Biden’s Pick For NSA Has Some Shady Ties To Hillary Emails And The Russia Hoax; Here’s What We Know

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the election not being officially certified yet, and tons of litigation still outstanding and recounts to be done, Joe Biden is going forward with putting together his administration. And boy are some of his picks super shady people.

Then again, is that really all that surprising. Biden himself has quite a reputation for being shady and a bit underhanded, something we’ve all learned from various bits of information released this year. Of course, his track record before that all became available made this clear as well.

According to a new report by Breitbart, Biden has chosen Jake Sullivan as his National Security Adviser, a man who has some fairly deep ties to the Hillary email scandal. And he’s also the man responsible for starting negotiations with Iran and was a big proponent of the Russia collusion hoax in the media.

Sullivan also falsely accused former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn of colluding with the Russian government. And yet, here he is, being groomed to take that very same position that Flynn lost due to false allegations.

Back in 2016, Sullivan was being investigated as one of three aides to Hillary Clinton who is alleged to have cut-and-pasted information from emails with classified headings so that she could include that information on her private email server.

Sullivan is also one of a dozen individuals who just so happened to have private email addresses on the private server, which handled classified information without permission to handle or share.

“In October 2016, Breitbart News reported that Sullivan had been involved in an email communication with a Clinton Foundation employee, which might have established a conflict of interest for Clinton. The State Department lost the email,” the Breitbart report says.

“In 2017, Sullivan admitted to congressional investigators that he had told reporters about his suspicions of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia — a charge later shown to be without evidence — as well as Flynn’s involvement,” it continues.

At the end of the day, is this the kind of man we can trust in a key position like National Security Adviser? This is clearly someone who has zero respect for the laws of our country. Nor does he seem to understand what “classified” means.

Isn’t this exactly the opposite of the character traits you want to see in someone who could potentially be advising a president on matters of security?

This is why we must fight against voter fraud, folks. We need Trump for a second term. Biden is set to ruin us if he gets into the White House.

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  1. It has been said that one man in the right place at the right time can determine the outcome of a war. Likewise, One God can determine the outcome of the election for one candidate or the other, depending solely upon His will. Our God gave His “ultimate creation” the freedom of choice, or “free will.” When our alleged “betters” choose to use THEIR free will to suppress OUR free will, open revolt is the order of the day! Put another way, those who would abuse THEIR Constitutional liberties in order to deprive the rest of us of OURS are flirting with a bloody disaster! Biden, his Cabinet, his groveling minions, and everyone STUPID ENOUGH to have voted for him in the first place should tread very carefully, like walking on eggshells! What has been done can be undone, by whatever means necessary! There’s nothing new under the sun!

    • Correct. Shady and corrupt characters surround themselves with the same. They all speak the same language and it’s not ours. And you’re right. There are so few of them, it should be relatively easy to neutralize them. The US is not Cuba in 1959 when Castro came from mountains with only 1500 foot soldiers and the society leaders scampered with their money.

  2. Let US say, IF President Trump remains President it will be a battle won by the LORD for US. IF biden becomes prez then the LORD is no longer for US and WE the People have failed and will reap judgement.


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