Bill Maher Tells Leftists They’d Better “Look In The Mirror” Now That Trump Has Left Office

(Liberty Bell) – While HBO host Bill Maher is a far-leftist who advocates openly for socialism, he is one of the rare figures on the left who is also willing to be blunt about the shortcomings of his peers and has delivered more than a few stern warnings to watch the hypocrisy and be careful not to utterly destroy classical liberal values in the name of the progressive cause.

Now that President Donald Trump has left office to be replaced with now-President Joe Biden, Maher is warning that Democrats might want to take some time for self-reflection.

On the Friday airing of his program, Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian and commentator explained that now the left can’t just blame everything on Trump.

He also pointed out that, while Biden was inaugurated, despite all the drama of bringing in the National Guard to lock down the capital amid the proceedings, it was Antifa, not Trump supporters, who were rioting and causing violence that night in Portland and Seattle.

“It does feel like the whole Trump administration just sort of disappeared, like we lived through a fever dream,” Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby noted during the program’s roundtable.

Maher agreed, drawing a comparison to the famous “Who Shot J.R.” episode of the television program ‘Dallas.’

At the beginning of the segment, Hamby had blamed so-called “Trumpism” for “infecting every state capital.”

Kmele Foster, co-host to the podcast “The Fifth Column,” pushed back rather admirably on this point.

“I just want to try to put it into another context,” Foster said, “that what we’ve seen here over the course of the last, say, 10-12 months is actually a bit of an unraveling; this escalation in political violence that is not limited to the right, but existed on the left as well.

He pointed to the conspicuous widespread violence over the past summer, for which it is certainly an understatement to say “existed on the left.”

“We saw $2 billion worth of damage done over the course of several months. We saw days of civil unrest in the street. We saw federal buildings surrounded, held under siege for days at a time,” he continued.

“This is the United States of America and we have seen a steady increase in the regularity of political violence in this country.

“And if there is a broader trend, as opposed to a specific movement that is broken,” he said, “then we’re talking about too narrow a problem as opposed to the right problem. It might be a really major defect in our policy.”

Hamby responded by noting there’s “always” been the anarchist/black block movement on the left, but that “Trumpism” is “everywhere.”

Foster jumped in, pointing out the glaring lack of right-wing originated violence on Inauguration Day and the equally glaring presence of left-wing violence which he believes indicates “we’re not talking about this in the right way.”

He’s definitely on to something, and it appeared that Maher agreed.

The host chimed in that now the left is unable to blame everything on Trump.

Foster went on to explain that Black Lives Matter, which people perceive as simply an “ethical statement,” but containing a relatively new focus on “equity” and racial outcomes that have “taken the country by storm.”

“Equity as opposed to equality?” asked Maher.

“Yes,” said Foster. “Quite frankly, talking about racism all the time is not a solution.”

“That’s a great question to get to,” Maher pointed out.

“Now that we’ve gotten rid of Trump, we’re faced with this problem as Americans. Now we can’t blame everything on him. Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy.”

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  1. Every American should impeach all of them out of their office and just say President Trump they are fired and you are Hired. Take time to shop any thing not made in the USA don’t buy it unless it is Canada I would buy their stuff but anything made in China or Mexico I don’t buy. We do have stuff made in the USA. I would rather buy from the Amish instead of crooks. If ever American voted for Impeachment and they don’t listen then keep it coming until they have had enough.

  2. I agree with all of your thoughts. =-)
    What gripes me is the loss of one of the greatest presidents America has had in years… President Donald Trump he did more for the average American citizen than any other president since Roosevelt! And now idiot Biden and his son are in office destroying America while being supported by CHINA. In the past most of the workers in the government, were local graduates from American citizens. NOW it is all primarily CHINESE who are aiding all of our elected officials. They count Pelosi & others elected officials financial donations, etc. And back in China they are all laughing at how stupid our representatives are & how we keep RE-ELECTING THEM. China doesn’t need a military to take over the USA, all they need is to keep getting the senile idiots who have been re-elected year in and year out for over 50 years. THERE SHOULD BE TERM LIMITS AND GET THESE DO-DA’S OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. BTW…Can we recall a President and most of the the senate…it has turned into a retirement home that pays the patients which is exactly where most of them belong including BIDEN. Arrrggghhh!!!
    —Diane =-(

