Atlanta Police Charity Makes Huge Move To “Boost Morale” Of Embattled Officers… This Is Awesome

(Liberty Bell) – Atlanta’s police officers have expressed their outrage, quite justly, at the anti-police rhetoric they’ve been subject to in the wake of the death of Rayshard Brooks, who was killed by one of their fellow officers last weekend after the intoxicated man stole a Taser and attempted to shoot officer Garrett Rolfe.

Rolfe has now been charged for Brooks’ death, a move which police officers and their allies across the nation found appalling as they consider Rolfe to have acted justly as he was being fired on with his own stolen Taser by the reckless Brooks.

Atlanta police officers have been calling in sick in a massive case of the “blue flu” as a result.

Now, however, the Atlanta Police Foundation has stepped up in an effort to boost morale, giving every officer in the Atlanta Police Department a $500 check, which amounts to roughly $2 million.

The Daily Wire reports:

The foundation announced the donation to each individual officer on Thursday, saying that the one-time payment was to thank police officers for working through the coronavirus pandemic and putting in overtime during recent protests and riots, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

“In an effort to stem attrition and boost morale, we issued a $500 bonus to each Atlanta Police Department officer,” the Atlanta Police Foundation said in a Thursday statement.

In addition to the checks, the foundation will also feed officers working 12-hour shifts and replace at least 20 police vehicles that were damaged or destroyed by rioters. Experts working with the charity are creating a police reform proposal to present to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

“The plan will reflect the ideas of a broad array of law enforcement, business, social justice, and community experts. It will identify standards of operational excellence and reflect best practices from successful public safety programs across the nation, including some of our own work in Atlanta,” the foundation said.

This huge gift came just one day after dozens of police officers called in sick or walked off the job after Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard filed charges against Rolfe.

The DA also brought three charges against Rolfe’s partner, Devin Bronson, who has been placed on administrative leave.

Last week, Brooks was found passed out in his car in a Wendy’s drive-thru. The officers responded to the call and issued Brooks a sobriety test and a breathalyzer, which determined he was over the legal limit, according to body cam footage.

The officers then attempted to take Brooks into custody, but he began to resist, wrestling a Taser away from one of the officers and fleeing several steps before turning the taser around on Rolfe, who fired on Brooks, killing him.

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  1. So because you are a criminal it’s okay for the police to kill you? Is that what you’re saying? If that’s the case then NO ONE would be in jail. If that’s the case then every officer that apprehends a criminal should just kill them on the spot. Right?
    It’s not okay for a police to take the law into their own hands. That’s the whole purpose of the justice system. If someone is resisting arrest then the officer is supposed to be TRAINED to handle that type of situation and then arrest them for resisting.

    Brooks was drunk and in his car sleeping it off. He could have been drinking and driving and putting people’s lives in danger but he didn’t do that did he?

    It’s not okay for a police to kill a man just because he took his TASER!!! He didn’t take his gun he took a TASER which doesn’t kill. Isn’t that why officers use it because it’s an alternative to shooting a suspect. If it’s okay for an officer to use it on an individual then it should be okay for an officer to be tased.

    Killer Rolfe’s actions wasn’t self defense because HIS LIFE WASN’T IN DANGER!!! It was two officers vs. one drunk man.

    If the tables were turned and it was your kind that was being killed by the police you wouldn’t reply in the manner in which you are replying.

    Resisting arrest doesn’t equal death!!! Floyd wasn’t resisting and he was MURDERED anyway. How do you all justify the actions of Killer Chauvn? Oh, because he has a criminal past it makes it okay? The only thing that matters is what happened the moment that he was approached by the police and every minute that lead up to his MURDER. There were four officers and one hand cuffed man. There’s nothing that you can say that will ever justify those killers actions.

    You have to be some cold hearted, blind, racist evil people to try and justify what happened to this man and every other black person that is killed by the police unjustifiably. There were many people who did obey the officers and were still MURDERED.

    I’m happy that the officers were fired and I pray that they all go to jail for acting outside of the scope of their job and for taking the law into their own hands. And I also pray that they are found guilty and is sent to prison.

