Bombshell: Crowdstrike’s Claim That Russians Hacked DNC Servers Has One Huge Problem

(Liberty Bell) – It has been a wild three years of collusion, corruption, and wild conspiracy, but we can’t lose sight of everything that happened in the days leading up to the 2016 election, as this was the predecessor for what would become the most tightly orchestrated attempted coup in the history of our nation.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that they received an email from a self-described “cyber expert” who explained that, as he claims, it would have been impossible for Crowdstrike to have identified Russia as the entity that hacked into the DNC servers before the 2016 election.

The claim is that the software does not exist to identify a hacker, so it’s impossible for Crowdstrike to have done this.

Here are parts from an email that was forwarded to the Gateway Pundit and as well as other top conservative websites:

As we work to prepare for the Durham showdown, we have for too long searched for a simplified explanation the people could understand on the Russian Hacking Hoax which is a story that has a shelf life and will be weaponized (again) for 2020.

The sender of this email suggests that former interim chair Donna Brazile may have been the only one to leak the DNC emails to the press. This is believable, considering it’s pretty well-established that she leaked the debate questions to Hillary Clinton, after all.

The key here, according to the emailer, is Crowdstrike:

Crowdstrike is nothing more than THERANOS (Google it.) on steroids. The company [Crowdstrike] claimed their antivirus software could not only find a hack, but could tell you WHO was responsible. This is false. Malware is just a series of text files. If you open the file and see Beatles Lyrics, that does not in any way make a case for attribution. It is that simple. Just like THERANOS, they don’t have a working product. Never did. I can show you the proof of that in a live demonstration.

Crowdstrike is guilty of fraud, investor fraud, stock fraud and a myriad of other charges that mirror the fact patterns in the THERANOS case. Remember, the day they went public, it was to the tune of $6.3 billion. The day they went public, stock started being dumped. Classic Silicon Valley pump and dump scenario.

It’s true that Crowdstrike did go public and that Google was the buyer, TGP Notes.

“We reported this in July and suggested this may be a reason the Executives at Google cried when Trump won the election,” they explain.

In July 2015, Google invested $100 million into Crowdstrike:

Google Capital, the two-year-old growth equity arm of search giant Google (GOOG), announced its first security investment on Monday morning.

The fund has pumped $100 million into cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. It was joined by cloud computing company Rackspace (RAX), which is a customer, and the firm’s existing investors Accel and Warburg Pincus. The new infusion represents a Series C round for the Irvine, Calif.-based company, bringing its total funding raised to date to $156 million.

This was admitted on Crowdstrike’s website.

Around this time, it was reported in February of 2015 that the intelligence community was advising Congress and the White House on potential Russian hacking and blaming this scepter, as far back as 2012, on Ukranian aggression. This would be four months before Trump announced he was running.

TGP explains:

This information was no doubt based on claims made by Crowdstrike. A year later, the only firm that investigated the DNC emails that were released by WikiLeaks was Crowdstrike.

We asked in July, 2019, how was Crowdstrike able to determine that in 2015 the Russians hacked Congress because they were upset about Ukraine and then a year later claim Russians hacked the DNC because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton?

We reported on May 11, 2019, that Roger Stone and his legal team were requesting the report from Crowdstrike, the firm connected with the Deep State and tied to Google. Of course a non-redacted report could not be obtained and Stone was eventually not allowed to ask this question per the judge overseeing his case, the most infamous Obama judge, corrupt Amy Berman Jackson.

Stone’s position was that if the Mueller team and the FBI did not inspect the DNC server, then how can they know that the server was hacked. This logical argument makes sense. But Stone was not allowed to ask this question in his case.

Their emailer continued:

So How do we “Get Capone? Plain and simple: Like THERANOS, CROWDSTRIKE’S software does not work.

Plain and simple: Like THERANOS, CROWDSTRIKE’S software does not work. Crowdstrike spiked the YARA match file at their NOC to match any Malware found to spit out a false and pre-determined Russian threat actor (Fake) and led this country on the biggest and most costly fishing expedition in cyber history.

And the emailer concludes after noting that he is working on having Bill Binney’s review as well:

We are going to tear this DNC Hoax playground down to the ground.

Carter Page, the man who was spied on by the FBI while he was part of the Trump campaign, responded to the email, teasing more information he’s going to release soon.

He stated:

With respect to your reference to Donna’s book, I cited it in my original DNC complaint (¶ 45, below)… and I’m planning some important follow-up with that next month:

The former Acting Chair of Defendant DNC has also alleged that a meeting occurred at FBI headquarters on August 11, 2016 involving a representative of Defendant Perkins Coie, the Defendant Michael Sussmann, and staff of Defendant DNC: “When Michael Sussmann arrived, he took out his security clearance badge,likely left over from his time at the Department of Justice.I was impressed…”[1]

Donna Brazile, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, New York: Hachette, 2017, p. 66.


