Blackburn Wants To Lay The Smack Down On China For Coronavirus Pandemic; What She Wants To Do Is Pure Genius

(Liberty Bell) – If you look at the latest bit of information to come out of the U.S. Treasury Department, you’ll quickly discover that this great nation of ours is currently $1.08 trillion in debt to Mainland China. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not even remotely close to the kind of position one wants to be in with a foreign government. At all.

Well, Senator Marsha Blackburn has a great suggestion for how we can reduce a very large chunk of that debt pretty much instantly and it’s pure genius. Blackburn has suggested that since China started this whole mess we’re in, their government ought to reduce some of the debt we owe to them in payment.

This actually seems fairly reasonable considering the fact that this whole mess, which they started, has obliterated our economy.

Here’s more on this fantastic idea via Breitbart News:

During an interview that aired on Huntsville, AL radio WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” when asked, Blackburn explained ways to hold China accountable for the global pandemic, noting her effort to officially recognize China’s role and the debtor relationship the United States has with China.

“Indeed there is,” Blackburn replied. “One of the things is my Senate Resolution 553, which it expresses the sense of the Senate — that we know this came from Wuhan, China, and that they hid the information and were not transparent, that they blocked the World Health Organization and the CDC from coming into help. They tried to blame it on the U.S. military. And we hold them accountable.”

For the losses accrued from the pandemic, Blackburn called on China to forgive a portion of the debt owed to them.

“I will tell you I think we need to look at the fact that China owns over a trillion dollars of our debt,” she said. “They like investing in us. Why do they like that? Because we are a safe debt for them — a safe place for them to put their money. And knowing that they have made a global pandemic worse than it ever would have been because of their action — they should waive some of our debt. They have caused us a tremendous amount of loss of life, loss of businesses, suffering, inconvenience, shutting down our economy.”

Another great idea that Blackburn suggested during her interview was that we should bring back elements of manufacturing from China to the United States.

“These are all things that we should take into consideration — bringing our manufacturing back, not only our pharmaceutical manufacturing — I was working with one of my colleagues today,” Blackburn explained. “There are other things we can bring back and put America back in the manufacturing business,” she said.

This is truly a great idea. When so much of our economy and manufacturing jetted away from America into China it really hurt our economy. Bringing those elements back to the United States would create more jobs, put more citizens back to work, and of course, provide more resources for our nation to help get it back on its feet after this crazy quarantine stuff.

“I told the Vice President the other night — I said, ‘Look, we should take my bill and some others that are focused on manufacturing and call it the MAMA Act — Make America Manufacture Again,’” she said. “And bring these jobs back to U.S. shores. I think we can do that. And I’ll tell you this — I think the American people want to see us do this.”

For far too long the Chinese government has had a hold over us thanks to this debt that we owe them. Right now we have the opportunity to level the playing field with them a little bit and perhaps bring just a little bit of good out of this horrific situation. Reducing the debt would release some of the financial strain that will one day rest on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.

Hard to see where we could possibly lose in a situation like that, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. “Waive the costs”? No, CHARGE THEM for the damage, with NOT PAYING the debt.
    Then Charge Pelosci and others [michigan Gov] with criminal acts that lead to increased infection rates. Cuomo “get out , mingle , associate ,buy ,get on with your lives NYC” , Pelosci “Chinatown is open , come on down , it is safe, there is no worry, get out and dine and shop , all in China Town”. The Michigan Gov. who said that it is “Illegal to use a drug that the FDA licenses ONLY for certain conditions”. Is she a DOCTOR? ANY MEDICAL TRAINING? Arrest her for being stupid while living .

  2. Wonderful proposal Senator. We all have the power to tech China a lesson. Read the label where each product is made. If it’s made in China don’t buy that shit. Especially if it’s food related item. Their standards In food handling are way below our standards and who knows what the hell happened during their processing. Have you seen the videos related to the wet markets in China? If you see them you will stay away the rest of your life eating chicken, fish, shrimp etc that the country or origin is China. I avoid them more than the Coronavirus itself.

