Awesome: Facebook And Twitter Respond To Pelosi’s Request To Take Down Meme Of Her SOTU Stunt

(Liberty Bell) – After her completely unhinged behavior at the State of the Union on Tuesday night when she tore up the president’s speech when it was concluded, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded that the social media networks Facebook and Twitter take down memes that the Trump administration had issued about the absurd event.

President Donald Trump tweeted out the video meme, which was called ‘Powerful American Stories RIPPED To Shreds By Nancy Pelosi’ and is a pretty accurate description of what happened.

It wasn’t long before it was determined that Pelosi had actually pre-ripped the speech as Trump spoke of radio legend Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer diagnosis.

The media was quick to run cover for her, blaming Trump’s apparent rejection of an offer to shake the Speaker’s hand, but obviously, she planned the whole thing nearly an hour before she stood up and defiantly ripped up the historical document.

The Gateway Pundit comments:

Pelosi is an evil, calculating, witch and lashed out at reporters who suggested her ripping up the SOTU speech backfired.

The tyrant then demanded the video be taken down.

The Hill quoted Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s spokesman, saying that the Speaker had demanded the social networks take the video down.

“Hammill said Pelosi’s office has asked both Twitter and Facebook to take down the video.”

Other Democrat members of Congress also demanded that the “deceptively edited video” be taken down.

Twitter and Facebook, however, have decided to finally stand up to the Democrat establishment, apparently.

CNBC reported:

Both Facebook and Twitter decided against removing the Trump video, although the companies cited different reasons for their decisions.

Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman, replied to Hammill on Twitter: “Sorry, are you suggesting the President didn’t make those remarks and the Speaker didn’t rip the speech?”

Hammill fired back: “What planet are you living on? This is deceptively altered. Take it down.”

In the end, both Facebook and Twitter declined to remove the Trump campaign post, citing corporate policies.

Facebook’s Stone told CNBC, “I can confirm for you that the video doesn’t violate our policies.”

Well, well, well! The tides really are turning.


  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that Nancy Pelosi is considering opening an Italian restaurant in San Francisco and calling it “Mama Scumbaggies”? Don’t you think that the name would certainly be fitting for a restaurant she owned?

  2. I am sure that naughty Nancy is going to be held accountable for her crimes. The reason she decided for impeachment was because Glenn Beck and Rudy G. We’re getting too close to uncovering her ties to the money laundering in Ukraine. Her son Paul works for a gas company there. Same situation as Hunter Biden. Also foreign aid has been laundered thru other country’s and businesses made to look like loans and then laundered out to individuals and some came back to the U.S. Did Pelosi get some kick backs? Did money get laundered thru Franklin Templeton Investments in New York where Shift and Polish have Connections? Time will tell. I do know that we have been told to watch the news on Feb 18th. And John Durham will be done with his investigations in late Spring or early Summer. We know the DNC was involved in the Russia Hoax and I suspect that many members of Congress and some in the Senate were involved. Won’t be much longer till Gizmo will have no vacancy…

  3. Pelosi will never get charged for her felonious act, it has to go through the house first. We all know that’s not going to happen.

  4. We did not vote for her. A small group in the House appointed her. It is up to them to get rid of this vindictive woman. She lied when she said she didn’t want to impeachment. She wanted it all along. Not thinking of her members she said “If we lose the house, it will be worth it to get rid of him”.

  5. I think the only reason Pelosi remains in Congress is power. With all the money she and her husband have, you would think retirement would be attractive. But power, in her case, absolute power, has corrupted her absolutely. Imagine how things would be if this old woman was to become president, since she is third in line. I think we are getting a glimpse right now. Glad Facebook and Twitter stood up to her and her cronies.

    • This witch is all about Free vacations all over the World, at the taxpayers expense, while she steers Government contracts to her Husbands Company. Power and Corruption ran rampant under the Obama Administration and that’s why they wanted Hillary to win so it could continue. Remember when Trump stopped one of her trips cutting access off from Pelosi using Military Planes for her trips!