  3. “C’mon Man! Give me a break”! “This guy he’ll bent on turning America into a PORT O LET”! “He is an Obama “PUPPET” and could care less on what the hell is signing let alone the damages inflicted on Family America” and the “World Community”! “He is an abomination to the High Office”! Quote to wit: We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and intensive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 11-24-2020 A.D.”! Read it and weep? “I am in redress against this “CRIME” against the “WILL Of THE PEOPLE”! Quote me! Copyrights RULE!

    • Absolutely true – problem with repeating actual quotes from Biden (re: voter fraud or “one-horse pony…”whatever…”you ain’t black,” ANYTHING he says – unlike virtually every word that came out of the mouth of POTUS Trump, even if plainly presented as truly what he said, and bad enough as those quotes are, they are dismissed as Biden’s frustration, misquoted, whatever… Biden is clearly an old man with cognitive problems, anger issues, and a very skewed idea of what more than half the country wants as POTUS. He won’t last a year….

  4. Bottom line. We are dealing with very evil people who don’t care about the American people. We will suffer while the Democrats(Socialists) enhance their power and stuff more money in their pockets. Name me one Socialist country that has ever made the people better off. As I said they are very evil people.

  5. Maybe you are not lieing if you have a different opinion than mine. Maybe I don’t need to hate you and anyone with the same opinion as yous. Maybe I dont need to cancel you. Maybe I dont need to burn down your business, Maybe I don’t need to break up your property. Maybe I dont need to harm you. Maybe I need to understand this is America …. Land of the free because of the Brave and start treating everyone they way that I would ant to be treated. WTFU AMERICANS… GO HOME TERROISTS!

  6. Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first day and already their causing problems with Native Americans about producing oil on their lands to women now having to lose in sports to men dressed up as women, to no deportations of criminal illegal aliens and other stupid things. Now the clown is all about “ domestic terrorism” which means nothing but cracking down on conservative groups but leaving Antifa and BLM alone. BLM = Belt Loops Matter , pull up your f::ken pants we don’t want to see your underwear a-hole!

  7. We now live in a time where facts don’t matter theories and one sided media coverage rule the day. If we are to make serious progress the American people will need to get two things accomplished first they will need a bill on the floor to stop the media from putting out false stories and obvious lies with impunity . The media has become
    A propoganda weapon along the lines of Joseph Goerbbels 1939 Germany . This is extremely dangerous and needs to be pushed back with law suits and public apologies from these liars that call themselves news media. Secondly the extortion that is now going on from big tech to coorporate retail against those that don’t share there political views or those that have expressed there gratitude and support of president Trump needs to be dealt with immediately this is in American and is striking fear in all
    Of America from using there first amendment right of free speech . This economic terrorism from those that control retail and social media is nothing short of Communism . If we can’t put checks and balances in place for these two things we will have a gun to our heads everytime we speech our minds this is sensorship designed to strike fear in those that don’t fall in line like sheep behind this robotic assault on the constitution and our civilians .

  8. Biden is a loose cannon with no aim. He appears to sign whatever the left puts in from of him. What can you expect from dementia!

  9. Too little, too late Maher! A mirror would only reflect their distorted,evil images. You are an advocate for “FASCISM” the ideology of your party! TRUMP is not a “FASCIST or an Anti-semite ,
    thank goodness! With TRUMP gone, we face the decimation of
    our great Republic! Look in the mirror yourself! I don’t
    think you will like what you see!

  10. Watch the foreign aid system crank up again. Crank is the key word here as it is another route for taxpayer fund rerouting to democrat coffers. Must raise taxes for what?

  11. Pretty hard to defend “Old Glory” anymore, because we have become our own worst enemies and if you’re not mega rich or work for the governments, you have little or no liberties and diminishing freedoms, only replaced by totalitarian taxation and regulations!

  12. 11 Thousand people lost their job that affected 11 Thousand families on his first day of office. Does he really and truly cares about Americans and put their welfare first?


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