Bill Maher Calls Radical Leftists Out For Their Sick Defense Of Property Damage

(Liberty Bell) – Bill Maher is a thorn in the Democrats’ side, and he’s on their side.

The reason is that he’s one of the few members of the party who still expects them to behave like reasonable people who actually think through the logical conclusions of their ideas.

He’s one of those classical liberals who yes, may want the government to basically implement socialism-lite and hates Donald Trump, but he understands you can’t just adapt a psychotically radical platform and expect to win over the hearts and souls of millions of regular Americans who just want to live their lives, go to work, and provide for their families in peace.

The Democrats, blind with their hatred for Trump, have completely abandoned all common sense and decency in a misguided attempt to oust him from office, and Maher is sounding the alarm.

This week, the HBO host exposed the fact that there is a belief “on the far left” that property destruction is “is sort of a justifiable way of protesting and it’s a form of reparations.”

He is, of course, absolutely correct.

Plenty of people on the far left have been vocal about this.

Maher also warned that while this was currently a radical position, ideas can migrate.

Speaking of high-end athletic apparel giant lululemon, who is currently under fire for hosting a “resist capitalism” event while being themselves a highly lucrative capitalist company, Maher explained of this justification for property damage that:

“When lululemon is saying ‘resist capitalism’ and there’s a book called ‘In Defense of Looting’ and then we had a primary where there was a candidate, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were talking a lot about a wealth tax and a lot of wealth confiscation, and there’s just a feeling out there now, again, it’s on the far left, but things tend to migrate, but — that property, it’s different than life. And it is different than life.

“And they kind of compare them like they’re comparable. It’s like, well, if you take somebody’s life, that’s permanent, but if you wreck their business, that can be replaced, and this is sort of a justifiable way of protesting and it’s a form of reparations. … I’m not down with this property’s on the table as something we can just take because things are not right. That’s — to me, that’s not the way to address our problems, by throwing a brick through the window.”

Also on Friday’s airing of “Real Time,” Maher mocked his guests for their confidence in Joe Biden.

From Fox News:

Author Jessica Yellin, a former CNN correspondent, dismissed any reason for panic among Democrats, pointing to Biden’s “unbelievably steady” polling throughout the year, stressing that he’s been “consistently up 6 points” against President Trump, and adding that the numbers don’t indicate the “worst-case scenario” like they did in 2016.

Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby cited Trump’s weak polling among independents and women, insisting that a “fundamental shifting” among voters “would take something overwhelmingly dramatic.”

“The whole ‘What about 2016?’ thing, it’s just not 2016,” Hamby insisted. “People have had four years of Donald Trump. A verdict has more or less been rendered since he’s taken office … and Joe Biden is just not Hillary Clinton. He’s not.”

“I know,” Maher responded. “But what Nate Silver is seeing, it doesn’t matter. Because 5 or 6 percent is a lot in this country. That’s a big, big, big victory. And if he doesn’t get that — and races tighten at the end! You sound like the panels I used to have on right before the last election. … You guys are whistling past the graveyard.”




  2. Every now and again Maher has a lucid moment and says something that makes sense. He was right on here. Beijing Biden is completely out to lunch-and dinner and breakfast and snacktime.

  3. Polls are crap. Biden has zero chance. He is in beginning stages of dementia. Trump will win and because of that The United States will win. No worries fellow conservatives. The crying towels will be given to the communist liberals. Let’s Keep America Great and take back the house and keep the senate so we can clean up the streets. All lives matter and anything else is racist. Trump 2020

  4. After everything is burned down & destroyed, then what? Nobody has anything left except the clothes on their backs.There’s no collateral left to float a loan, so now what? Does anyone in their right mind think that Biden can do better than Trump? Biden can’t fight his way out of a paper bag.Too boot he can’t even make sense using a teleprompter.

    • Foxy, when did Bill Maher become a Republican? I always thought he was liberal Democrat, these are his quotes not something made up by author like a CNN report.

    • What part of Biden makes sense. Sanctuary cities. Open borders. Turning criminal loose. Defunding police. Killing babies at 9 no.Raising taxes on middle class.Letting liberal cities burn and be looted.Giving China a communist country info about Americans.Getting rich from Ukrane and China. Yea he is a perfect choice. At least for Socialism.Oh and lets turn universities over to be run by government.


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