Biden Inauguration Video Only Pulls In 320,000 Views On WH YouTube Channel — And The In-Person Crowd Is Even More Pathetic

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Thursday, an event that should be a huge, momentous occasion, especially since we now have the first black, female vice president in the history of our country. This normally should have drawn in massive crowds, both online and in person.

However, that’s not at all the case. In fact, the number of viewers online is way lower than expected. And the in-person crowd? Totally pathetic. Some will say a lot of this is because of the current pandemic. People are staying home because they don’t want to spread this evil illness around. That’s all.

A new report from Gateway Pundit says Biden’s inauguration only pulled in 320,000 online viewers, despite the fact the event was streamed on the official White House YouTube channel. Only about 2,000 people showed up in-person. Think about this for a moment. How many people typically show up to a Trump rally? There’s no real comparison.

Apparently, there aren’t very many people who are interested in watching an old man stand up and slur his words and blather on endlessly in a confused daze.

To just showcase how pathetic this really was, President Biden had almost ten times as many military members there to protect him during the inauguration as there were people in the crowd. Folks, this is prime evidence that Joe Biden and his minions are totally terrified of the individuals they are supposed to be serving.

Though in their eyes, they believe they are ruling over us, which makes the display even more silly and ridiculous.

So, would someone tell me how a guy who can’t even get more than 2,000 people to show up and support him on his inauguration day can possibly pull in 80 million votes?

Something just does not add up about that, does it? If he was really popular enough with the American people to pull in that many votes, surely more folks would have shown up to celebrate his official victory, right?

At the end of the day, without proper investigation, we might not really know just how many authentic votes Biden received in the last election. Let’s hope some diehard Americans who care about the integrity of our election system will continue to dig into this mess and the truth will come to light.

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  1. You must keep in mind that everything you know about the recent presidential election including the voting results were fed to you by
    the media. ALL information you read or see is only as credible as
    the source.
    Based on the recent election results do you think the media had a
    preferred candidate?

  2. Mine’s bigger than yours, that appears to be the childish mentality of the author of this piece of nonsense. The fact is that the TV audience was far bigger than Trump’s, and people stayed away in person because they were asked to. The inauguration reached out to real people not millionaires with trophy wives in designer dressers, it set a fine tone for the country of hope and unity, but to report that is beyond you it appears. Sneer as you like, Biden won fair and square.

    • It’s quite evident from your dismissive tone that you dislike all Trump supporters and consider yourself a superior commentator of the political affairs of our nation. Well, you are very mistaken. The inauguration was a joke. Where were all the supporters, all the Hollywood idiots, the BLM members, all the billionaire tech owners? Low numbers for the televised version. There were more people greeting Trump in Florida than watching Biden. And as to the election being stolen, even a third grader could figure those facts out. So what’s wrong with your reasoning ability. Oh, I forgot, you’re a liberal…

    • “set a fine tone for the country of hope and unity” why is it that biden supporters have this world view that everyone is full of hate and just wants to kill each other? reality check no one cares most people are just trying to get by and provide for their families, no on is plotting to do you harm get over yourself.

    • I don’t know what world you are living in but it sure is not real and most certainly not my world!!. We are watching the destruction of our nation and you think biden won-really??

  3. During the Civil War the Confederates were killing captured black Union soldiers. President Lincoln issued an order that for every black union soldier killed by Confederates, a Confederate soldier would be killed. That quickly put an end to that.

    We need to do to Democrats what they do to us. Fight fire with fire.

    • Unfortunately most people are not aware of the fact that Lincoln was a Republican and the Ku Klux Klan was started by a Democrat. They do not teach this in school, nor would a democrat tell you that – after all they are cunning cheaters and liars (and hold back the truth) but not fools.

  4. Let’s watch and see just how much damage Drooling Joe can cause. Remember the left called Trump a dictator every day. Well, now you’re going to see what one looks like.

  5. He sure seemed to walk fine, too. I thought he broke his foot awhile back? Guess that was an excuse to stay in his basement? That’s just my opinion, though.

  6. The truth will come out eventually. Its possible even our government is hiding the evidence, given the cover-up that happened during Russia collusion hoax

  7. This is PURE UNADULTERATED EVIDENCE that they cheated the election and so egregiously that there should BE “CIVIL WAR” over it!
    Plain & Simple!

    • Take it easy on ole bill! Lots of female distractions during his 8 years
      In DC & probably hasn’t given up on all that retirement action!

    • the new 2021phrase, you just know it will wind up in the dictionary!!
      however I have used 2x myself. At the end of every email I send the White House!


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