Biden Says What He Thinks Trump Feels About Running Against Him (Try Not To Laugh)

(Liberty Bell) – Well, you’ve got to hand it to Biden.

For how hysterically horrible his campaign is going, he’s still fully confident that not only can he win the White House, but that President Trump is actually afraid to run against him.

Try not to laugh, I dare you.

During an interview on Monday’s edition of “CNN Tonight,” Biden declared that Trump “is obsessed with me, and he should be, with good reason. Because I will beat him.”

“Look, he’s deathly afraid to face me,” he continued.

“Have you ever — you can’t answer it I know, but rhetorical question, have you ever seen a sitting president spend as much time, money, and effort, including risking being impeached and thrown out of office to decide to eliminate one of his potential opponents in a primary — I mean, that are running in a primary for the general election?” he rambled on.

“This guy is obsessed with me, and he should be, with good reason. Because I will beat him,” he concluded.

Why, because the Biden campaign is going so well?

Because the claims made against him and his crooked family members are so baseless?

Because impeachment was so successful for the Democrats?

Gosh, I think it’s safe to say this guy has genuinely fallen into dementia.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Biden has given up on New Hampshire completely because he’s polling so poorly though.

His campaign seems less belligerently confident than he is though.

Fox News reports:

Joe Biden’s campaign national press secretary Symone Sanders told Fox News Monday the former vice president can still survive and even thrive in the race for the Democratic nomination, even if he does not top the field in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

Sanders said Biden has been spending a lot of time campaigning in the Granite State and said reports that the campaign has low expectations in the state are largely unfounded.

“Biden has been campaigning vigorously … in New Hampshire and we think that the voters of New Hampshire — they have not gone to the polls yet and they are going to give us the rankings on Tuesday. The reality is, that whatever happens tomorrow, vice president Biden will be in the race,” she said, referring to reports that claimed the 77-year-old would drop out if he similarly finished outside the top three as he did in Iowa.


  1. Neither, they both are just plain mean and their ego is so big they can’t see the handwriting on the wall,,which says they are both loosers. What a waste of two humanbeings, when we have so many good humans in the graveyard.

  2. Can’t understand why this clown is opening his mouth. He has about three weeks left before his world is about to fall in around him with investigations of him, his son and o-abysmal.

  3. McCain appeared senile in the TV debates against Obama. Biden appears to be senile without the pressure of a debate. Trump has to be careful against a younger candidate that he does not come across like McCain. Hopefully he will have Sanders with his own brand of crazy.

  4. I wondered if they had psychiatric testing?!?
    Do you remember when Pelosi’s bar/liquor bill was published & all of her “freebie” jet trips from California to Washington were noted ?… just saying!
    BTW… Pres a trump takes no salary but has it donated to charity! Can Obama say he did this?? How about Michelle O’s many trips with hee huge entourage to various parts of tte world.. & her mom being the Sasha & Malia’s Whitehouse nanny, with a paycheck included. That’s right… Obama’s Mother in law Lived at the WH too throughout his 8 years!!! Sickening!!!

    • She is just a crazy old prune faced drunken has been. Biden is just crazy as a loon. He should be in a padded cell.

  5. Please Joe, regardless of how poorly your doing, regardless of your inability to finish a sentence or walk a straight line, Please do not give up. You are such an inspiration to many wannabe stand up comics. What would they do without all the material you provide? It’s easy to laugh at Warren, Buttface, Sanders and the other broad, but down deep they are scary. You on the other hand are just fun to laugh at….

  6. biden his the least of presdent trum’s worries we all know he can win against him. his son made sure of that and so did he when he made sure he got that job in ukrain.

  7. Biden and Pelosi are both not playing with a full deck, they should both give up trying to ‘so-called’ helping the country. Not only are they not thinking straight but are both full of you know what… they must have taken lessons on being dishonest from Adam Shifty because he is the ultimate when it comes to being dishonest. Shifty is finished in the political arena because no matter what he says no one with their right mind will believe him…. and that goes for his two students…. or stooges.

