BLM Protesters Trespass On St. Louis Couple’s Property But City Officials Just Made This Announcement

(Liberty Bell) – You probably recall the situation in St. Louis back in June in which a mob of Black Lives Matter protestors stormed an affluent subdivision resulting in two residents feeling threatened and stood on their front lawn with guns. Mark and Patricia McCloskey have had their lives completely upended when BLM decided to descend on their subdivision, which the couple says required the mob to break a gate in order to gain entry.

The McCloskey’s have long claimed that the protestors were trespassing and after breaking a gate to enter the subdivision, we’d have to agree. Unfortunately, there are no consequences for criminal behavior where leftists are in charge. The BLM marchers involved in the incident are getting off scot-free as the city has decided not to press charges.

Meanwhile, the McCloskey’s still face felony charges.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch has the details:

City officials said Tuesday they will not prosecute nine people charged with trespassing on a private and gated street where they were met by two gun-wielding homeowners.

The nine had been issued police summonses earlier this month, but City Counselor Michael Garvin said in a statement that “prosecution is not warranted” and charges would be refused.

Garvin wrote that the cases had been investigated by municipal court prosecutors, who reviewed video of the June incident, conducted interviews and examined property records of the street, Portland Place. He also said residents who are trustees of Portland Place made clear through their lawyer that they did not want to pursue trespassing charges.

Still pending is one felony count of unlawful use of a weapon-exhibiting against two Portland Place homeowners, Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Mark McCloskey was armed with an AR-15 rifle and his wife had a semiautomatic handgun. Charging documents say they pointed the guns at protesters, placing the demonstrators in fear of injury.

Javad Khazaeli, who represents two of the protesters who were charged, faulted the time and expense of the investigation.

“This did not benefit the taxpayers. The only (people) that I can see that this would have benefitted was the McCloskeys,” he said, referring to their criminal case.

The protest was not aimed at the McCloskeys. Marchers were using the street as a shortcut to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. But the incident made the couple national figures, leading to their opening night speech during the Republican National Convention last month.

The McCloskeys have said protesters broke through a locked gate. The marchers have denied that. The McCloskeys’ lawyer, Joel Schwartz, said Tuesday that just because charges were dropped does not mean protesters were not trespassing.

“It was clearly trespassing and the McCloskeys were clearly within their rights to do what they did,” he said. A former lawyer for the couple has said Patricia McCloskey’s handgun was not functional.

Apparently, as long as you are “peacefully” protesting with radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa, you can go anywhere you want to go without consequence. Fortunately, the felony charges against the McCloskeys has been criticized by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Governor Mike Parson. Parson has said he will pardon the couple if they are convicted.

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  1. racist black prosecutor she took 75k from soros during her election. the protestors were on private property after they broke down a gate.he is a lawyer and has done many cases for blacks pro bono (sp).

  2. This is the Democrats dream come TRUE! Injustice to the Lawful and praise to the violators! Bernie Sanders and the entire Party foster these Insurrectionists as heroes! I pray President recovers or else “WE are finished” as a Country!

  3. That couple are nut jobs and Trump praised them. Those protesters didn’t bother them but the couple threatened the protesters, and if they weren’t arrested they should have been.

    • No your the nut job, If they did it here they would of been shot already.. You commie pinkos on the left think you can do whatever you want to someone else’s property and get away with it. Sorry, only in Democommie states.

  4. City Counselor Michael Garvin is a fool. He should read the reports again because he missed the part about the trespassers warning the owners they were going to kill them and take their home and picked the rooms they were going to be doing their stuff in. They also had weapons but no one in the admin filed charges on them and it was not their home or neighborhood. This is clearly a disgusting liberal city government breaking all rules and the handy work of George Soros interfering with American way of life. A hater of America with dual citizenship assisted by Bill Clinton with citizenship that was not in our best interests. Many countries would like to prosecute Soros for just the type of interference.

  5. Have any of the “peaceful protesters in St. Louis that are carrying guns been charged with a felony for placing anyone in fear of injury? I’ve never been to St. Louis, but are all of the streets ONE WAY like their laws?

  6. Brainless bunch in St Louis. Everyone has the right to protect their property. Idiots who have nothing to do but create chaos and terrorize communities have to face the consequences of their actions.

  7. Where is the “conservative majority” Supreme Court when you need it? Apparently, in order to counter BLM (Bowels Lack Movement), the “SILENT majority” will have to emerge from the shadows locked & loaded and ready to rock & roll! It might be worth a “shot” to find out!

  8. when you elect radical dems to your state offices you will get these liberals and all their appointees in positions of power over you. the voters of this area the mccloskys live in ask for and are getting the kind of governence they they ask for. ‘if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes’. to get fair treatment you must elect fair people when you VOTE. WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE……

  9. Drop the charges on the McCluskeys. Prosecute antifa and BLACK LIES MATTER to the full extent of the law.
    Then throw them both in jail permanently. In a federal prison permanently. No trial and no bail. EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is totally absurd. Who, in their right mind, think that the gate broke itself? I am I 100% in favor of taking this crazy act against the McCloskeys to another court. This couple had the full right to defend their home and property. Makes me really fired up over this ruling.


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