  3. all this started when Obama sent all our manufacturing jobs to mexico and china, telling the American people those jobs were never comming back. then he told us , while we went down hill to get used to it and you,d need a majic wand to change it. Well, Trump found that wand. it’s called Balls. if you research it you’ll find that china started a major industrial boom at the time obama got into office. thats when we started buying Billions worth of lousey faulty products from china. Yes, Bush #2 had a hand in it also. we need our leaders Now to stop the madness and bring ALL our products and Jobs back ASAP. make them pay Marsha. in a Big Way

  4. You talk about them poisoning our pets.
    Have you forgotten they poison baby formulas and American babies died. Imagine feeding your newborn poison from China. Anything made in China, or made by Chinese in Italy, France etc should read made by Chinese labor.They own all the name clothing manufacturers in Italy,Fance , etc bought their own people in to make sweatshop goods, just so they could say Made In Italy.
    I want mfg labels to read who was the company making the product I am about to buy.

  5. I agree with Senator Blackburn, only I think we must take it a step or two further. I believe that for every dollar we have had to spend on a “relief” or “stimulus” package, that we bill China for a minimum of 1/2 the package. We can start with our debt forgiveness and when that has been satisfied we can move on to billing China for the rest. And without a doubt and without waiting we must immediately and completely bring our manufacturing back to the United States! Not a bit, but ALL of it! We can start with medical and move on to non-medical! And we must not stop until every single bit of manufacturing has been returned to the United States. And we can not wait. This must start happening immediately!

  6. This pandemic is costing the US over 2 trillion dollars.Without a doubt China needs to forgive the over 1 trillion dollar debt we owe them. Then, we should bill them for the rest.
    They caused this world wide mess , they need to pay up.


    • ////
      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  8. Yeah, great idea….BUT that will NEVER happen…..Remember FOE “not, never” Friend….They are COMMIES pure and HATE the West/America…!!!!

  9. I strongly recommend everyone read “China Rx” by Rosemary Gibson. This is a tremendous expose’ on our current dependency on Communist China for our Rx medications. It also exposes how China has allowed (along with FDA incompetence) contaminated and “adulterated” medications to enter the U.S. market. Congress needs to take decisive action to free Americans from dependency on drugs from Communist China. ANY congress critter who opposes this goal MUST BE RETIRED!!

  10. China is for China first. How could we hurt them? Well they own land, and we pass a law that raises the taxes to foreign companies. We put new restrictions on foreign investors and that includes any that are American but are management for these corps. Make them jump through as many hoops as we can to expand their business. Put some high import tax on any cars or car parts that come from China. Do the same for appliances. Should they complain tell them they will need to get the approval of the people. ——Grampa

    • In the 15th century, bubonic plague originated in China, traveled the Silk Road to Crimea, then Venetian ships to italy. Within 5 years, half the population of Europe was dead. I have been to China. The water is filthy and the air unfit to breath. They are a racist, self centered people. The less we have to do with them the better.

  11. LLL, you sound like a perfect candidate to move to China and enjoy all the wonders that you imagine one might enjoy there. You idiotic rhetoric is typical of angry, unhappy malcontents who believe the answer to the world’s problems is to tear down this country to the level of countries that may not offer the same opportunities. Why don’t you move out of your Mom’s basement, get a job and try to help things improve instead of spreading your “prophet of doom” nonsense.

  12. I’m not sure what she is suggesting is feasible but I do hope that if we learn nothing else from this it is that we need to get our country back on the path to being self sufficient. Is it really worth saving a few dollars on things that suck the income and capital out of our own industries. Products that are produced here are jobs created here are salaries that are reinvested here. Let’s keep the cycle of growth, prosperity and growth within our own economy.

  13. I like the idea. The strength of a nation is its ability to be independent. We lost this when we moved our manufacturing out of country. This made us dependent on other countries.Compared to where we were during World War 11,we have become weak. Which came with industry closures and job losses.We need to bring it back.

