Armed St. Louis Couple Tell Shocking Truth About What Actually Happened; It Doesn’t Fit The Left’s Narrative At All

(Liberty Bell) – There’s a picture going around on social media, a still shot taken from a piece of captured video, showing an older couple in a gated St. Louis community brandishing firearms as a means of protecting their lives and property from rowdy protesters who broke through the gate and onto the private property of the community.

As you might imagine, the mainstream media and all of the leftists out there on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, are doing their best to slander the couple and make it seem like they are hateful, gun-crazy white supremacists trying to put a muzzle on the Black Lives Matter movement and fight against racial inequality and police brutality.

According to the couple themselves, that’s not at all the truth. In fact, they have now told the real story about why they were standing outside their property, and it’s not at all like the narrative being pumped out by the radical left.

Here are the details from BizPacReview:

The armed St. Louis couple who protected their home from a Black Lives Matter invasion said the thugs threatened to kill them and their dog after trespassing on their private property by cutting through an iron gate.

Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia, 61, said they had no choice but to resort to their Second-Amendment right to self-defense because the police didn’t show up after they frantically called 911 begging for help.

The McCloskeys said they only retrieved their guns when they saw that the mob who had trespassed on their property were themselves armed and began threatening to hurt them.

“This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets,” McCloskey told KMOV4. “We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob.”

Ever since violent protests erupted after the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement officers in the city of Minneapolis, we’ve had tons and tons of left-wing activists attempt to justify the violence. Not only that, but many have even tried to deny that any of the folks involved in their movement aren’t starting this sort of violence. They claim it’s all being stirred up by white supremacists who want to undermine their efforts to fight police brutality.

This seems a fairly unlikely scenario. Especially when you have the president of Black Lives Matter coming out and saying that if they aren’t given what they want, they will burn the system to the ground. And he wasn’t just talking metaphorically either.

McCloskey continued: “It was like the storming of the Bastille. The gate came down and a large crowd of angry, aggressive people poured through. I was terrified that we’d be murdered within seconds. Our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed.”

McCloskey added: “A mob of at least 100 smashed through the iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear for our lives. One fellow standing right in front of me pulled out two pistol magazines, clicked them together and said, ‘You’re next.’ That was the first death threat we got that night.”

Rasheen Aldridge, who’s black, is a local Democrat district representative. Aldridge led the group that trespassed on the McCloskeys’ private property.

When asked why the group trespassed, Aldridge said, “Just like in many disobedient protests, even in the 60s, you break laws, make people feel uncomfortable. We’re not doing anything where we’re hurting anyone or putting anyone in danger.”

Well, for starters, Aldridge, this isn’t the 1960s. This is the year 2020. It’s significant to mention that because the reality here is that thanks to the efforts of great, non-violent leaders like MLK, systemic racism has been destroyed. What you are claiming to be fighting about in your desperate attempt to recapture the radical spirit of the 60s doesn’t actually exist. Therefore, the actions you are taking are not only unlike those of the courageous individuals who fought against real racism, they are causing panic and fear, which means you are indeed breaking laws and doing something dangerous.

Oh really? We’ve already seen numerous instances where mobs engaged in brutal group beatdowns of random white people and torched private property.

Who in their right mind would not feel threatened if an angry mob showed up on their lawn?

A police report later labeled the incident as a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation.

Shockingly, Democrats and their media minions have smeared Mark and Patricia McCloskey as racists and the angry mob as the “victims.”

Here’s an incredulous statement from the Circuit Attorney (chief prosecutor) of St. Louis. Gardner wants to investigate the McCloskeys for defending themselves from a threatening mob.

As Americans, we have the right, according to the Second Amendment contained within the BIll of Rights, encoded in the Constitution, to bear arms and protect our lives, our families, and our property from dangerous thugs and criminals.

This couple was doing just that. Protesters trespassed onto their property. They were not invited or welcomed inside. Storming into a gated community, being rowdy, loud, and as the couple stated, armed, is not conducive to claims of peaceful intent. Not at all.



