do is give our President strength to stand stronger for our Nation give the people the much needed confidence bring those who have given up out of their tents give them hope and a job!

  34. That sounds like so many Demoncrats stories . you sure your not turned around 180 from where you should be !! On your comments to make that clear for your snowflake a__

  35. I think there are some liberals that should just leave America if they are deeply flawed in their minds! Trump has done a brilliant job as president! The economy, the job market, our national standing! The democrats will be the ones to be ashamed for a long time! The Feinstein, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler etc mullets may never reclaim the respect they once had! We hope the likes of Comey, Clapper, Brennan and crew enjoy their stay in the slammer!

    • You forgot getting NATO Countries to start meeting their 2% of GDP for THEIR OWN DEFENSE! Plus addressing the China trade situation, addressing the WWII “entitlements” that were to rebuild Europe and Japan which until Trump questioned them continued to cost US taxpayers and put US companies at a disadvantage.
      Yep. The Dems, the Eurocraps (not a spelling mistake), the UN are out to redistribute American taxpayer wealth to the rest of the world.

    • Why does every one have to use such volger Language? Please, lets be civil and respect each others thoughts and ideas, and discus them like grown ups.

  36. John, Moron like you always circumvent the truth. You are showing a perfect Stalinistic behavior. Show me the person and you will find a crime. Folks like you have incurable brain cells damage of hate. Therefore, you better be quite instead accusing someone with no facts Moron.

  37. John u r the example of Democratic bias and stupidity. As much as you obviously hate Trump you are blindly following the Democratic bylines. The only argument you have is based on intense dislike. Unfortunately this is what we now see in the left.
    The constant character attacks and tearing down of opponents on personal levels have now begun to resonate with conservatives. Conservatives are now beginning to fight back and the libs are outraged.
    So take your slavery supporting, Jim Crow laws and opposition to Civil rights bill that are factual history of your party and continue to act the same in today’s setting with your socialist ideas.
    Just remember history has proved over and over that socialism is the path to communism.

  38. John
    Do you have a last name or even a handle(a John Henry)? Is yourFacebook photo a picture of a dog or a cartoon? Don’t be afraid to face four more years of the “Trump Presidency”. It’s alright….. calm yourself.

  39. You are the biggest nitwit in the land. You are are so obsessed with your elitist hatred of Trump that you, and the rest of the has beens, are oblivious, or choose to ignore, the tremendous achievements in record time that Trump has brought about and continues to do so. Even if the charges are well founded, which they most certainly are not, they pale into insignificance compared with what Trump has done for the working men and women of this country and to our economy which is better than ever and he is making sure that America’s interest is put first and foremost in international affairs and trade.

  40. The dems are running out of lies an now they have to face the sen they had nothing to begin with now they have to face us the red wave we can jot wait to show them how bad they did yes they will lose the al the seat the dems are done thd red wave is coming vote everybody vote to show the world we the pepole are the gov not the dems we the pepole is the gov an we are voteing you out vote to end this joke these fools need to lose there seat an vote red the red wave

  41. wow what planet do u live on.. each FIRST HAND witness to the phone call said no quid pro quo or bribery, each said they saw no impeachable offense, each said there was never an investigation into biden, each said the aid was delivered on time,,

    suggest get over your dts.

  42. John, if Trump is all of those things which you accuse him as being, how do you expain Trumps huge wins, while being harassed and vilified constantly? Wins like the wall being built, trade agreements, over 150 federal court judges appointed and approved, family leave legislation, and the like?

  43. Sorry you can’t accept that President Trump is bringing our Country back to the Republic it was designed to be!

    He is making good progress in spite of dissidents who wish to maintain the status quo!

  44. John you are really confused! The Republican party with Donal Trump is alive and doing great! Democrats! You are like sewer rats! Four more years with Donald!!!!

  45. Sorry. Much corroborating evidence is out there from both administration insiders and the impressive foreign service officers who testified. But ultimately for our constitutional order, the obstruction charges are at least as important as the corruption of undermining our national interest (confronting Russian behaviour) to extract a personal political favor.

    You can’t take a New York real estate scumbag–an environment more corrupt than corrupt– and breed a President out of it. Talk about a ‘swamp’! Bone spurs, an Ivy League BA degree pretty obviously purchased, a total human fake and fraud. Panders to the cynical Christian right who will suck up to the devil if the devil supports their politics; a man without a Christian bone in his body.

    Worse, this administration is destroying the Republican Party and true conservativism for what could be decades.

    A President who disregards and disrespects both Congress and the Judiciary is an autocrat/an egotistical dictatorial thug; hardly a conservative dedicated to limiting government, particularly executive branch power.

    Dump Trump!

    • So John, are you ok with Obama doing what you have accused the President of? Are you ok with HRC doing what you are accusing the president of? Are you ok with the FBI lying to getting help from the Ukrainians and Russians to investigate a political rival of the Democrats? From what I understand it would take an order from the president, who was Obama at the time to get the FBI on this trail. Unless you believe these were just rogue agents from Comey on down who took the law into their own hands. Not likely. I am thinking they felt they had cover to do this, but didn’t count on Obama abandoning them. Everything you accuse Trump of doing is what the Dems from the DNC and HRC and the FBI did to attack Trump. I don’t see Obama not having a hand in it. Should they all be brought up on charges. I think so. The only one who did not do anything wrong in this scenario is Trump.

    • John, you need a basic civics lesson. We have three branches of govt. Exec/Legis/Judic. Pursuant to the Constitution. Congress passes laws, POTUS et al implement the laws, and SCOTUS resolves flawed laws and disputes. No one branch is subservient to the others – I repeat POTUS is equal to Congress and SCOTUS in its defined role and the House is deviating from that by claiming they have absolute authority when they failed to seek judicial review as required. The Dimrats on the House Intel/Judicial committees are over-reaching (and they know it) and it is now viewed as a Quixotic failure by the majority. Your anger and hatred is misplaced as it was the DNC that tried to rig their convention/2016 election for hilLIARy; it ws the DNC and Clinton that paid for the Steele dossier of lies compounded by seditious behavior by the DNI, DirCIA, AG, and POTUS obaMAO in what is properly defined as a ‘silent coup.’ And then there is the collusion with Ukrainian corrupt politicians, laundering money, and interfering with the 2016 election. Open your eyes because right now you are living up to Dr. Gruber’s assessment of liberals – you are being stupid.


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