  14. Hey LLL. You sound like a typical lib anti American. Do yourself, and the real American people a favor, move to China. Let us know how you make out ✌🏼️

  15. So what is your solution????? LLL. The Chinese have been taking advantage ever time a liberals toe touches white house carpet.the own Nancy Pelosi ‘s ass. Why you think she got vocal over trump calling it wuhan? Don’t bother responding to my comment.

  16. We cannot rely on anyone in the government to retaliate against China. WE THE PEOPLE must do it ourselves. Do not buy or sell any products related to China. For many years manufacturers and suppliers have been trying to get Americans to buy American made products but we have gone the route of the cheapest way which equates to Chinese made products. I for one prefer the superior quality of my fellow American workers. Even if it costs more it always lasts longer. Only you and I can make this a reality- politicians have always and will forevermore leave us behind.

    • That’s great. ABC Anywhere But China.

      But, we have no choice currently on pharmaceuticals.

      There has to be a law effective immediately that ALL MEDS SOLD IN THE US MUST BE WHOLLY PRODUCED IN THE US.

      Suppose China attacked us militarily. We produce no pharmaceuticals. How do we support our troops that would be injured? How would we support those Americans that are dependent on meds for blood pressure? Diabetes? And, numerous times the drugs used for Cancer have been found to be noncompliant with our laws and yet they are sold to us. WTF is the FDA doing? Might as well shut them down.

      Use the DPA to demand all pharmaceutical companies selling meds in the US be required to PRODUCE THEM IN THE US USING US COMPONENTS

      Didja know that even Diet Coke announced that the component they use to make it sugar free comes from the area of China where the virus started? It’s true. They posted an advisory 3 or 4 weeks ago.

  17. We start by calling the COVID19 by the name Wuhan Virus which is actually the accepted method of naming viruses, anyway.

  18. What a load of crap.

    First of all, where’s the proof that CV-19 originated in China?

    Second, our country is more likely to be spreading anything rather than them since we are indebted to so many nations, including China. Not mention we are the bullies in this world.

    Third, we were the ones who set up factories in China so that we could take advantage of cheap labor costs. It took over 50 years to set it up, it’ll take that to bring it back, and that’s only possible if we crash the current monetary system since we cant compete worldwide with our current national labor costs.

    Fourth, we control the WHO and the CDC works alongside it. They both agree current PCR testing does not differentiate between cv19 and a simple bacterial infection. So how many cases do we really have out there?

    Fifth, the economy of this country is about to collapse because our politicians realize it cant continue as it has. Cv19 is a cover for the crash.

    Sixth, digital currency and vaccine certificates are all the rage in DC right now. Meanwhile abortion clinics, liquor stores and pot clinics are all open, while churches sit home afraid of the common cold.

    Wake up America, you’re about to meet the antichrist.

    • You spew a load of communist propaganda when you state that we do not know the area of origin of COV19. There can be no legitimate argument as to where it began and China has a history of such events. We know the Chinese government refused to allow western experts inside to evaluate the virus at President Trump’s request. We know where it started, period. You are simply in denial. End of argument.
      “. . . . we are the bullies of the world . . . .” Typical Socialist propaganda. America is not an expansionist nation. Throughout history, the strongest nation has done so; not America. While the U.S. has made mistakes it has an overall record that is second to none in that we have not expanded our borders, nor colonized. What other most powerful nations have that for their history? None. “. . . . we are the bullies in the world.” Would you prefer Russia to be the bully of the world? Please don’t tell me you are so naive to believe there will be a “most powerful nation” that follows an isolationist policy? Hogwash!
      China was INSTRUMENTAL in the removal of our manufacturing. Our politicians from the president down have been bought and paid for by the Chinese government. They sold out America for guarantees of personal monetary gain. You can thank globalists for that. Simple as that.
      “. . . . the economy is about to collapse . . . .” This part you got right, but, this current president was attempting to reverse the flight of American manufacturing and intellectual property that our corrupt congress and presidents have been responsible for directing under the guise of the New World Order (globalism). Think back, for decades this chant of the New World Order was the call of cover for the selling out of nothing less than the American ideal, liberty and prosperity. As Lincoln put it: “The hand that makes the corn has the right to put the corn into its own mouth.” Each president who chimed in with that rant of globalism/NWO suddenly became quite wealthy, usually not long after leaving office and/or their NOK somewhat mysteriously gained sudden wealth. Corrupt politicians have sold out America for decades. Just my opinion, of course.
      Will this president prove himself different? We are about to see.

