‘Arrest Cuomo’ Swag Smash Hit At CPAC Event, But Look What Happened To Creator When He Didn’t Wear A Mask

(Liberty Bell) – A lot of folks who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in Florida were roaming around the venue sporting “Arrest Cuomo” t-shirts and other apparel inspired by the New York governor and his current scandal involving the cover up of COVID related nursing home deaths in his state.

This is the same individuals that the mainstream media gushed about for how well he handled the pandemic. Yes, a man who made the decision to send COVID positive patients into nursing homes where the most vulnerable population lives was somehow hailed a hero. Until recently when it was discovered that he had lied about the number of deaths he caused.

According to BizPacReview, the merchandise in question is available from the Fleccas Talks website, which is operated by Austen Fletcher who also runs a YouTube channel of the same name. Fletcher puts together videos where he often engages in dialogues with uninformed liberals in a friendly manner. Which, as you know, takes remarkable courage and intelligence.

“I’m from Long Island. I used to work in finance back in 2012. I love New York. I grew up going to the city on the weekend,” he said to the New York Post.

Fletcher said he decided to make the shirts after “seeing what Cuomo has done [with coronavirus] and seeing the media muppets protecting him.”

“People love it. We wore it yesterday to CPAC. Everyone was commenting on them,” Fletcher went on to say.

“Arrest Cuomo is not just a funny meme or hyperbole. It literally should happen. We need to arrest Andrew Cuomo,” Fletcher then added.

Unfortunately, Fletcher didn’t get to enjoy the CPAC event to the fullest as he was “politely removed” from the premises on Friday for not wearing a mask. Now, wait just a second here. Isn’t this event run by conservatives? A lot of conservatives have been convinced by science that it isn’t necessary to wear a mask as they are ineffective at stopping the spread of the illness. What gives?

“I was politely removed from #CPAC for not wearing a mask. They forced one on me for 30 seconds but then I ran into some fans and couldn’t look them in the eye while wearing it. That’s it. That’s just me. I’m out,” he posted in a tweet.

The mask hysteria has simply gone on long enough. Folks, do some research. Wearing a strip of an old t-shirt across your face isn’t going to do anything to stop this virus. By the way, if you catch it, you’ll likely live through it. Stop giving in so much to fear.

It’s really discouraging to see conservatives follow the mob mentality of the left due to mask mandates. It’s time to take the boot off of our necks and stand up boldly like Fletcher did for our own rights.

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  1. Thank you Fletcher. I totally agree with you. This mask thing has gone on way to long. Just another way to control the people. You handled yourself very well. I applaud you. The question is when will someone stand up and say “burn your masks the pandemic is over” China owes the world reparations for this man made virus which they allowed to spread. Keep on educating and reaching out to the liberals who have not yet to turn their light bulbs on in their heads. I totally agree The cuomo brothers need to be arrested.

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