Bombshell: Lindsey Graham Says He Knows The FBI Lied To Senate About Dossier Source

(Liberty Bell) – It is extraordinary how much has come out about the crooked plot to steal the results of the 2016 election from the American people…especially now that we’re just months away from the election that will decide if the man the people elected will secure another four years in the White House.

With everything going on in the world that the mainstream media is happily using to distract you from the truth, you may not notice it, but over the last few months, more and more has come out about just how broad and deep the corruption was.

The American people NEED to know what is really going on…and how much is at stake in 2020.

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham released a 2018 FBI memo which he says demonstrates that investigators lied to the Senate about statements the primary source for the Steele dossier told the FBI regarding the salacious document, the Daily Caller reports.

“This document clearly shows that the FBI was continuing to mislead regarding the reliability of the Steele dossier,” Graham said in a statement that came along with the release of an eight-page briefing that the FBI had provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee in February 2018.

The DC explains:

The memo summarizes what Igor Danchenko, the primary source for dossier author Christopher Steele, told the FBI during interviews in early 2017. Steele relied primarily on Danchenko, a Russia analyst, to collect information for an investigation into Donald Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

Steele, a former MI6 officer, provided parts of the dossier to the FBI, which used the information in applications to conduct surveillance against Trump campaign aide Carter Page. A Justice Department inspector general’s report found that the FBI withheld information that undercut the reliability of Steele and the dossier.

The IG report said Danchenko’s statements to the FBI “raised significant questions about the reliability” of Steele’s reports.

Graham claims that this newly declassified memo shows that the bureau had not disclosed any of the red flags associated with the dossier in the briefing document for the Senate Intelligence briefing document.

“Somebody needs to go to jail for this,” Graham said Sunday.

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  1. Stop talking and start acting. Talk is cheap and I am tired of the lip service. If someone did wrong arrest them if not stop the BS

  2. Exactly what is LOUDMOUTH Lindsey going to do about it? If you know they lied under oath where are the charges and arrest warrants. He’s nothing but full of hot air. Stop talking about it unless arrests are happening, conservatives are tired of all your WORDS

  3. NOTHING in the dossier has been disproven but some facts emerged like Russia invaded our election and Trump had business dealings in Moscow with Putin. Doesn’t the pee tape sound just like Trump’s sick vengeance?

  4. McCain did not take the dossier to FBI.. One of his aides did.After Trump bashed McCain about “getting caught”, the hate began. We know many who served in “Nam’ & most believe McCain was a ‘rat”.Judicial Watch has uncovered much of the “info”re: DEEP STATE & the Obama Watergate. Believe me, THIS is WORSE than “Watergate” & Nixon’s W.H. crew. THIS involves embedded Federal workers who are trying to keep their jobs.& hiding as much info as they can.It involves the CIA, FBI, State Dept, various embassies, not to mention the Obama White House. How much higher up can you go? It takes forever to go thru the courts… hopefully Trump will get re-elected & the TRUTH WILL come out in the wash!

  5. Hillary and all the Clintons along with all their rich contributors should be jailed! They are PROGRESSIVES NOT DEMOCRATS – big difference in idealogy !! They are a threat to our Constitution and the American way of life !! Wake up America before you freedoms are gone!!

  6. To gain the respect of “we the people” somebody does need to go to jail. We are extremely tired of all the Democratic corruption. We hear and see what they have done to innocent conservatives and they keep going on and on with their destruction.
    Yes, Senator Graham somebody needs to go to jail!

  7. “Somebody needs to go to jail for this…”? NO 💩! I wonder how long it took him to come up with THAT little tidbit!


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