  1. Yesterday in the “happy valley” of small, provincial city of Provo, Utah (home of Brigham Young University) a Black Lives Matter mob was assembling and a 60 year old man was turning from University onto Center Street in the small down town area. A BLM man accosted him in his car. Shot him right in his car. The man in panic pushed on the gas to escape and knocked a few folks down (have to be a fool not to move away from a moving car). He was taken to the hospital. Folks this is warfare and we better give our police and military the support they need NOW! It will soon be too late to stop the insurgency.

  2. I’m part of the silent Majority…or was until recently. Trump better do something about this uprising of domestic terrorist soon or he will not be re-elected and we will rise up our selves and rid the country of these terrorists.

    • The president does not have the power to do that unless invited by the Governor it is a state matter.

  3. I’m part of the silent Majority…or was until recently. Trump better do something about this uprising of domestic terrorist soon or he will not be re-elected and we will rise up and rid the country of these terrorists.

  4. It’s amazing how the Democratic Party is constantly involved with riots burning cities, helping stroke the fires even more. How about BLM does all black lives matter or is it just the 3% killed by whites. What about all the black people living in cities where blacks are killing blacks. I think its about 95% of black deaths. This is children and women and men, but nothing heard. Even the news doesn’t care. I believe all lives matter. Why aren’t all these people protesting in Chicago and other cities about the killings. How about the Liberals and Politicians doing that instead of trying to start another civil war. The left only cares about themselves not anyone else.

    • Go read the works of Trotsky and Lenin on how do you start a revolution and succeed in overthrowing the current societal order. It’s almost to the letter what’s going on right now here, in the land of Liberty and Justice for all. Look in the history who was funding those two SOBs, who were the “useful idiots”. Do you know the true definition of the word Socialism, from someone who was born and lived till age of 31 in that “paradise”:

      “Mine is mine and yours is common!”

      No, they don’t only care for themselves, they care that you’ve got nothing. And in the same time they care to take your 2nd amendment away, to make sure that you REALLY are left with nothing. If you decide to read some of these works bear in mind that when they say “bourgeoisie” – they mean the middle class. Which is explicitly marked as the evil that robs the last piece of bread from the mouths of the “peaceful protesters and their children”. That’s you! Right now is NOT PC not to cheer the BLM. Wait till the suspicion of not believing in BLM becomes enough for people to disappear quietly in the middle of the night. If Lenin, and Soviet Union are too far in time and space – look at Cuba and Che Guevara, look at the ‘national socialists’ of Germany and Italy, look at the killing fields in Cambodia. I grew up in the Eastern Block with MSEE and PhD in Applied Engineering Math, but could not get a job according to my education, so I worked as a technician, my parents grew in poverty there since my grand-parents’ possessions were confiscated and one of my grand-fathers “accidentally” died from a botched appendectomy. Just by chance he studied banking in Switzerland and came back home and became a bank director of the People’s National Bank in our town. What is happening right now here was exactly how the Communist revolution started in my country. This is the scariest of times for me! In 1988 I escaped from “Paradise” and went through hell for 2 years (James Bond /Borne Identity stile “adventures”) till I landed here. I cannot believe the nightmare starts over again!

  5. Kimberly Gardner, Rasheen Aldridge and others are not listening! This is not a PEACEFUL protest when they cut down a gate onto private property and threatening to kill them and their dog. Ms Aldridge needs to be reprimanded for instigating a riot. This was staged and she knows it. What would you do if 100 people came onto your property like the mob did in Beauty and The Beast? They have a right to protect themselves. If the protesters or should I say the rioters were just walking and not threatening death then I could see where getting a gun might be overkill. But not when you’re threatened with death. And for what purpose? Why did they single out these people and threaten them with death? Why was the media there? These are questions that Kimberly Gardner needs to be asking and following through with prosecutions.

  6. Get a mob together and threaten to burn NBC headquarters and kill the staff….see how far you get.

    Hey, that might be fun!

