Bernie Sanders Was Asked What He’d Do “Right Now” To Stop Spread Of Coronavirus, And His Answer Is Absurd

(Liberty Bell) – Currently, the people of Italy are suffering greatly due to the failures of their socialized health care system as the coronavirus ravages its citizens.

This could not be a better (albeit more tragic) display of exactly why the kind of single-payer system that Bernie Sanders envisions would be disastrous for our country.

President Donald Trump has been working closely with private health care companies and businesses to ensure the virus is contained within our borders and that Americans who are infected have the resources they need to combat the virus.

It’s a beautiful display of public-private partnership and it’s exactly why we elected Trump in 2016 and will do so again in 2020.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders thinks that the best approach to this virus is for Trump to “shut up.”

Give me a break.

During the Democrat debates on Sunday night between Sanders and his primary rival, Joe Biden, Sanders declared that the first thing he would do to cope with the outbreak of the deadly virus is to “shut this president up right now.”

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper what he would do “tonight” to “save American lives.”

Sanders replied that Trump was “blabbering” and not listening to scientists.

These came mere hours after Trump appeared at a White House presser flanked by the nation’s chief scientists and public health officials.

Sanders said: “Firstly, whether or not I’m president, we have to shut this president up right now. Because he’s undermining the doctors and the scientists who are trying to help the American people. It is unacceptable for him to be blabbering unfactual information, which is confusing the general public.”

Meanwhile, Biden pointed viewers (who were all at home, the debate was held with no audience out of concerns for the coronavirus) to the plan that he has posted on his website, which borrows heavily from the measures President Trump is already taking.

The pair also debated whether or not “Medicare for All” would have helped to stop the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Although Biden mentioned that the nation should take the opportunity to unite, neither candidate offered any support for our commander-in-chief who, despite all the hate and propaganda, is still working hard to keep all Americans alive, these elderly bozos included.

Thank God Trump is president right now. It’s now become a life-and-death matter!


  1. I agree with all of you! Too much hype. But—-I’m a very active senior with a compromised immune system. Believe me when I say “thank God for those who are staying home”!!! My children are concerned – fir ME— not themselves. I’m busy packing a moving to a new home. God willing, we’ll make it!!

  2. Come on Bernie show some pride atleasronce in your life, shut up your communist mouth and go back to do what you do best, kiss Joe’s ass as you did Hillary in 16 after they both stole your nomination ,dont you get it you are not liked amongst your party and will never be president , you are as pathetic as your hidden communists ideas, go and do your ass kissing role and thanks god for becoming a millionary without having to work for your money ever in your life.

  3. sanders, and the idiots that voted for him, should make a move to get out of this country and going to one of the many countries dying off using the systems they want U.S. to install. What this lame and total idiot should know, but he is to stupid to realize, is that every country that had gone down that path has FAILED. But, when you look at him and the useless clowns that support him all they want are the freebies he is offering. When you look at his years in government you realize that he has not done/completed one thing. That speaks volumes for the state’s voters that he has been repeatedly voted for (useless and stupid).

  4. You have to feel sorry for the people of Italy and actually the rest of
    Europe as their Single Payer Health Systems breaks down and deteriorates.
    We have the best Health System in the World. Our system has the built in
    flexibility to handle the current situation working with Local, State and
    Federal resources.
    (Liberty Bell) – Currently, the people of Italy are suffering greatly due to the failures of their socialized health care system as the coronavirus ravages its citizens.
    This could not be a better (albeit more tragic) display of exactly why the kind of single-payer system that Bernie Sanders envisions would be disastrous for our country.

  5. Biden and Bernie , Bernie and Biden . One poster even spoke of the disaster it would be to have them on the same ticket . Entertaining to say the least .
    Best was when someone mentioned Sesame Street . Yep , immediately two images popped into my head . Oscar the Grouch (Bernie) and Ernie (Biden) . What a pair , US Government would be sent back to the Dark Ages of not the stone age . And forget about childhood entertainment and learning

  6. They both have no brain how can they think at the end of the debate.they should of said this is arecording of the democrats party

  7. They both have no brain how acan fthey think.they at the end of the debate they should of said this is a recording from democrats party

  8. I am not suggesting for a moment that Joe Biden is an admirable candidate for the Democrats or that watching him exhibit the early signs of dementia isn’t cringe-worthy, but even those of us who are supporting the re-election of President Trump must admit it is gratifying to see that even the Democrats are, in large measure, rejecting the disgraceful Bernie Sanders and relegating him and his communist policies to the dustbin of history.

