BLM Now Says Black Communities Are Being ‘Terrorized At A Greater Rate’ With Biden In Office Than Under Trump

(Liberty Bell) – Black Lives Matter is now complaining that black communities are under a greater threat with President Joe Biden in office than they were when Donald Trump was in the White House, thus proving there is absolutely no way to satisfy these people.

According to Infowars, the organization recently tweeted out that the individuals and communities they represent are being “terrorized” more under Biden than they were with Trump as the commander-in-chief. Well, like the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

In a statement that was posted up on the Black Lives Matter website, the organization went on to refer to police as “violent upholders of white supremacy that have no regard for Black life.” They went on to call for Biden to “end the 1033 program altogether” with the “stroke of a pen.”

So they are basically making the call for Biden to abuse his constitutional authority yet again by creating more executive orders that help bypass Congress in order to make a law.

“While the Law Enforcement Support Office does transfer military surplus equipment to local law enforcement agencies, much of it is not weaponry, rather it consists of things such as ‘coffee makers, electrical wire and cargo containers,’ according to a Washington Post report from last year,” the Infowars report says.

The replies that BLM received on social media for this little post of theirs were pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

This is truly a priceless moment. What, exactly, did the BLM folks think was going to happen when Biden became president? Were they actually under the delusion that somehow this old, crusty white dude was going to suddenly fix all of their “problems?” Seriously?

It seems that no amount of getting what they want will satisfy them. This movement is one that is dead set on consuming everything it comes in contact with, leaving the world a worse place than it was before. It’s just too bad the blind individuals who partner with this organization refuse to see things for what they are.

How much more do they need to witness before they finally say enough is enough?

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  1. The Kleptocrats gave us two choices:

    A. Die by obeying and cooperating with the Kleptocrats.

    B. Die by resisting and rebelling against the kleptocrats.

    My choice is obviously the honorable and respectable choice B.

    The false dichotomy of the RNC and DNC has been totally shattered. It’s the same damned thing! Violent, radical, extremist Kleptocrats!

    The poor useless, worthless, retarded little hackers that have been hacking into my stuff and using vault7 technology on me are too retarded to be able to hack into Russian and Chinese defense companies for the Avangard and Chinese hypersonic missile system, and will try to hack Amazon for free duct tape for F-35s and Black Hawks for 
    Super Duper Barrel Bomb drops instead. The Pentagon has requested that the hackers hack into the Pentagon though in the Hack the Pentagon program! Yes, they really requested that! They have decided that hacking into my appliances, lighting, and thermostat is more of a national security issue than obtaining missile systems from Russia and China. What ever will these ass clowns think of next? They think that they are intelligence agents, apparently. That is what they like to call themselves, “the intelligence community.” Sorry, but I simply do not see any evidence of that at all. It is more like a secretly low IQ losers, thieves, and perverted freaks club than anything even remotely resembling intelligence. Somebody finally had to say it. 

    They are so retarded that they believe that the way to become a home owner is by hacking into another home owners stuff, vandalizing, stealing, gas-lighting, stalking, torturing, and terrorizing them. The non retarded people know that that is not the way to become a home owner. Maybe the “intelligence community” leaders should send a memo to their 
    low IQ minions to let them know that that is the way to become a prison inmate, and not a home owner. 

    Since the Low IQ Losers in the surveillance state seem to have difficulty comprehending extremely basic things that normal or above IQ people understand, I thought that I would inform you of some extremely basic things pertaining both to human nature in general and the Supreme Law of the Land in The United States of America known as The Constitution. 

    Everybody hates people that violate their constitutional rights. Spying on someone is a violation of their 4th and 13th amendment rights. Stealing from someone is also a violation of their 4th and 13th amendment rights.

    Everybody hates Peeping Toms, and Peeing Thomasitas. Everybody always has and  always will. That is never going to change. 

    Being a Peeping Tom or Peeping Thomasita does not meet the criteria for being intelligent. Being a Peeping Tom or Peeping Thomasita meets the criteria for being a sick, disgusting, perverted freak and complete Loser!

    Everybody hates Kleptocrats. Kleptocrats force their unwanted services on people, and force people to pay for the services that they do not want and usually do not use voluntarily, but may be forced to use such services even if they do not want to, and Kleptocrats violate people’s constitutional rights and refuse to enforce and abide by the constitution.