  1. Curious after all this time there has still not been another investigation of the DNC servers.
    It would seem like the “Establishment”, and the DNC does not want any other possible conclusion other than Crowdstrike’s. I would not be surprised to find out that investigating the DNC servers are NOT included in Durham’s list to investigate. We’ll see.
    Imagine for a minute that an alternative investigation were to conclude that the servers were not hacked – by the Russians or anyone else – but had to be an inside job. If so, by whom and why ?
    Supposedly, Durham’s investigation is looking into the “origins” of the Russia collusion hoax. Based on evidence we do know, that seemed to have started at the Hilary Clinton campaign and the DNC. I hope Durham starts at that point of origin.

  2. Every thing they claimed the Republicans have done! They have already done. That makes it easier to blame the Republicans of doing it because they know how they did it. They expose how they did it though. But when they do it, it can be ignored they feel because it isn’t current.

  3. The criminal democrats have been responsible for the worst criminal activity in the last 13 plus years. The whole system was corrupted. From Obama,down was corrupt. He put in his criminal cronies in all branches of the Government. All the alphabet agencies,state departments, and the I.R.S.,F,B,I.all to either cover for his action or help him carry out his criminal planes. He did not become President for any purpose but self enrichment and attempts at destruction of the United States. How many thousands of militant muslims did he grant permission to come into the United States? The Democrats are corrupt and have to be disbanded. The criminals within must be arrested and jailed.

  4. And this entire article is based on the same style of Bovine Scatology supposition that the author is criticizing.
    Many attmps to enter a system leave behind details that can be traced back to a source.

    The government has plenty of people that can extract very low level data that pints to the SW that was used to try and enter a system.
    A review even years latter can find the fingerprints of SW used to enter a system.
    Much of it is on the log files of the system.
    Even if it did not point clearly initially it may after more uses are found leaving the same fingerprints in other log files.

    I know exactly why cell phones and smart phones are NOT allowed in classified spaces for the most part.
    Their microphones can be turned on with nothing showing on the device that it is doing anything.
    You are carrying the microphone that can be used to listen wherever the phone is taken.

  5. That ROTTEN smell you’ve noticed recently is the ROTTING heads of the fbi, cia, and the REST of the intel community! The fish always rots from the head!
    Seth Rich downloaded the info on a thumb drive, the AMOUNT of info stolen could not have been done over the wire in the amount of time it was taken, so the “Russians” had NOTHING to do with it, what a world!

  6. Trump or Republicans or somebody in this mangled web needs to start declassifying everything and the American people need to start seeing justice from all of these crimes. But I still believe the Republicans are as deep in this crap as the Democrats and they don’t want to be exposed so they sit on their hands. I was not a fan of term limits, but now I believe it is a must… It may be a good idea to limit FBI CIA ETC from holding top positions forever..I am still not convinced anybody at the top will be held accountable, they will just retire rich….

    • Of course , with “HER” history of pathological lying & evidence concealment , not easy to get bona fidé prima facie evidence , it remains who else had motives, means & opportunities ?

  7. The Democrat lies have been going on for the past 3 years now and President Trump have proven every time that has is innocent. These evil Democrats just hate President Trump because he put a stop to all of their criminal activities and the dirty blood money they were receiving. Not only that but we all know that the President is his own man and Trump can never be bought by anyone or and outside interests that want to tell Trump what to do like these Wealthy Elitists Globalists like Micheal Bloomberg or George Soros.

  8. Don’t underestimate these types of behavior by Democrats (Socialists). Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s YouTube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

  9. Such utter BS and that is all it is, the ability to trace a computer footprint back to its source has been availanble for about 10+ years, no matter how many reroutes the foot ptint stays the same, exactly how theintelligence agencies traced the Russians right to the building they were working in, inclding the street address and all the sub carriers. So far anyone to say that Crowdstrike could not trace it is as stupiid as it gets but the Trump COMMUNE people are just that believing every word he utters never bothering to checkj the fact in evidence available, convincing his followers that everyone lies but him, yet over 5000 Reported lies than can be proven lies came out of Trump’s mouth on TV with prople watching.

    • Plain and simple, your a political hack liar. Time tells, the whole truth is coming and anonymous people and their opinions like yours will still post this rebuttal crap based on lies. Sad dude, sad.

    • I don’t think there is anyone that doesn’t lie! Of course you would pin point Trump…. But there are a some are really bad…. Try Hillary. The squad, Biden, Schiff and on and on!!!