  7. Obviously, the St. Louis couple could use some firearms training. That being said, I fully support their right to defend their property and themselves and would do the same if similarly threatened. Do I own guns? Yes! Why? Because I cannot repeatedly throw rocks at more than 1100 feet per second. If the government is not going to do its job and quell these riots, then we have no choice but to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights to protect ourselves and our property which was the primary point of the 2nd Amendment in the first place. Also, it is disgusting to see how many people are duped into believing that we should allow these illegal rioters to destroy our property and then let the big bad insurance companies take the hit for replacing the property. How does insurance replace family heirlooms? What happens to insurance rates that we, the law-abiding citizens, have to eventually pay for all this damage? What idiots!

  8. I wonder, that if I paint all of my Bullets Black and shoot a Black Lives Matter Member, if I will still be called RACIST? If not, May I suggest that everyone does That.

  9. It is the right and responsibility of every man to protect his family and home against those who do them harm.Those people who enter your property uninvited with intent to do damage or harm have no right to be there and are subject to what ever it takes to remove them.At that point the trespasser is nothing more than a terrorist, thug or just plain criminal.The property owner is a hero or just a protector.

    • What kind of a moron does St. Louis have for a DA? The trespassers are thugs and the idiotic DA should be arresting and prosecuting those thugs who broke into a private home and threatened armed violence on the home owners. That moron of a DA should be in jail herself. Too bad she isn’t here in Texas; we would teach her a life lesson.

  10. In most jurisdictions their actions would appear to be brandishing but if a “protester” made a death threat that changes everything. Is a private street in a gated community part of the curtillage of each individual house? Tough call and probably depends on the laws in each state. The unanswered question is this. Supposedly the antifas were on their way to the Mayor’s house in that gated neighborhood to demand her resignation. Why were there no police outside of the gates to prevent the radicals from getting in? Was it incompetent police, a naive mayor who did not think it would be necessary, or a blue flu message to the mayor?

    • Dear Paul (Bloomberg Blogger paid grass-roots simulator) brandishing is term that applies on PUBLIC property and given assault of angry mob chanting they are going to kill you and having weapons – brandishing would not even be a reasonable defense at all for the thugs. The couple was at their own residence on private property. It was not a gated community common street. The assaulting party entered private property after they broke the gate down.

    • The other point is that MO is an OPEN CARRY state. You can open carry firearms in PUBLIC if you dont threaten anyone with it. The antifa people attacking the couple having open carry weapons fail to comply with open carry protection because they were on private land, in the commission of a crime, and they threatened the couples lives. Another violation is FCC related because the use of FCC regulated communication devices that antifa uses in the commission of these crimes breaks another federal law. It is said they are using a PTT type communication that daisy chains their devices WITHOUT using cell towers while securing their transmissions with high encryption, which is another crime to use certain encryption levels while in the commission of criminal activity. The police should at least detain every one of them and take away all of their phones. Another idea to protect your property would be to employ some BT jamming devices that can be turned on instantly to prevent them from any communication. Patriots should jam their communication – then they have nobody on watch, making the people committing the crimes run blind.

  11. Famous African American abolitionist. Fredrick Douglass called the Republicans the Party of Freedom and Progress. I am a Republican a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the Party of Freedom and progress. -Fredrick Douglass

  12. Now most of the published Video does not show what this article says happened, now brandishing a weapon is illegal when you say you are going to shoot someone who is not armed in any way. That is the problem with irresponsible persons own guns, now as a gun owner, I would never brandish a weapon toward an unarmed person who has in fact done nothing to me, and those that fear for their safety should stay inside, if damage is done insurance pays for repairs, and no one gets hurt. If persons do not know the law then they should bring them selves up to standard on the law. My state says I do not have a right to confront anyone breaking into my house if I have a n avenue to leave the scene, and it is the same way in a lot of states.