    Furtermore, intelligent people do not spy on American citizens for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is that they have better things to do with their time. They also realize that it is pointless, since there are so many American citizens, and they are unable to know if they are receiving accuarate information through spying, or if it is a red herring deliberately planted to throw the spies off track. Think of all of the times that the MSM has reported “anonymous sources” on certain things, and all of the times that they were wrong about what the  ” anonymous sources” were claiming. I think that the people in the media were spying on the government officials, and that what the media was claiming were red herrings and bait designed to entrap the spies in the media. The media has spied on me, and I am just an unemployed divorced woman in Grafton Wisconsin, so of course they would spy on government officials. Intelligent  people are also morally opposed to violating people’s rights. Intelligent people also realize that it is illegal, and intelligent people do not dedicate their life to illegal activity, because they do not want to go to prison for it. 

    There is no such thing as an Evil Genius. It is an oxymoron. That is why the word dark is used as a synonym for both evil and ignorance. There is such a thing as a sadist though. I do not know what drives people to it, but based on observations of what sadistic people have done to me, I believe that it is a form of megalomaia and narcissism that drives people to it, and that they feel inferior to their victims, and resent their victims for the victims superiority to them in any number of things. They simply hate people that excel in things that they are incapable of excelling at, rather than just focussing their efforts on becoming better people in what they can excel at, like any well adjusted adult would do. They may hate someone because they are more attractive, wealthier, more talented in one or more things, more intelligent than they are, in a higher position at work than they are in, has a better romantic partner, better parents, better children, better house, better car,  is more popular, or just about anything. They obsess over their victims to the point of being willing to destroy their own lives by committing to a life of crime for the purpose of destroying their victims. These are all things that have been done to me, by complete strangers in many instances. If you become a victim of such a sadistic psychopath, do not blame yourself. If you were not their victim, someone else would be. It is just the way that they are. Of course, abusers blame their vitims for the abuse that they inflict on their victims, and that is a well known fact. They do not take responsibility for their own behavior that way. The evidence of systemic sadism is rampant in America. People that key cars are a very good example of the level of systemic sadism in America. The person keying the car does not gain a single thing at all, and even risks ending up in prison for it. That is complete insanity, but it is tragically rampant, and keyed cars are just one example of how rampant sadism in America is. The way that the government was willing to completely finish themselves off in their monstrous attack on Assange is another example of this. They have made absolute monsters out of themselves, and have totally destroyed all credibility that they have even the slightest ambition of ridding the government of corruption and prosecuting corrupt goveenment officials. Assange is a reporter. If the government does not want people to report government corruption, then the government is obligated to totally end all corruption 100%. Government corruption is not a national secret. It is a national disgrace that has destroyed America, Americans, and much of the world. The government has no credibility at all. Absolutely none. It is 100% their fault. The government is so insanely obsessed with totally destroying Assange that they are eager to destroy themselves, their country, and their families. The government’s assault on Assange is an iron clad stamp of approval and to corruption and human rights abuses and the dedicated commitment to the concealment of corruption and human rights abuses. The government may as well just start advertising that they are competing with Satan for being the most evil force in the world. 

    There obviously will not be any economic recovery in a country with a government committed to being corrupt, concealing corruption, and violating the constitutional rights of citizens, some of whom happened to have had their businesses forcibly shut down by the Kleptocrats over the fake covid virus. It is literally an impossible business environment that is not conducive for economic sustainability or economic growth. The economists and financial gurus and leaders will not admit this, but it is true.

    The sadistic psychopaths that have been  doing this to me are probably waiting for me to take responsibility for what they have done to me, which is a pipedream that is never going to happen, because I know my rights, and I know the law, and I know that they have no right to be doing this to me, and that what they have been doing to me is 100% illegal, which makes them hate me even more. Too damn bad. I have no desire to attempt to appease evil monsters that belong in federal pennitentiaries, not strictly for my benefit, but for society’s benefit overall.

    So, surveillance state and Kleptokrats, you picked a fight that you can’t win, because you picked a fight with The Law, which is not you, but is The United States Constitution. It is too bad that you are all so severely mentally incompetent that you do not comprehend these extremely fundamental concepts.

    So Kleptocrats and surveillance state, get used to being HATED! You’ve EARNED it!  You will never be accepted! You will always be rejected because you have rejected the American way of life and the Laws of America while living in America! You are rejects and losers through and through! 

    Andrea Iravani

    P.S. Stop hacking my comments! You are a worthless little maggot!


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