Bombshell: Clinton Knew Steele Was Compiling Dossier! The Explosive Revelation…

(Liberty Bell) – In documents released on Wednesday, it was revealed that the FBI was aware, as early as July 5, 2016, that former MI6 agent Christopher Steele acknowledged that Hillary Clinton was personally aware of the now-debunked Trump-Russia dossier that he put together.

Let that sink in.

Clinton, who at the time was running against Donald Trump in what would become one of the greatest political upsets in US history, was a former member of the Obama administration.

Steele was hired by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to compile the dossier which, at the same time, was being fed to the FBI as “intelligence.”

And Clinton was personally aware of the whole thing.

This was revealed in UK court documents released on Wednesday.

Breitbart reports:

Notes taken by the FBI indicate that Steele was told that Clinton herself was aware that he was commissioned to create the Trump-Russia dossier which alleges collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election, amongst various other wild allegations.

Three months later, the FBI would conceal this critical information from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in order to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump’s tangential campaign adviser, Carter Page.

On Wednesday, a London judge ordered Steele to pay damages to two Alfa Bank partners for publishing “inaccurate or misleading” material in his infamous dossier, including claims that the banks funneled “illicit cash” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The 57-page court ruling reveals that the FBI recorded notes of the July 5th meeting they held with Steele at his London Orbis Business office, where he handed the FBI the documents containing his unsubstantiated, largely-discredited anti-Trump charges.

The FBI noted that Steele had told them that his Orbis Business Intelligence firm was contracted by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and “Democratic Party Associates” to produce the dossier, but that he knew “the ultimate client were (sic) the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign.”

Steele was also documented having alerted the FBI that he was aware that Clinton knew that he’d been commissioned to create the dossier.

One section of the court documents read:

Mr Steele’s evidence is that he now believes the Ultimate Client was the Democratic National Committee. Mr Millar submits that the Ultimate Client was the Clinton election campaign, “Hillary for America”. This is in line with the FBI Note of 5 July 2016, which records Mr Steele telling the FBI that Orbis had been instructed by Mr. Simpson of Fusion and “Democratic Party Associates” but that “the ultimate client were (sic) the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign.” The FBI Note also indicates that Mr. Steele had been told by that stage that Mrs. Clinton herself was aware of what Orbis had been commissioned to do.

Three months later, the FBI would make their now-notorious Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application three months later in order to spy on Page.

This formed the basis for the Russia hoax, i.e. the closest thing our republic has ever had to a successful coup.


  1. Why is Hillary not sitting in jail??? Why is She being treated with such privilege, and where does She get the nerve to be so vocal about President Trump? I believe She is the one that asked for and paid for the dossier. She and Bill should both be in jail! It can’t be just a coincidence that so many People that were associated with them have died. These two are Criminals and they make me SICK!!!

  2. NOTHING in that dossier has been disproven, many things proven or not proven. These are more conspiracy theories, you crazies said Clinton was too senile to know anything. Meanwhile she kicked Trump’s ass in every debate even though he stalked her on stage like the lifelong predator and mobster he has been.

  3. More conspiracy theories from the right show up every day. Obama will always be the most ethical and finest President in your lifetime despite complete sabotage by the Republican Congress and Senate. Even before the pandemic more jobs were created per month under Obama and the stock market did better, go check if you don’t believe me.

    • Obama will be the most ethical?? You’re an idiot, a moron and a stupid Socialist. How is Obama ethical, when he is/was the head of the deep State. Why has he hung around DC when he should have gone back to his crime ridden State? What good has he done. He’s more of a Narcissist than Trump or anyone else. I find him a POS!!

  4. I agree with Mr Flint, everyone of these a Treasonous rat bastards needs to be in prison. Just a plain Federal prison not some Country Club. He’s also right in that we will take our Country back no matter the cost. We’re sick of lying fat cat Politicians on both sides. Of Corporate fat cats that charge inflated prices for for energy to food to everything else. We have watched y’all do everything asked of you to get us to this point. Your all fired, we’ll take over soon, there’s not a dozen of you worth your weight in salt.

  5. I Pray to GOD each day for our Country the Country our Men and Women died for I support my President and I donate as able to futher His efforts to keep our Nation under one God let us all help Him with our Prayers as well as donating what we can as our people our being blinded by the communist left!

  6. Pelosi is a loud mouth, lying fool. She needs to go. Her extreme radical view of our country is living in her head. The lumpy face screwball hates America. She has no shame. 🇱🇷 TRUMP 2020. NO MORE BULLSHIT!!!

  7. To everyone at liberty Bell,
    My life was basically destroyed from three combat tours in Vietnam! After seeing all the waste, like the $400 toilet seats, the amount of things being thrown away, from fresh food, to parts, tools, etc and the most horrible lives! I knew at at very very young age, all was not rite with America, and the world! The book I will leave our future will all be backed up with documentation! They can burn it, throw it away etc but I guarantee it will shock them more then any other bio they have seen, or read!

  8. Mr. Scalise,
    Due to my provider for all online communication’s, I am not sure I am being hacked, watched, unmasked, and all the other misdirected corruption going on!
    There fore I wil
    Not send any more data, donations, opinions etc.
    President Trump knows where I stand as a true AMERICAN PATRIOT! He needs to continue to fight like hell! But just in case, do not give anymore success’s to the Dems, and finally in the finale day on NOVEMBER or when he knows he is going South do do a rigged election! Leave a mess for the left so they can not use his success going forward! The country will divide even further and we will take back America no matter what
    the cost! Being a highly respected disabled three tour combat disabled Vietnam Veteran, three tour’s, my data base of peers, and voting block is huge! I am being told we will fight to the death for democracy & freedom! This include’s a certain amount of active duty personnel, and millions of patriotic civilians that are not trained warriors like the veterans!
    If President Trump can not in act under the current constitutional laws to have every traitor to our foundation arrested and convicted of treason! Then it’s up to the American People!
    God Bless, you will be shocked to know how many true Loving, Hard Working, Patriots are out there! Many seniors that have went back to work even know what’s at stake!
    Thank you for your service sir!


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