As People Die From Deadly Coronavirus, Nevada Gov. Sisolak Was Doing This With Life-Saving Treatment

(Liberty Bell) – Liberal Democrats do a lot of despicable, horrible things on a daily basis. Just think about how many lives these folks have ended due to their support and propagation of the murder of the unborn. It’s utterly disgusting to see the lives that have been thrown away for political purposes.

Well, liberals are apparently going for consistency now, as the Trump hating Democrat Governor of Nevada, who recently decided to limit the ability for doctors to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine for treatment of the deadly coronavirus, has been hoarding the medication for prisoners.

That’s right. Gov. Steve Sisolak has been hoarding life saving medication to fight one of the deadliest illnesses we’ve seen in modern times for lawbreakers. Deplorable, right?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Sisolak claimed that he was doing so to prevent the hoarding of the medicine, despite the fact that you could only obtain it through a prescription.

Now, 360 News Las Vegas has discovered that Sisolak’s Department of Corrections has begun hoarding the drug following his questionable decree. As is the case with most Democrats and many Trump haters, you must do as they say and not as they do.

Mindy Robinson, an America First activist and candidate for congress in Nevada’s 3rd District, which includes Las Vegas, claimed that this revelation showed how Sisolak cares more about criminals than he does law abiding citizens.

Speaking exclusively to TGP, Robinson slammed Sisolak’s hypocrisy.

“First Governor Sisolak awarded himself with magical “emergency powers.” Then he restricts the use of a life saving medication for coronavirus patients, over fears that people would somehow “hoard” a drug they needed a prescription for…and now it turns out that our own prison system here in Nevada was hoarding the drug for their inmates the entire time. Seriously, where is this man’s loyalties? Because it certainly isn’t with the law abiding citizens of this state.”

It seems that Sisolak has finally decided to let the average peasants finally have access to this life saving medication, but how many folks suffered needlessly or died from this sickness that could have been spared had they been allowed to access Hydroxychloroquine? We’ll never know now, thanks to the politically motivated actions of a person with a clear case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

This is not the time to be grinding a political axe against those who disagree with your policies and worldview positions. It’s time to join forces together, as one united people, and take care of each other. The only way we defeat the coronavirus is with each other’s help and encouragement. If we cannot, for just a few months, set aside our differences and unite, then this country is not going to last much longer.

Here’s to hoping that Sisolak is held accountable for his actions and that the people of Nevada are blessed by this medication that is working wonders to give people a leg up against this awful virus.



  1. sissylak has been a pain in the ass to everyone in Nevada except the seiu of clark county, he needs to be relieved and a new gov brought in to replace the idiot!

  2. I wish all of the so called medical experts would get off of their model numbers and start pushing the Hydroxychloroquine/ Z-pack to slow down and eliminate the virus so we can get back to work. This is just common sense for pete’s sake. It has been tested. In France 79 out of 80 patients recovered , which is a great percentage. What the hell are they waiting for?

  3. Maybe I should not say this but I hope every dimorat falls into a well so deep
    that even the echo of their voices will never be heard!
    restore some common sense to our country.before these pieces of crap
    destroy our great country.

  4. Now everyone seems to finds omething wrong with everyone elses actions except the person they should be looking at, and condemming his actions, the President of this USA, who is not doing what anyleader of a democratic Government country is suppose to do, look out for their people first not tell the Governors to do it on their own, that is exactly what the War Powers Act is all about making it so the President can demand that companies make any and all equipment needed for the pandemic and limit the profit they can make on the poroduct, or any other crisis. Now not one companuy has been ordered to manufacture anything and as Trump says they are volunteering to manufacture, they are also volunteerring to charge as much as 100 times the price of Masks for one thing and as much as 5 times for ventelators, and making it a bidding war for anyone wanting them. now if those who support Trump see nothing wrong with this then they should look at them selves in the mirror because like Trump they are responsible for many deaths from laack of equipment, while those companies are getting rich off of the deaths of many persons. This is as criminal as it gets from a President, any President. Complained about companies sending equi9pment overseas but niot one word on the price gouging by the companies.which according to Trump will spur the economy.

    • Robert, the POTUS is doing what he is supposed to do watching out for us! I don’t think you have ever had to deal with the federal government for anything other than getting a tax return. It (govt) has what is called stove pipe organization, in other words one doesn’t know what the other is doing. As far as getting something you have to get approval from one then the other and so forth. It is easier to have states “get it themselves” to eliminate the slow govt machine. The companies, 3M for example, that are sending masks overseas is idiotic. They have factories overseas so those need to distribute there and the one(s) here distribute here. This cuts out risk of contamination and slow delivery times. The POTUS has done very well with this, much better than one of your Democratic candidates could or would have. Obama couldn’t deal with a swine flu. If you don’t like what people have to say on this page don’t visit it, we support Trump now and in 2020!