    • The democrats all want what Bernie wants. They just don’t want to say it because they know the American people will reject it.

  9. Bernie knows all about communism. No regular citizen knows how he really thinks. The people that work for him have told Project Veritas exactly what he is. He wants to be the next Stalin. His campaign staff had said that if he doesn’t get the nomination they are going to burn down Minnesota. Look up Project Veritas and hear them talk about putting Trump supporters in Gulags. Bernie honey mooned in communist Russia and said that Castro was a great guy and educated his people. They had to learn to read so they could read his edicts. Have you seen the Classic cars in Cuba that they have had to keep running with home made parts and rubber bands? And the poverty that they have had to endure. I think Bernie should move to Venezuela as a commoner and live insqualler. Idiot..

  10. Look — we have got to stop believing the official narrative of this event.

    The coronavirus is no more dangerous than the common flu.

    Most persons who test positive for coronavirus are asymptomatic — they have no symptoms whatsoever. Healthy persons who manifest symptoms may be sick for a few days or a few weeks — just like the common flu. A very small percentage, comprised almost entirely of persons with compromised immune systems — such as the very old, those with AIDS, or those undergoing chemotherapy — will manifest severe symptoms. Again, just like the common flu.

    We are witnessing a charade, a manufactured crisis. Every institution under the control of the corporate elite — which is to say, every institution of consequence — is promoting the false narrative of coronavirus lethality.

    Why? To channel money and resources to the elite, to serve as the pretext for more government intrusion and control, and to serve as an excuse for the coming economic collapse.

    Politicians and government employees are doing what they always do — lying on behalf of the corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes.

    Check out articles by Jon Rappaport for more information on the coronavirus charade.

    • Johnny Kay Charade, Hmm Try to tell Italy Iran, China or the rest of the world that. This so called charade is filling a lot of graves.

    • So little Johnny breaks this virus down to a conspiracy by the “elite”. Here we have America humming along with what many would call the greatest economy the world has seen in many, many years and all the sudden they want to create this catastrophic event to bring America and the world to it’s knees. Why? That would just defeat their purpose. The true conspiracy lies with the demoncrats that began before President Trump was even elected our president and continues even to this day. They want more people to die from this epidemic so they can blame President Trump for not doing enough. To call the demoncrats satanic and immoral is obvious to any one that has 2 brain cells they can rub together. May God bless President Trump and give him the wisdom to lead our great country, America.

    • John, I agreed with you about how overblown this virus is but you lost me at this being corp elites leading this. The ones that stoked and continue to stoke this is the Lame stream media with their fear mongering ways during an election year pushing the democrat narrative. The WHO president was the first one to come out and officially blow this out of proportion by stating that 3.4% of the people infected would die based on “Estimates”. The % is more like 1%. Still high but in line with the flu deaths. Got it, quarantine yourself and don’t come in contact with people more susceptible to the virus.

  11. This is just two PEA BRAINS talking, they don’t have a clue. They use there crystal ball for there answers. ITS the Ball brothers

  12. Blah Blah Blah. More lies by the democrats. Same story different day. The only ones that need to shut up is Bernie and Joe. They are the problem with this country. President Trump brought in the experts to help combat this virus and help minimize the viruses impact on the American People.

  13. I honestly believe that if a democrat were president there would be no backlash over the virus. Did anyone clamor about H1N1? I actually don’t even remember it, nor the swine flu and I only recall Ebola because I was afraid to take my third charity mission to Liberia in 2012. Only because President Trump is at the helm do these mindless maniacs spew their hatred. I sincerely hope no one falls for it. And if Biden believes he will flush away his past of harassing women and girls by appointing a woman as his running mate we should all ask if she got the job after he groped her or sniffed her hair 😆😂🤣

    • Regardless whether he gets the nomination it’s not going to save him from being arrested for the crimes that he committed in Ukraine, in China, Espionage, Money Laundering, Treason, Subversion Selling out the United States to the highest bidder. The communist Chinese have infiltrated our schools, our government, our Tech Company’s. According to Mike Pompano the Chinese have infiltrated all 50 of our governors and have a list of what governors would be vulnerable to their influence and on this list there are some governors that have developed a relationship with them.Matt Begin took Pompeo to one of these meetings with these governors and Chinese Nation-state. Mike says that they are trying to interfere with our elections. No wonder Steve Brashear got elected governor of KY, when the state legislature are all Republicans. Brashear is a Socialist. He should not have won the election But things like this result when there was an Obama administration that was in the pocket of the UN and the new world order. Arrests coming very soon.