    • No no. These two buffoons are standing up for the Constitution and the morally depraved democRAT communist party supporters.

  8. I knew the deep state was bad but wow, The FBI CIA DOJ all need to be dismantled and rebuilt in our image Trump has shown how bad it really is.
    Obama Clinton Pelosi Schumer Nadler and the rest of the Dems all need to be removed from office so they can do no more harm to us please drain the swamp more quickly.

    • This is why there should be no federal civil service positions within government because civil service is and has always been owned by liberals. Civil service is where three people need to be hired to perform the work of one private sector worker. If civil service was “privatized” bad, lazy, incompetent workers could be fired “on the spot” without any termination benefits when required. This is also how government legislators should be handled.

  9. biden is just saying this so, hopefully he’ll get the demonrats nomination! It’s a joke, even that POS soetoro is backing bloomberg!

  10. Hahaha Trump is not afraid of anyone. He knocked down 11 opponents before, and they were younger, more stable, and had years of political work. Joe has dementia.

  11. Reality, Trump ever needed to get dirt on creepy joe because there is and was never a chance gaff joe could ever beat the Great Trump, best prez ever. I wish Nancy, Chuck, Schiff, Nadler and the rest would stop the hate and start doing for the country instead, like Trump has.

    • Biden jumped into the primary race as a shield against the investigations into Ukrainian corruption.
      Once he drops out his world will crumble beneath his feet.

  12. It’s all very sad. There used to be honorable democrats, JFK did good things for our nation but now it’s all about a lust for power and nothing else. I pray that young people learn very quickly to steer clear of the democratic party or risk destroying their futures.

    • One of the best democrat presidents who was known as the “reluctant candidate” was Harry S. Truman. His predecessor, FDR was a closet socialist like Woodrow Wilson. FDR had several card carrying communists in his administration. Truman was a true mid-west bible thumping country boy who never ever thought he would become president.

    • Romans 1:22. Amazing – or ironic – how the Bible and God, from whom so many Dems/libs/socialists distance themselves, is still so spot-on. God bless the president, and God bless the USA!

  13. Biden and Pelosi should be fed to the sharks for their criticisms and disgusting behavior against our commander in chief!
    They both are blind and underestimate the power of the people!

  14. The surge of Bernie is the biggest headache for the kommiecrats. How do they deal with that with Biden about to drop out of the race?
    Mess with Bernie again and the kommiecrats are sure to lose everything.

  15. He moved onto South Carolina before the results came out because he knew he wasn’t doing well in New Hampshire and didn’t want the press to be asking him what he will do next and why didn’t he poll better, etc….

  16. i find in Biden what i find in all candidates, inflated confidence and oblivious to reality!!
    This is also found in “the squad’, pelosi, schumer, nadler,maxine and a lot of “elite celebrities’. Do they not understand that the everyday american patriot sees thru them and really does not give a rats a$$ about what they spew out of their self righteous, hypocritical mouths. Can they not look around (thru the bubble they live in) and see the energized crowds that surround Mr. Trump?. Can they not admit to the good that is in plain sight that Mr. Trump has accomplished? In November when Mr. Trump is again elected with an astounding number of votes I can almost promise they won’t even see it then.

    • They’ll get the message right enough come voting time. Many Democrats are soon going to find themselves outside their offices, boxes in hand, wondering where it all went so wrong for them – because they lack the humility to realize it’s their own fault, not someone else’s.

    • I’m sure they see the massive support Trump is building every day but being democommies they can’t allow it to show. But every day and in every primary the dumocrats show how totally awful they are. I work with lots of Hispanic Americans and their support for Trump is truly incredible.

    • I agree that Biden and Pelosi have some idiotic thoughts. I’m wondering whether it’s dementia or a psychotic disorder.


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