    (I’m almost certain that because my comment is opposite of everyone else, it’s probably not going to get posted, but so what…)

    Oh, and one last thing, you all can’t stand to see a black WOMEN in power can you? Well get over it!!

    • You stupid cunt. The scumbag tried to shoot the officer. He got EXACTLY what he deserved. And you are right about one thing, if cops were to kill the criminals, we would bot have to support the

  2. Been stopped by All types of Ethnicity of cops in Los Angeles from 1983 to 1998. I like to drive my sportscar a little too fast. I obeyed the orders of EVERY Officer. I traveled in the early hours to an from Downtown from Orange County. I OBEYED the Officer’s request.
    Took my ticket and learned my lesson. LAW and ORDER are musts.
    Still here praising what our LAW Officers do daily.
    REFORMED and CONTINUAL Training is needed.

    • Ridiculous & insane that Officer Garrett Rolfe should face charges for shooting an intoxicated individual who stole a Taser from a police officer then tried to use Taser on him. Rolfe was defending himself. Brooks resisted arrest and struggled with officers.
      Rayshard Brooks was intoxicated and passed out in his car at Wendy’s drive thru. Brooks chose to resist arrest — no one made him do that. It was HIS choice. Officers are TRAINED to defend themselves from dangerous people.

  3. Take some more Criminals off of the Streets, Now. Maybe more Reward Money will come your way. White or Black, if they Resist or point a gun at you, Shoot to kill.

    • HERE’S A GOOD QUESTION …”I just watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd.

      I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Police Officer. I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Soldier.


      I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of (black and white) babies aborted EVERY DAY.

      I have never seen them kneel for a murdered white man or woman. I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of black-on-black murder victims.

      I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of elderly people that died in nursing homes due to the Corona Virus.

      I have to ask: WHY are Democrats putting the life of George Floyd as more valuable than the lives of everyone else?

      In fact, Democrats have put so much value on the life of George Floyd, they have allowed rioting, looting, arson, murder and mayhem in communities Nationwide…


  4. If people would stop fighting cops when they get busted they would not get killed. 99% of those arrested have a rap sheet a mile long and think they don’t have to follow the law.
    They have tried many times and that’s why the rap sheet. Stupid is as stupid does. These thugs make good black people guilty by association. Blacks going down the street make people nervous as you have no idea if they are just normal people going about their business or looking to get into trouble. If there is more than a few it’s usually trouble. Blacks that look like normal people or older don’t draw much concern. The young, wild looking ones with all the tats and cornrows a mile long and acting aggressive is what people are concerned with. I back police 100%. Looters would be shot on sight. Stay Safe

  5. The mayor should be thrown out of office and the police should take couple of days off and see who answers to 911 let the mayor and the other democrat scumbag politicians answer 911 😤

    • 911 should tag all Mayor’s and Governor’s as well there anti-Cop cohorts across our Nation and don’t forget the Lawmakers that also support the riots to not respond also terminate all Police protection that they request. Give them a taste of what there so pushing on the majority that are lawbiding Citizens that want Law Enforcement since the realty is 99% are good.

  6. Floyd was a career criminal.

    So was Chauvin

    Brooks was in violation of probation fleeing custody to avoid jail.

    Darren Wilson shot a pink crack head who robbed a store of mini cigars so he could dose the tips with crack and smoke it. He attacked an officer, tried to take his gun, got his hand wounded, tried to escape and then turned and bull rushed Darren leading to a self defense shooting.

    In Baltimore a drug punk got arrested by bycicle cops who dpotted a drug deal. They put him in a van to be taken to jail and the guy beat his head against the divider so to claim the cops beat him. He had done it before.

    The Arbery killing was insane. I see pics spread around showing Arbery in a house under construction he ran bye as far back as Oct. Really, the kid had an interest in construction? Treaspassing? Arrest me, I have done the same thing many times but in more expensive areas.

    Of you resist police you can expect to get
    Beat or killed. If you shoot some one you better have self defense on your side.

    • I’m drawing a blank with the one who just withdrew from Biden’s camp. I read somewhere she was responsible for keeping Chauvin on the force for years who had a history with Floyd.

  7. I think the entire police department should announce “we’re all going to take a week off. You want the police defunded? Ok, let’s test that idea. Call us when you’ve had enough of this experiment”. Let’s then watch the chaos ensue and see if some minds get changed.

