BLM Shows Their True Colors Outside White House; Take A Look At What They Did To Vernon Jones

(Liberty Bell) – Modern day liberals have made it abundantly clear that the only time they are on the side of minority people groups are when they can find some way to exploit them for their own personal political gain. To radical leftists, if you’re black, brown, yellow, red, or polka dotted, you’re just a tool to help them gain power, only useful to them when you are under their thumb.

This is seen clearly in the behavior put forth by groups like Black Lives Matter, which continue to push themselves toward escalating acts of violence and earning for themselves the designation of a terrorist group.

You see, if you are black but happen to support President Trump, they will call you racial slurs like “Uncle Tom” and otherwise harrass you. Behavior that goes against the very principles they claim to hold and adds to the hatred they say they are fighting against.

A great example is what they did to Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat Trump supporter, after he left the White House to walk back to his hotel following the president’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Via Breitbart:

The group of protesters shouted obscenities at Jones and the woman accompanying him. Some recognized him from his speech at the RNC and demanded that he say the name of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in Louisville.

“Are you a black Trump supporter?” one asked. “You’re a fucking disgrace! Shame!” another shouted at Jones.

Police carrying bicycles formed a protective circle around Jones and his companion, moving them slowly down the street.

The crowd continued to harass Jones, shouting “Whose streets? Our streets!” and taunting police: “Who [sic] do you protect?”

A voice shouted: “You house [n-word]!”

In his address on Monday evening to the RNC, Jones said: “The Democratic Darty has become infected with a pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize our own communities.

“That’s what this election is all about. That’s why right now, more than ever, more than ever before, America needs Donald Trump in the oval office for another four years.”

Several minutes later, a mob of protesters also trapped Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) as he attempted to leave the White House after the speech.

Gone are the days of the moderate Democratic Party. They have been infiltrated, long ago, by radicals who want to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist utopia where they and other “elites” rule our lives from their ivory towers as we toil away to keep their pockets fat and their bellies full.

These elites are using folks like Black Lives Matter to create the chaos you see unfolding before you. They want us all scared to death to walk the streets and proclaim boldly the principles of liberty we love. Young people have been brainwashed into thinking this new way of thinking is what is best for our country.

It’s sad, but don’t be discouraged. Stand tall. Stand proud. And do not show an ounce of fear.



  1. When I watched the video of Jones it truly broke my heart. What kind of America is this when activists are allowed to violate the rights of others? All of those activists probably received a stimulus check while I sit here recovering from breast cancer and now Coronavirus still waiting on my check. This is not the America I remember as a little girl growing up. We were taught to respect the flag and love our country and one another. This is not the America that united and came together on that 11th day of September when terrorists attacked our democracy. That’ America is under attack again and it is time to stand together as one and root out those that would divide our great country. I love my country. I love our freedom that the Constitution granted me and all Americans. When I see folks protesting …my heart goes out to them but when I see innocent people terrorized by said protestors, I am disheartened.
    This is America. Home of the brave. Land of the free. I thank the men and women that have fought for my freedom and continue to do so everyday. Let freedom ring.

  2. “We the People”, should go after the “Head of the Snake (George Soros) , all these (Socialist Universities who have taken money from China, Cair, and the DNC Socialist Party), their Agenda is too “Destroy the USA”, and push “Globalism , and take our “RIGHTS and LIBERTIES” , away from everyone! Cut our “TAXPAYER MONIES AWAY FROM THEM ALL” ! Go after these MEDIA OUTLETS, who are also “BIASED and BOUGHT”, who no longer “REPORT UNBIASED NEWS”, but only “PROPOGANDA” !

  3. It proves the narrative that the rioters are simply paid antagonists, willing to portray themselves as anarchists for a few dollars. It’s part of the demon’s plan to keep the unrest going until the election. The demons have failed at every attempt to oust President Trump from office; and now they are setting their sights on the election, as a last resort. The COVID panic is wearing thin among even their staunchest supporters, but even those might could still be scared enough to “just stay home” and ‘vote by mail’.
    The demons know a mass mail vote will cause all kinds of conflicts, delays in counting, or fraud investigations; they will have no choice but to nullify the vote, and put the Speaker of the House up as interim president.
    They are determined to rule the country, no matter what.
    If Nancy Pill-soi is still speaker, you can bet she will do everything she can while she has the seat of power to Socialize the country, and take away our God given rights.
    Conservatives are being warned to get ready for another civil war. Take heed.

  4. Pelosi and her evil witch female squads team should be vote out immediately. These are
    the major violent/hatred inciters. Combine with ALL WAY BIAS mainstream medias news anchors should resigns shamefully !!

  5. Democrats need to be taught a lesson – they continually stoke racism and this is what we get. Send them a loud message – Do NOT vote for any Democrat! Vote TRUMP/Pence 2020. Keep Senate Majority! Take Back House!

  6. Why can’t these ‘peaceful-NOT’ verbal harassers be charged with at least disorderly conduct? What they are doing is NOT ACCEPTABLE, Whether it be a congressperson or a police officer. The verbal harassment so easily escalated into violence, so nip it in the bud and STOP THESE MORONS!

  7. With the revelation and subsequent outing of the Deep State, the Democrats soon found themselves with their backs to the wall and no place left to run! The President may have been born at night, but it damned sure wasn’t LAST night! The Executive Orders imposed by the President alongside Conservative judicial opinions rendered by the courts have forced the Democrats’ hand, which was not too difficult due to the depth of their TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) combined with the realization that the game was up and that they had lost!

  8. The only Uncle Tom are the ones that allow the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party use them. This party was the slave owners of the past and Today they still enslave blacks with entitlements. This keeps them dependent on the government and is the worst type of enslavement. It keeps minorities from growing, self esteem and developing like other race, creed and color. They want to keep them down an use them. Freebies and entitlements are the weapons of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. It is the same tactic the Socialist Communist, Socialist Fascist, Socialist Dictatorships use to control and dominate their people. Even back in the Roman Empire the people were given cake to eat, sports/entertainment while the empire collapsed around them. This is why real True History is not taught in schools because the comparison of the U.S. today is similar to the failure & fall of past societies/Nations. The generations that have been educated under the Dept. of Indoctrination education set up by the Democrat Party have been slowly indoctrinated to Socialist Communism. Today you can see the full impact of this education system. The younger generations don’t even see and can’t be told of the dangerous path our country is taking by the progressive socialist communist fascist racist Democrat Party.

    • Such a shame that Mr. Jones’ rights were so violated by these Marxist thugs! We are going to have to bring in the FBI to arrest and deport any who are not citizens and jail those who insist on continuing to break the law and step on our basic rights! We need to take another step and investigate George Soros and his role in pushing this communist agenda! His ideas are Nazism in nature. He sold out his own people!

    • The RNCconvention was one all-time-good-one full of truth against leftist lies & hoaxes & telling the story of Reality in the most powerful way all in one place.
      As for the absence of any mention of the FRB being the DEMON bank behind all the leftist crimes from FDR to Obama, it was FDR who campaigned initially to destroy the “Shadow Government” or “Money Changers” as the bank was called, then promptly forgot all about it for the duration of his 4 terms in office.

  9. Democrats are so evil. When will people wake up and realize BLM does not care about anyone or anything but how much they are being paid.



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