Baseball Legend Curt Schilling Says AIG Cancelled Insurance Because He’s Conservative — But Here’s Who They Will Insure

(Liberty Bell) – We all know that liberals have deep roots in nearly every industry and area of life. We also know that these individuals and groups are bound and determined to destroy anyone who dares to uphold conservative values and speak out against the madness of leftist thought.

They even have a term for their efforts to silence the voices of dissenters who don’t share their belief system. Cancel culture. How many days a week do you see stories all over social media of a celebrity being “canceled” because of something they’ve said that criticizes liberal thought? It’s a regular occurrence.

And according to Gateway Pundit, the latest person to encounter this ridiculous cancel culture nonsense is baseball legend Curt Schilling. Schilling recently tweeted out that AiG canceled his insurance policy due to his “social media profile.” This is essentially admitting that they canceled his coverage because he’s a conservative.

Folks, the liberals in our culture are hitting an all new low in their hatred for those of us who still believe in freedom and liberty. Can you believe that “social media profile” is now a valid reason to terminate someone’s coverage? What kind of Communistic fools do they have running the show over at AiG?

“The agent told us it was a decision made by and with their PR department in conjunction with management,” Schilling said.

Schilling isn’t the first person to experience persecution for his political beliefs due to social media. President Trump and many other conservatives have now been purged from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms due to their political statements. Much of this occurred after the riots at the U.S. Capitol last year.

This move against Schilling is hitting a whole new level of absurd. Now we’ve moved beyond attempting to silence those who are opposed to the liberal worldview. Folks are now being punished for what they believe. The left is actually attempting to make life for conservatives unlivable. It’s a false choice. It’s “get on board with us or die.”

Never in a million years could any of us have imagined this is where America would be at this point in history. Our republic is in danger of implosion. And that’s exactly what the left wants. To see this system implode so they can replace it with one made in the image of Marx.

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  1. Fight!! Fight!! WE cannot watch the USA go down in flames and humiliation!! I hate the evil political party with communism and fascism ideals which are destroying us. Traitors all!! ( Hillary, Obama Pelosy, Shummer..and those before them, after, now!!) I am not a good speller when I am enraged! God Bless America…the Land that I love!!

  2. The trouble with being a conservative we are only 30% of the of the population and we don’t have a well informed country, they been planning this takeover for years and there going to make it worse

    • We are MORE than 30%. I would say more like 40-50%. We are just not as vocal and demonstrative as they are. Otherwise, how do you explain the 75 million votes that Trump got? Not to mention the ones that were switched to Biden.

  3. File a complaint with the Dept I
    Of insurance in your state. They will at least have to respond (lie) to the Dept of insurance about why your policy was non renewed.

  4. It is time to give these liberal fascist communists a taste of their own ideological tyrannical medicine. I doubt most of these idiots can chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. I know several of these dopes personally and they have the common sense of a rock. I am a mechanic and I will now refuse my services to any and all of these cancel culture warriors. I say let them repair their own damn cars, let them replace their own roof, let them fix their own plumbing, carpentry, electrical problems. If their electronic gadgets are on the fritis let’s let them fix them. If they need dental work offer them a hammer, chisel, and pliers. You get the idea, let them enjoy being canceled. What goes around comes around!!!!

    • i’m a contractor and i won’t work for conservatives, exactly what you said, also isn’t this aig cancelling curt discrimination, if i was him i would use affirmative action on them and say they don’t have enough conservatives so they are discriminating against us, a little quid pro quo

    • Unfortunately Oirish they are coming for contractors too. See the job killing EO’s that dumb dumb Biden already signed in first three days as proof. With open borders and freebies for 11 million illegals its only a matter of time before all those mechanic and contractor jobs are sucked up by illegals crossing the border for free obamacare and $15 hr.

  5. Curt, I would sue their ass big time. Theirs is one sided contract and as long as you pay the premium there on the hook. Knowing Insurance contracts as I do and once had a CLU, they are up shit creek without a paddle. And they know it and if the Insurance board of the State, they can be fined quite a bit and we can arrange for a lot of people to go to another carrier.
    George L. Randle Sr.

  6. Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat history’s mistakes.
    (not my original words). We are heading for a revolution. The choice will be freedom, liberty and the Constitution, or Marxism/socialism and government mandated group-think. I’m keeping my powder dry.

  7. Have said and posted some things on FB that I expect, most any day, get me kicked off that site. Twitter as well. Have said for some time two things that I wish more people realized: 1) China IS NOT OUR FRIEND! 2) Conservatives need to have our own social networks – all types, i.e. FB, Twitter, even Instagram clones, but those that WILL NOT cut us off! Hope Mr. Trump, as a “big announcement” will let us know he is working on it as he is an IDEAL candidate for it!


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