  19. I would love to end any foods coming from China. They have poisoned our pets, so why would we believe they don’t slow poison certain food items for humans. Any people who torture cats, dogs, and other animals before they kill them because they taste better, cannot be trusted in any way. Check your labels for country of origin. You will be sickened to know what you’ve been buying and putting on your table.

    • Ask your elected leaders. They are the ones who have allowed and in fact promoted factory foods being manufactured in China. In fact in most cases they own the plants who hire Chinese for .20 per hour.

      We need to stop blaming Chinese, Iranians, Syrians, Saudis, Russians etc, etc and begin to take a long hard look at ourselves.

  20. Back in the ’70s I lost jobs thanks to the E.P.A. and in the 80s lost jobs going over seas in the 90s lost jobs thanks to terrorist. Then all the office work I was doing moved to different state. It would be good to see them come back and see made in U.S.A.

  21. I think it’s a great ideal consider our debt to them paid in full and bring back our manufacturing what’s more i think other countries should do the samething


  23. Just like the market losses America citizens have endured due to this pandemic, China should lose the money they invested in America. China could have protected their investment by telling the truth about the virus. But instead China only tried to Save Face and told LIES. This whole thing is China’s fault and they should lose every dime they invested in America!

    • Can you prove that China started the CV 19? If they did, maybe you can explain why the Gates Foundation in conjunction with John’s Hopkins particapated in a joint excercise called Event 201, a Coronavirus pandemic that overtakes NY City, in October 2019?

  24. The old saying of “you pay now or you pay later” and if it is later it usually cost a hell of a lot more… Look at what we are going through now and all the early “savings” have dissipated

  25. What we should do is tell China to go screw themselves, and that they will never get another dime from us! The money that we supposedly owe them, which is the fault of stupid politicians this country has had in the past, can be payment for what they have done to us!

  26. Blackburn’s proposal has merit from first look but its chances are probably miniscule with the commie control of the house and such a vocal element of like minded in the senate. First order of business must be to convince people that we have a flu season going. It may or may not be more serious than usual. What we have to do is take usual action to combat it. Do not get that “chicken little” reaction like NY gov Cuomo. In his own words. “Some will get it and not even know they have it. Some will show mild symptoms and get better. Some will develop symptom and get worse and need to be hospitalized and get better and go home. Build me more hospitals, send me more supplies, send me 30 to 40 thousand ventilators”. Now here comes the tricky part. The next part of his scenario is (paraphrasing) Some will show symptoms, get sicker, be hospitalized, get worse, be put on a ventilator and die. He is so enamored by his own voice that he doesn’t hear his own words, “The longer you stay on a ventilator, the greater the likelihood you will DIE. Ship him 40,000 and the likelihood is certainly 40000 more deaths. At present then Blackburn should be aiming at stopping Cuomo and quite possibly the china business will resolve itself and we won’t have to be subjected to the all channel one hour campaign speech daily.

    • Now, several hours later, same Cuomo has issued an order (enforceable?) to confiscate all ventilators not already in his possession. Sounds even more sinister. He has his mind set on putting more people on them. Will someone with medical expertise investigate to be sure that long term ventilation quite possibly is the cause of death from irreparable lung damage instead of the virus itself which in the vast majority if cases, the body can defeat on its own.

  27. I want to marry her, don’t tell my girlfriend. But really I think that when trump is done being president, she should run the leftists want a woman president well here you go!!!

  28. Returning production to USA or a more friendly country is of huge importance, and not so easy. Increased costs must be given close scrutiny as issue re: certain products/items is surely a national security issue…
    Negotiations w/ China re: debt reduction would be very steep climb; very
    Interesting, however, and certainly worth getting behind the effort.


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