    • Sounds just like Rump Ass with all his free trips and lining his pockets with American tax dollars while the Secret Service is forced to stay at Rumps outrageously over priced properties while they try to keep the American people from seeing him on vacation and golfing all the time, plus the cost of all the transportation for him and all his ass kissers

  6. I heard that since Pelosi started complaining about the video, it’s been viewed some 11 Million times! Maybe one day, she’ll learn to keep her wrinkled yap shut! 😆


  8. When you see the speaker of the house act like a child it’s time to ask your self what is the speaker of the house doing in that position. This position is not about selling ice cream it’s about making America great and taking care of its people. I have only been hearing from our speaker how she wants to take care of everyone else in the world but to hell with the people who pay her wages. I for one am done with people like this if you can’t take care of your people first you have no right to hold the position of speaker of the house.

  9. Nancy Pelosi should be jailed for all the oxygen she wastes daily in just living. Never mind how much more is wasting when she talks. The brain is gone and she has proven that she has no heart with the exception caring for herself. Does anyone know how her money was earned? She hardly seems smart enough to earn it! The citizens in San Francisco have her to thank for all that she has done for their fare city in all the years she has spent in congress. Just like some other Democrats in congress. Oh wait, someone said they have shitty streets or shit in the streets. Plus needles, trash etc.

  10. If Nasty Nancy was so proud of ripping the speech up in the first place then why is she ashamed and wants it taken down. She is pure EVIL.. Also the demoncraps keep saying Trump is causing national security issues, I beg to differ the demoncraps wouldn’t do anything about our southern border, really, and the MSM says nothing, I am so sick and done with all these EVIL Democraps.

  11. It should be shown over and over again! If the Dem Party are happy to back her actions then it should show the world that the Dem Party would manipulate the people and would punish anyone who would dare to disagree with them….Just like Stalin did in Russia, Mao in China, Hitler in Germany, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Castro in Cuba etc.

  12. I find it amusing that Nasty Nancy is upset when she is the one looking bad. But she would be fine if anyone posts a meme to make President Trump look bad.
    It’s called freedom of speech. You know, Like the first amendment of the Constitution guarantees. A document you might want to actually read.
    The Constitution was written before legalese was prevalent in common use. It is fairly easy to understand. No convoluted interpretation required.

  13. It’s over, Nancy. You made a stupid mistake. I didn’t think you were able to be ruled by shifty. He is a mean, ugly creature and you let him lead you to this action. You’ve lost my respect forever and for most of the people, too.

    • I agree with with you Barbara and others she deserves NO respect whatsoever she is a disgrace to the office of speaker of the house. The faces that she was making on national TV being seen around the world was so childish and disrespectful to the POTUS. When she ripped up those papers for all to see she lost all respect from anyone who may have had even an ounce of respect for her. She obviously despises the man but she certainly was elected to respect the office of the presidency. By the way I watched from start to finish and I believe the one reason the the POTUS did not shake her hand was her own doing by the lack of traditional respect she showed in announcing the President’s entering the chambers.

  14. It’s critical that freedom of speech be held sacred for everyone, not only for the radicals on the left. Only the most juvenile of imbeciles will rant about “do as I say not as I do” blatant violation. TOO BAD. Honorable people must stand firm.

  15. All I can say is I want my tax money back that Congress has wasted on all this stupidity. We Americans are paying for all these silly game, go to some other country.

  16. I don’t trust Nancy. I don’t feel she is capable of working for We The People for our best interest. The swamp is being cleaned ! I love America. On its way to being the greatest. We have a president to back us. He gets things done.

  17. Maybe Rush Limbaugh could auction of the peices of the speech and donate the proceeds to president Trump’s re-election campaign. And that way pelosi could be donating to Trump’s re-election campaign

  18. Sorry about the spelling guys, that’s ‘they’ not ‘the’, oh well, bottom (very bottom) line is to get rid of Pilosi.

  19. The best way to get rid of Pilosi, is to stop talking and get rid of the Botox Queen; Why do these people hang on so long when the do nothing?

  20. I must say I agree with each and every post and that is a first for me. The good people of this country have spoken but has Nazi Piglosi listened? I don’t think so and that is because she thinks she is so high and mighty and way above everyone else that she is right and we are all wrong. The day is coming, and it is coming very soon, when all the democrats will be eradicated along with sweet Nazi Piglosi. Crawl back into your bottle Nazi and hide if you wish but we will find you again and end your misery.