  14. Bernie you old coot! Quit while you are ahead. Get out of the race because we don’t want an old man commie/socialist like you!

  15. Unfortunately I should tell everybody that I, being a huge Trump supporter, I’m not happy right now. I work with a molecular lab in Miami, Florida That has the most advanced molecular machine in the state. We would have the ability to process over 1200 tests per day but the department of defense came in and took all of the potential tests that we could be doing every day. We are stuck and so is the city of Miami with the ability to test nobody. This is a tragedy. To take tests out of private companies is horrible for the general public and bad for private business.

  16. The coronavirus panic is ten percent virus and 90 percent media hype. Sure, there’s a virus out there, but the bark is greater than the bite. Globalists and leftists are biting at the bit to stir-up a major panic that will justify Marshal Law leading to a New World Order draconian global government that will save us from this terrible plague. The cure will be worst than the disease. Mankind has survived many plagues of the past, and we don’t have to throw away our Constitution to deal with this plague.

    • Totally agree. If the House were still pursuing their witch hunt you wouldn’t hear much about COVID-19. The media needs something to fill their 24-7 time slots.

    • Tell that to Italy or Iran with their mass graves. The UK models predict the Ameican death toll could top 2.2 million if we do not slow the spread.

  17. Anywhere Socialists ran a country, they destroyed it. Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela etc are prime examples. You dummy Bernie etc learn from somebody else’s mistakes, not from your own. Fellow Americans don’t fall to the dream of socialism, our system may not be perfect but it’s the best. Just think that the majority of the inventions of the 20th century were invented in Th United States. Airplanes, computers, cars, trains, all things related to Internet, the majority of the medical inventions and who knows how many other inventions were invented in the USA that help the world today. What was invented in the rest of the world? Anything?

    • US inventors have come up with many things, but the car? A Viennese Gerhard Marcus and Richard Benz. Computers? Charles Babbage, Medical Inventions? Lots of people. We have invented many things and improved many things. Just for example the phone? Alexander Graham Bell. But, our Constitution has been a great model for human rights. Be proud that you are an American. Make America Greater!

  18. Poor old Bernie , that moron doesn’t know that socialism is Communism . The only difference being spelling .Once socialism is implemented , the tolitarinism of Communism isn’t far behind . In all of the history of either ideology , neither has worked in actual practice . I guess Bernie didn’t get the memo when the Soviet Union collapsed . Nor has he paid much attention to Cuba , back to horse drawn wagons or to the bread lines in Venezuela . But he’s to busy being a 1%er now to notice that . Like all Commies , Bernie thinks it ok to get rich , Ok for him , but not anyone else .

  19. I don’t believe that Bernie was listening very closely during the State of the Union address when President Trump said that the USA 🇺🇸 would NEVER be a SOCIALIST country! If he HAD been listening, he might have realized that the President was not just making a prediction but was pretty much stating a fact! He can rant and rave all he wants, as can Biden. In the end, both will go quietly into the night, and both will be relegated to the dustbin of history!

    • Michael, don’t you realize that any “good little communist” or socialist or progressive or community organizer or village child raiser never goes quietly into the night?

  20. What the hell is wrong with Bernie? Talk about a nazi?
    He needs to shut the f— up! He is a ranting ole fool as is
    Biden. Heaven forbid either becomes Pres. One is old and
    a ranting idiot and the other a female predator. What a
    combination that makes. I apologize for laughing!!

    • You don’t need to apologize. The truth hurts sometimes and these two idiot fools do not know what they are talking about.

    • Imagine a Biden-Sanders ticket! It would be the most entertaining election campaign in US history, providing endless fodder for Saturday Night Live!

  21. Bernie also said in an interview that Communism wasn’t socialism. What does he think the USSR stood for? It was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.

  22. Sanders is a hopeless Marxist who should now take a tour of all the hard-hit areas of the world and tell me upon his return how wonderful socialized medicine is!

  23. these two old senile bums along with (racist) Clyburn and Barry O must be the reason the swine flu was never a great threat to our country. They kept their mouths shut.


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