As American Cities Burn, Hillary Clinton Makes Sick Accusation Against Trump

(Liberty Bell) – There’s never been a time that our nation has more sorely needed unity.

This year has been devastating for national morale. We began the year with a sham impeachment that went nowhere and deepened the political divides we’d already been faced with.

Americans felt abandoned by their Democrat constituents, who were more concerned about gaining political points against the president than they were in securing jobs, health care, national security.

Then, coronavirus hit, and we spiraled quickly down into one of the greatest crises our nation has ever faced.

Millions filed for unemployment, people were forced to homeschool and stay indoors, small business owners saw the establishments they worked so hard to build go under water in a matter of weeks.

All while suicide, depression, and substance abuse skyrocketed and our civil liberties seemed to dissolve with a few flicks of governors’ pens.

Now, American cities have descended into chaos as otherwise peaceful protests against the death of George Floyd, a man horrifically killed while in police custody, turned into violent, destructive riots.

This is absolutely the last thing this nation needed.

While the vast majority of American citizens and politicians have the same view about Floyd’s killing, many on the left are determined to use the event to divide us anyway.

None more so than Hillary Clinton, who has once again come out of the woodwork to accuse Trump of “calling for violence” when he has done absolutely nothing of the sort. In fact, he’s been calling for peace!

On Friday morning, the President tweeted, “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

Did you see any threats there?

Bear in mind, the left is calling for “justice” for Floyd, a fair call. This is no different than Trump signaling he will lend the military to aid with law enforcement. Both justice and enforcing the law, at the end of the day, require violence to some degree.

This is a stretch, at best, and horribly tasteless and irresponsible at worst.

Amazingly (or perhaps predictably?) tech giant Twitter, fresh of the heels of erroneously “fact-checking” a Trump tweet earlier this week, censored the tweet for “glorifying violence.”

How many tweets out there that glorify the violent protests remain uncensored?

“The president of the United States is calling for violence against American citizens,” Clinton wildly claimed.

“That is so wrong. We need honest reckoning and reconciliation. If you haven’t already joined the work to replace him in November, start now,” she said.

Her sentiment was echoed by the man in whose place Clinton on doubts wishes she was right now, presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who declared that Trump “is calling for violence against American citizens during a moment of pain for so many. I’m furious, and you should be too.”


  1. I am glad to hear so many people being aware of Geore Soros. He also financed the riots in Ferguson & baltimore. He is the most evil man in the world.

    • Sue, have you noticed that the places most likely to be rioting,looting ,burning and shooting are d’rat controlled cities and states.

  2. Clinton blames L. B. Johnson for the assignation M L King. She blames everyone else even her own Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. Clinton is the lowest even for a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat. How could America not see the evil in the Clintons. Even Chelsea is a chip off her Mom. How pathetic and sick they are just like the Obamas, Kennedy family. Murderers, Rapist, child molesters, thieves, treason, giving aid to our enemies and every foul disgusting Thing you can imagine they have done and continue to do. When is America going to wake up and see the obvious evil of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. They are even using what happen in a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat State and City by KKK enforcers. It is almost like they planned the riots, burning and looting. They even have idiots has beens like Moore and Kaepernick was to help spread and continue hate and Racism. It’s bad enough the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party hire people togo into cities to riot, loot and burn. They are burning minorities businesses after they rob them. Real nice Democrats.

  3. The President should have already, and needs to, designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist group. That way if they can prove that Soros is funding them they can arrest his ass.


  5. I see that the democrats are blaming the looting and destruction on white nazi’s, just watched the breaking in of an Apple store in DC, since when did black kids join the white nazi’s. All of these loot and burn people are kids that see the opportunity to live out their dreams of getting free sneakers and I phones, notice that they don’t break into the dollar store!

    • They are right white Nazis because the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party are Nazis but it has nothing to do with race creed or color.
      You have While, Brown, Black, Yellow, Red Progressive Socialist Communist Racist Democrat Party – Nazis. ANTIFA is a Communist Organization that once was against Nazi Party, now they are all the same. America better wake up these riots and destroying Black communities is another Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party plot. This gives these paid criminals to steal and burn that has nothing to do with what happen in a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party state and City. It takes away the threat by this party that will do anything to gain power. Notice they do nothing to stop it in any city when it’s Demoncrat controlled.