  21. No the tide is not turning … the Ministry of Truth – Google, Fascistbook, and Twitter … are just protecting the Left from Pelosi’s temper tantrum. Bowing to her would be an unseemly show of power even the drones would see … and they cannot hide the truth in this case b/c millions of us watched the whole thing on TV. … For many of us who were once Democrats, and are now pro-Americans … we know telling us our eyes are lying is the best way to get a drone off the couch and on the road back to joining America!

    Nasty San Fran Nan is a disgrace to the human race and not worthy of holding the gavel in THE PEOPLES HOUSE! She’s lost her way, lost her mind and clearly forgotten who she works for! Look at her poo hole city, great leadership right?

    • Yeah, thats very hard believe as both and probably every employee is a braindead kuckle dragging lemming stinking liberal.

  23. How deceptively altered? I guess Hamill means that deleting talking points tha don’t pertain to the individual story that Mr Trump was speaking to in each instance is deceptive??? Where did this dumbass go to school??? Each of the separate little sections outlined the hardship, hard work, and perseverance of each of the fine people whose story Mr Trump related. Mr father a bomber crewman on a B 17 on more that one occasion spoke to me of the skill and bravery of the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN who escorted his flights on many occasions protecting the bomber boxes from German fighter aircraft! The brave mom fighting to get her child a good education, the mom and son present and saluted for the bravery displayed by her husband who lost his life in our defense and showing her own bravery going on raising a fine son, or how about the mom who gave birth to the very small preemie daughter, her love and hope assisted by our fine doctors and nurses. The touching reunion of the family with our soldier/husband/father from another dangerous deployment. All fantastic and true. Mr Hamill I think you should tell your boss to just own her stupid childish remarks and actions.


  25. What a terrible embarrassment Piggy Pelosi is to our country and to California. She needs to be put out of office ASAP…she is a very dangerous, vindictive, evil person and needs to go! Maybe Venezuela would be a good destination for her…She needs to be held accountable for the vindictive behavior…tearing up the wonderful “State of the Union” speech…One thing Nancy has to realize…her saying she prayed for President Trump, etc. and lying about not hating anyone because she is a CATHOLIC!!!! God knows every move we make and He will take care of her. May God Bless President Trump and America!

  26. After all lies and backstabbing Apollo soul on the rest of them of done on Twitter and Facebook every bit of the news media fabrication of everything that they’ve done now the demand something that is a fact if you taking down it shows you with double standard they have acting like idiots so deal with it everybody knows put film back up

  27. Pelosi showed her contempt for this country and it’s renewed growth. She showed her contempt for our President and all he has done for the US and it’s citizens. She showed her contempt for the people that shared their stories of survival, heartache, pain, heroism, and courage. This is an evil woman, who needs to be removed from public office. Her sham impeachment stunt is a treasonous crime, IMO.

  28. My main question in addition to the major looser is what is the reaction of all followers and, other leaders? If these people don’t change to remain in this country in a safe and sound change, where are they moving to ? Mexico or Venezuela?

  29. i would just like the world too know there are many people that live in California that don’t agree with Nancy and Adam. i believe in trump.

    • Good! Lets get the Democrats out of office and your cost of living index down to sanity levels. There is more than one good Republicans running for office who will fight for you and all the people of California. Newsom is killing the state with his open door and socialistic policies at your expense. He has alienated the rest of the country and many of his constituents. You also need to clean up San Francisco and LA. California has become a haven for criminals and illegals.

  30. Nancy, sweetie, it is NOT up to others to save you from the consequences of your actions. You were wrong to rip up the speech. I would think better of you if you acknowledged that you were wrong and apologize for your actions. Okay? If not, then sit down, shut up and go away.

    • Laura, with your permission I would change “consequences of your actions” to “consequences of your stupidity.” I think it fits better. lol I liked your post.

  31. Forever disgraced
    Forever an embarrassment to her office
    Forever know as a hateful American not caring about the people of the USA
    Forever shamed as the only speaker of the house ever to act out like a child having a tantrum because she didn’t get her way
    The entire country saw Nancy act like a fool and the video will go down in history


  33. She and all the other democrats that showed the world how much they respect the official
    government proceedings and their constituents will show them the same in November. They earned it! Hope they enjoyed their time in the limelight!

    • Cindy February 9, 2020 At 11:36 am
      Excellent answer. If she is so righteous then the world should keep seeing what she did.


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