  8. Sure, black lives matter, but being black does NOT bestow immunity from criminal charges for those who in fact have committed criminal offenses any more than being white or any other color in between the two does! Would this be considered sound reasoning, or does anyone “out there” disagree?

    • No, the reality is that ALL lives matter but that destroys their narrative so we can’t have that now can we?

  9. We need to do more than just placate these brave police personnel, we need to get rid of Mayors, Governors, and anyone else in a position of power who is in sympathy with the degenerate socialist-leaning segment of our society. If these individuals want a socialist, lawless country, let them move to China, Russia or Venezuela! The majority of American citizens want nothing to do this Godless ideology!

  10. “In an effort to stem attrition and boost morale, we issued a $500 bonus to each Atlanta Police Department officer,”
    If you really want to help the police, fire the DA and lock up the people who vandalized the city…this indictment is a travesty of justice since the DA overreacted because the BLM is now dictating justice for non-blacks…in fact BLM is doing exactly what they are accusing “whites” of doing …discrimination is discrimination, right? Lynching is lynching, right?

    • Better to provide legal assistance to the 2 wrongly charged police officers.

      $500 isn’t a big enough bribe to even begin to cover the costs that every officer that will be eventually charged in similar situations.. It’s just a city thing. Happens all the time. Look at the education level of the residents there.

  11. Raymond Marine, don’t limit the thugs to BLM. Antifa, Mainstream Media, Atlanta Mayor, the Atlanta DA, and 95% of the dummycrat party are 2 bit punk thugs. The $500.00 was a great idea but the dummycrats will insist on taxing that $500.00. Then the dummycrats will also say all that money should be spent on social programs, like providing BLM/Antifa funding to buy heavy equipment so it will be easier to remove all statues and monuments.

  12. I stand with the police had he wrestled the gun away we would have lost a police officer and this degenerate would have been praised as a hero. I believe the officers should continue the blue flu until the mayor amd city council back them 100%. If the officers cant be safe on the streets you can always deputize the people and turn it into a bloodbath then the feds will step in and bring in the military

  13. Waste of $ & time. Rx: Need to replace blackmayor
    & black cops w WHITE males thruout..Also adopt a ATONEMENT TAX on all black citizens to pay for all the damage done by the looters,arsonists,&anarchists to business owners, Get serious people, another feel good charity w NOT solve what we all know needs to be done

    • You show YOU ARE a racist, pure and simple. I am a white male, 79, retired and grew up when they started bussing black students to our all white school and neighborhood. It was a cultural shock.

      I went into the military out of high school and 1/3 of 70 in my barracks were black. I was 17. More shock. Taking baths together, going to the toilet with knees almost touching anyone who was on the other toilet that faced each other. I could go on.

      Over the years after I was discharged, I worked in corporate America I got to know several black individuals, and got to realize most of them, had similar values as I did. And the color of their skin, soon faded away. A few, became good friends.

      I don’t preach, but you need to grow up, and realize color of your skin, does not define who or what you are and believe.

      Police need to put handcuffs on people like George, rather than put their knee on their neck in the gutter. It would have altered the results dramatically. The cop who held him on the ground was at fault. He knew better.

      Conversely, the incident in Atlanta, was very different. The cop went to put cuffs on the drunk individual, who resisted, wrestled the police officers stun gun, ran away, shot at the officer, who shot back. Had the drunk individual allowed the officer to put the cuffs on, the man would still be alive. Cop was right.

      Fact is, if handcuffs were put on both men, both would still be alive today. The first situation was cop stupidity. The second, was the individual stupidity.

      Instead of having both men alive, we have two dead individuals. The first cop is at fault. Not the second cop.

  14. Every officer should donate enough to create a defense fund for the 2 officers since it will be government money procecuting them.

    • It will be our money prosecuting them. I am sure they will receive the needed support. The officer properly defended himself and he is being offered as a sacrifice to appease the African American gods.

  15. This is beautiful. We need to do this for ALL law Enforcement. It is pathetic how they are treated by the people who hire them. They should back them 100%. We all hope justice prevails and the two officers are deemed. NOT GUILTY.


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