  6. WHY are all the sicko vile destructive people still in our faces and our gov’t D.C. is not a swamp but a toilet bowel that is full of smelly sh!! like hateful HILLERY AND her many crimes that have gone unpunished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I don’t mean she should go to a country club

  7. We watch as Democrats try to destroy America and blame our President. They must truly believe “We The People” are stupid

    • Nope. They’ve been working at destroying our education for several decades because they are depending on the rise of the sheeple, those that can vote but have no basic intelligence so follow blindly those that feed them and keep them moderately happy.

      Just say moo if you vote democrat. That’s about as much as your opinion, or vote, means to the demonscraps

  8. Killary, Barry O. and all the usual suspects are giddy about the whole situation, seen as just another crisis (of their making) that can try to lay at Trump’s feet. Fuc*in disgusting!!!

  9. Hillary Clinton will NEVER quit meddling OR prevaricating about the President and all others concerned until such time as she is wasted, dismembered, and the pieces scattered to the four corners of the Earth! Hmmm, that sounds like the makings of a plan to me!

  10. The case for or against George Floyd has little to do with much of the destruction and theft taking place, but it does play into the hands of those seeking to divide the country. Much of the thefts and violence are organized, not to protest, but to steal. There are people in all so called riots whose only interest is self enrichment, stores looted, before being burned, Hall of Fame with valuable exhibits stripped. Many shootings are one gang using riots to get rid of rivals. The percentage of Black people being killed by police is smaller then the total number of people killed by police, yet the MSM doesn’t find that worth mentioning. These protests are simply an excuse to cause damage and take out frustration of being locked down.

  11. Hilary is a student and believer in “Rules for Radicals”. Traditional Liberalism is not found in the Democrat party anymore. There is no room in the DCP for traditional liberal thinkers. The Progressive movement does not tolerate freedom of thought. They do not like the Bill of Rights and seek to silence anyone who disagrees with them.
    Hilary and Bill have a record of lawlessness they must live with from bleaching emails to the uranium deal with Russia and the Haiti debacle etc.

    Police that break the law must be punished to the full extent of the law! Peaceful protest should always be supported but rioting and looting must also be addressed, stopped and violators prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Any members of Antifa and other domestic terrorist groups must be prosecuted under Federal law.

  12. People make up all sorts of crazy things about George Soros without any documentary proof. He has become the bogeyman of the crazy right. The rumors against Hilary Clinton come closer to being true.

    • It’s a damn shame that any one still pays any attention to what she says or anything Biden. Says

    • In case you’re unaware, Soros funds hundreds of groups that are all left leaning, country hating groups. I see you don’t know as much as you think you do.

    • So mike are you saying that AG Barr made up this stuff about Soros backing the Antifa tugs. Known fact for years. Where have you been?

    • Mkichael…I don’t know what news you listen to but did you not know that it was George Soros and Hillary who paid for those varmint thugs, most likely Antifa they paid to transport to the Trump rallies during the 2016 election cycle to pick fights with the young men who were going to the Trump rallies? Some journalists were trying to interview several of them, and all of their responses were ‘that they didn’t want to say who brought them there’!!! Perhaps you’ll recall Hillary saying at HER RALLIES that ‘all of the people at the Trump rallies were thugs who wanted to fight’…kinda amusing, ain’t it??? They’ve always tried to accuse Republicans of their very own wrongdoing. Also, Soros paid for those women’s marches after President Trump was elected! In addition, Soros was the big donor to that Adam Shiftless when he ran for the House of Rep from California. It might also interest you to know that George Soros’ son was married to Shiftless’ sister until 2015, and he paid mega bucks to put Shiftless in the House of Rep that most Americans recognize as no better than the Antifa thugs! George Soros is a Hungarian by birth, but that country does NOT want him!!! Wonder why? Where in heaven’s name have you been all these years that you know so little about George Soros who wants nothing better than to bring down America??????

  13. It is illegal to use the US military for law enforcement and has been since the end of “Reconstruction” (the so-called “posse comitatus” acts). While it is a statutory enactment, it has acquired all but constitutional status. The military can provide substantial support to state and federal law enforcement (e.g., transportation, rations, and other logistical support) but not actual force or arrest or other law enforcement powers unless explicitly authorized by Congress.