    • maybe you should look up to the state government as they are responsible..maybe if democrats were doing their job instead of trying out an elected President on their hoaxes scifty schiff would have been doing his job it would have been caught earlier..maybe if borders would have been closed we wouldn’t have all these problems , build the wall!!! most vaccinate in this country, people come in with disease so thank a democrat! democrat told people to go to china town and party and hug your friend, how did that work out for ya? thank a democrat! new york said President was racist because he wanted to stop people from flying in from other counties! how is that working for them? thank a democrat! you want to put blame where its due? China! and democrats! by the way what was kerry, pelosi, and schumer talking about while going behind the Presidents back? hmmmm and not a one of them sick, kinda makes you wonder..things that make ya go hmmm? have a nice day..keep people safe..stay in

  5. This guy must be bosom buddies with blatant communist California Governor Newsom. People, move to a sane state!.

  6. I guess the citizens in Nevada will need to make a choice: Either convince their representatives in state government to impeach the governor, or throw out the ones who refuse and get new ones in their place who will, or wait it out until they can elect a new governor. If all that fails, they can always vote with their feet and move.

  7. Michigan’s HITLER JUNIOR ,Governor Gretchen Whitmer, went one better. She threatened to pull Doctors Licenses if they prescribed this drug to a patient. I guess she thought she is better than any doctor and because she would rather slam President Trump than save constituents lives she stopped the use of Hydroxychloroquine ; that is until Michigan residents notified her that if their family member might die due to being denied this drug that they fully intended to sue her civilly and have her charged with negligence. All of a sudden she changed course and is asking President Trump to have her shipped thousands of doses. He has already shipped more and more ventilators.Remember her at election time..

  8. You get the government you deserve. Move from California and turn Nevada into East California. Democrats doin for Nevada what we did for California. Next stop State Income Tax.

  9. I was an Asst. Watch Commander in a Max Security Hospital and saw this type of preferential treatment for Inmates. Inmates receive the highest medical treatment and consideration. They go to the top of transplant lists with out exception and no expense is spared. The reasoning is that they are Wards of the State while incarcerated and the State assumes responsibility for their well being. So, the State system disregards Honest Law Abiding Citizens and for goes their medical needs and bestows them on the less deserving. Think about that logic for awhile.

  10. Nationally it has been reported that Nevada (Las Vegas) is going to be hit with the most dramatic financial downturn in the country due to the CV-19 because of our reliance on tourism & gambling revenue. It seems to me that our Governor @govsisolak #govenorsisolak should be handing out hydroxychloroquine as a preventive probitotic in droves since mass testing will be coming to late to our beloved state to save lives, prevent the spread of CV-19, and SAVE our economy that was on fire. Governor Sisolak’s recent directive to protect people from being evicted and/or foreclosed upon is a wonderful gesture for the short term. Nevada needs healthy people working again as soon as possible or this financial downturn will be so much worse than our recent global recession. Nevada’s recovery lagged the rest of the country by 3 years when the recession ended and if you don’t act appropriately immediately our comeback will be far worse. @govsisolak #govenorsisolak put your politics away and save lives, jobs, and our economy by handing out a proven medication as preventive care. Be a humble leader without politics!!

  11. This guy was probably hoping the body count would go wild and then blame Trump. Fortunately, the sinister acts the left commits cannot be kept secret very long. Now let’s see if voters continue to be stupid and vote for democrats in Nevada for any office. The man appears to be a sociopath and thinks more of prisoners than his constituents.

  12. Hopefully, he has legislated a civil suit ban Like the Gov. of Illinois respecting any civil suit filed due to COVID is disallowed. In this manner, he would be immune to the hundreds to thousands of wrongful death lawsuits coming his way. Kind of a self-legal-immunization. Illinois dems are always ahead in corruption control and already thought of that one.
    Just wonder how they will pay off the Bar Association?

  13. I don’t think there’s anything lower (maybe the devil) on this planet than this slime ball. He needs to go back under his rock and stay there. I’m sure he has relatives there.

    • This Gov loves the prisoners so muc maybe he should spend more time with them in a cell next to them.

  14. Shame on him!
    Those low-life Dems : Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nagler, ect…need to cover their faces with big masks and shut up to stop spreading deadly impeachment disease,TDS, hating America…
    Because, they are the real viruses!

  15. Well here’s another big black eye for the demonrats I hope all you demos who voted for him are happy this is what has been happening to our country for the last 3 years they are destroyers and do not work well with real people, sisolak is just another nothing working against the American People. Wake up for God’s sake!!!!

  16. I seems that sisolak’s controllers don’t want hydroxychloroquine used because it might not only be effective for CV-19 but also effective for influenza and the common cold. That would knock the bottom out of big pharma’s lock on their multibillion dollar fake vaccine scam.


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