  10. Of course Russia attempted to interfere in our elections we/they have been doing it to each other since the Bolchvec Revolution (excuse spelling). They don’t care who wins only that the winner is condemned and can cause problems. Look how well they have succeeded. A good number of our intelligence is corrupted and has been since the same time period. And the party that is closest affiliated with them is who? Our schools and our entertainment business. Just blow me off as a conspiracy theorist but if you dwell on it a little longer than your belly button you will find this as true.

  11. Wow people really believe that Epstein is died. Does anyone out there remember the movie Eraser? It is about replacing a living witness with died people that look a like.
    The body they had had been strangled not hung, and all the cameras were down and the guards conveniently a sleep or missing from their post.
    Fake a suicide attempt a little earlier and you have a scenario.

    John was part of a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, his wife’s would have lost billion if we had pulled out of Nam as JFK was planning on doing.

  12. Roger Stone’s real “crime” was having the temerity to link Lyndon Johnson publicly to the assassination of Pres. Kennedy. The Deep State doesn’t like that. Therefore Robert Mueller and the MSM don’t like it, either, which explains the televised SWAT raid at dawn and the continual MSM hit pieces. It wasn’t Stone but Seth Rich who leaked the DNC files to Wikileaks, and he was murdered for it.

    Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  13. What they COULD compute was the speed of the download which HAD to have been done on-site a la Seth, the leaker. Brave man but a burned-out fan boy. I hear he was killed in his hospital room by men who ordered nurses out just like Princess Di.

  14. The Democrats are truly the swamp creatures who interfered in the last election and ever since have tried to remove our President when their “queen” Killary did not win and even now they continue their attempted coup. Trump will win in 2020 because we are tired of the corruption of the swamp creatures and want them removed from our government.

  15. No matter how the Dmiwit sophistrists on the left want to spin it, the truth is their coup failed and they got caught. Everyone involved should be indicted for sedition and/or treason depending upon how much cooperation with the Ukraine occurred with the Biden and Clinton cabals and their money laundering scheme.

    • I agree and if they are not prosecuted then we should march on DC and physically removed the corrupt swamp creatures.

    • SeaRick don’t forget Nancy and her Son
      Paul Pelosi that’s why she’s SCARED TO

  16. DONNA BRAZILE!!!!!!
    Did she give Slick Willie’s Wench the QUESTIONS BEFORE THE DEBATE Because she felt the Old Wench was TOO stupid to answer them
    Al Vivo!!!!!

    • Exactly! They are the most likely suspects to have stolen the DNC server emails. They were the ones charged with maintaining these servers. They have the holy grail of law enforcement: motive, means, and opportunity. They are known to have stolen data off of Congress’ servers, especially accounts of staff and members of Congress that worked in the Intelligence Committee. There are also technical assessments that show that the data stolen could not have been transmitted over the Internet. The data speed in the time the data was known to be copied was too short. Thus this had to be physically transferred at the server, suggesting an inside job.

  17. The Gateway Pundit and this self-described “cyber expert” are morons. Fake news, conspiracy theories and disinformation from unpatriotic, America hating Republicans.

    • “America hating Republicans”
      Republicans are many things, but America hating is not one of them. That position is already owned by the left, starting with Obama’s parade around the world apologizing for America. Their position that the Founding Fathers were racist, misogynist miscreants. Their push to change America into a socialist state. Their push to repeal the 2nd amendment. It’s the left that hates America.

    • Got to love the idiocy of Dems — always accusing the GOP of what they themselves are doing especially when they get caught at it.

  18. “This is complete nonsense. Trump still hasn’t accepted that Russia interfered in our election, and instead, is using a call with a foreign leader to push conspiracy theories. This is surreal,” DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa said Wednesday.

    In a statement Wednesday, CrowdStrike said, “With regards to our investigation of the DNC hack in 2016, we provided all forensic evidence and analysis to the FBI. As we’ve stated before, we stand by our findings and conclusions that have been fully supported by the US Intelligence community.”

    Despite Trump’s suspicions, major Republican political campaigns seem to have no qualms about using the firm, which is widely respected and has also been engaged by Democrats as well as global banks, healthcare and energy companies.

    After the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) email system was hacked during the 2018 midterm election cycle, exposing the GOP’s House campaign arm to an intrusion by an “unknown entity,” the National Republican Congressional Committee alerted CrowdStrike, according to a Republican official.

    The NRCC paid CrowdStrike $40,000 as recently as June 2019 and the National Republican Senatorial Committee paid the company more than $17,000 in 2018, according to FEC data.

    –CNN Business

    • Russia interfered with 2016 elections on Hillary’s behalf, not Trump’s. The reasons are obvious:
      1) Trump was wealthy enough that he couldn’t be bought and was running on a campaign of “Clearing the Swamp.”
      2) Russians knew that Hillary could be bought because they had already bought her in the Uranium One deal.
      3) Steele dossier was Russia-provided misinformation gathered mostly in Ukraine to benefit Hillary.


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