    Governors can use their state militias for law enforcement under their state laws (except for National Guard units which have been “federalized” as was the case during the civil rights movement of the early 60s).

    • Michael
      When we have to deal with a Governor like Cuomo of New York different rules should apply. He has used his daily campaign speeches for a multitude of purposes other than combating a pandemic. He has treated the citizens of the state as brainless amoebas that can’t judge for themselves. At a presser a couple of days that was to be about opening the state to business again the rhetoric came around to the events in Minnesota and his last statement was I stand with the protestors. Within hours rioting had begun in cities all across the state. His ‘free speech” ends with inciting to riot. Planned? Who knows but he is a d’rat socialist, sanctuary provider governor.

  14. The “protesting” against Floyd’s murder is premeditated and financed by Soros and the demoncrats. It came too quickly, all at once and is too violent in too many cities. Many of these protesters were shipped to each location to cause this anarchy. We know this to be true because many who were arrested at each location are not local people. ARE WE GOING TO ALLOW THE DEMENTED DEMOCRATS AND SOROS TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY FROM US?

    • Carol, honest protest of a wrong is legal and proper but we have to assure that we separate protest from anarchy. Anarchists operate completely outside the law and must be dealt with in the most severe manner possible. Clinton is preaching anarchy and that is not freedom of speech. We can call them all sorts of names but as you state,we absolutely must overwhelm them with our best weapon in November – VOTE!

    • I thought I was the only one that thought this. Judge Jeanine saw the import of the protesters too. No masks dont mind being arrested assured of bailout. Ring a bell? HOw about protesters during the primary against Trump with outside protesters. I read about Soros training camps in places like NC etc. I raise you one more. I think it is entirely possible that the CIA worked with China in a plot on the virus spread. Soros is threatened. I believe it. He didnt mind murdering his own Jewish people why would he care about anybody. Clinton is his puppet as sick and evil as she is, makes the perfect one. (New England women love that pedophile for her ‘style’. HOw genius is that. I can’t stand living here anymore. idiots

  15. Clear distinction between conservative and liberal responses. Conservative protect ALL the public, liberals want to protect the small number of criminals. Other examples – letting prisoners out of jail for “social justice” or protection from covid 19, trans allowed to compete against women and – surprise – win, sanctuary for illegals above safety and security of citizens. Who are those people that vote AGAINST the majority?

  16. Hate to inform you Hillary, but Peace is exactly what Trump called for, and Telling Criminals that They will get Shot if They Keep committing Crimes will bring about Caln one way or another. But Hey Yourself being a Major Criminal Might not see it that way!

    • Yes, Hillary, sometimes the threat of a strong defense to stop criminal behavior is necessary. That’s confusing to you, because your history shows sneaky behind the scenes violence to anyone who may have information that can do you political damage. You have no problem using violence to protect yourself. You are a phony political hack and a media darling who will say anything to place yourself before the cameras.

    • As I said earlier, SHOOT some looters and see how quickly that turn from looting to running!!!

  17. All those protestors were hired by and paid for by George Soros, the very same person who paid for buses that transported the illegal aliens to the Mexican border to cross into the United States. His goal is the same as the extreme left, destroy America, drive the U.S into a new world order, global domination, socialism, communism, supported by people like, Cortex, Omar, the deep state as the whole! He is a cancer to America. His money came from the 2nd WW, when he was appointed by the Nazi party to inventory te personal items taken from the Jews, which he sold for personal gain, and over time became a multi-billionaire, monies he uses to destroy Governments structures, again for personal gain. His own country of Austria won;t allow him back. He lives under the protection of America, on Long Island, behind 3 walls, in the Hamptons. He needs to be reckoned with for the sake of our Country.

  18. People that do the fires and looting are not peaceful protesting. They are no better than the police that this protest is claimed to be against. They are the same trash in our society. They have no regard for their fellow american, They are not burning anything closely related to police brutality that they so claim to be against.
    Yes Black lives matter as do any other color. Until ‘though shall not kill’ is adhered to and respect of fellow man we are in trouble. There is NO one that is better than the other and NO one life that is more precious than the other. We all are the same, or at least should be.

  19. Hillary, go back to Joe’s basement and wait the storm out! You will never understand real politics. You also will never understand empathy and compassion. Your face is not the one we want to see at any point, especially during a crisis! Seriously now…. go to the basement where you belong!!


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