    • So what is insurance going to do when your family is slaughtered in front of you, and your weapons are locked in a safe so you don’t appear to be a threat. NOT an intelligent decision. As in most of the media we are being fed, wait till you hear the entire story! Just because you don’t see the intruders being armed doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    • Robert, in Missouri, the Castle Doctrine allows for defense of yourself, others and property! The mob criminally trespassed a private subdivision, crossed onto the families property, yelling threats and was outnumbered 100 to 1! That is threatening and as you say let them destroy property, insurance will pay. NO arson and vandalism is a felony and needs to be stopped!

    • Robert, you are living in a Leftist State. We MOVED out 3 years ago. We also own weapons, and although I won’t disclose where we live, we have a “castle doctrine” here.

      I am not saying I wouldn’t leave the premises if necessary and safe to do so, I will be carrying when I do so and INFORM anyone approaching that I am armed and will fire if necessary.

      You should also KNOW how to say this in both English and Spanish.

      It is TIME for people in Leftist states to “re-evaluate” if they should pay their state income taxes. I strongly recommend class action suits against states or municipalities where their politicians collude with terrorists and refuse to protect them.


      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • When do you think it appropriate to get your gun. After they come in your house. Kill you like they said or kill your dog for fun or your family. Missouri has a castle law. Are you so macho you can take on a 100 person mob that just tore down your gate without your weapon? So many gun experts after the fact.So considering they were armed he was in the right.With the castle law you don’t run.You do have the right to protect yourself and family.

  13. So why was the leader, a district representative, not charged with trespassing and inciting a riot, as noted “ Rasheen Aldridge, who’s black, is a local Democrat district representative. Aldridge led the group that trespassed on the McCloskeys’ private property.”

  14. This could have went to hell real quick. Couple was right to stand their ground and responded well to threats. They had means to protect themselves and did. Should reconsider their views on BLM and blacks in general. This mob should be in jail and Circuit Attorney has no business being in government.

    • The Circuit Attorney belongs in jail as she herself is inciting others to riot! Something is really wrong here as no police responded! Good example of how criminal Democrats have become. They will stop at nothing and should be dealt with accordingly!

  15. These couple had Right to defending Them self,
    Please Don’t Backup,
    If i was situation like them Yes I will Do the same,
    I would Not Backup from violent Thugs,

  16. Once again we have a dummycrat politician encouraging these mindless overage children to destroy property and lives. The problem with the McCloskey’s is that they weren’t far enough left. People need to stop thinking dummycrats are just left of center but still reasonable. Those dummycrats have been pushed out of the party a very long time ago. Now the party is run by idiot anarchist like AOC’s squad and Aldridge proves it along with Gardner. If those BLM/Antifa types came on my property waving guns and threatening to kill everyone and burn the house down I’d grab my Henry and open fire. As they got closer I’d change over to the shotgun and wife has Sam Colt to protect her.

    • A good semiauto 12 ga shotgun with a drum mag filled wit 00 buck shot will put some sense into those demorat thugs, and, if necessary, put them 6 ft. under. It’s time we start shooting back.

  17. Hurrah for the McCloskey’s!!!!!!
    You’re wonderful!!!! Keep up the great work. There are millions of us right behind you.

  18. The BLM is a domestic terrorist group just like Antifa and is in business to destroy America. I say in business because they are paid.


  20. The narrative from the communist BLM/Antifa will always be filled with the lies to protect their agenda of communist terrorist action. You did not really believe they would admit to their violent insurrection. Communists lie like a blanket. Mark and Patricia are personifying what a hundred million Americans will do. We know our rights and appreciate our freedoms. Attack them at your own peril.

  21. McCloskeys, continue to stand your ground! While you’re at it, you may want to reconsider which side you’re truly on! The MSM has depicted you as supportive of “liberal” causes, so you may want to rethink some of your opinions! Antifa and BLM do not have a reputation for playfulness; you should take them at their word!

  22. The protesters broke the gate to get in. That’s the first clue they are NOT “peaceful”. The couple had every right to protect their home. The DA is crazy.

  23. They did the right thing protecting their home no matter what Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner thinks!

    Let the likes of a Kimberly M. Gardner get in front of this gang mobs and control them. Then let’s see what she has to say. She is just another Democrat hypocrite.


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