Are Young Black Voters Turning On Biden After His Latest Racist Gaffe Went Too Far?

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s latest racial flub/Freudian slip have now officially placed him at risk of alienating young Black voters who may strongly dislike President Donald Trump but are not big fans of the former Vice President, either.

The incoherent presumed Democratic presidential nominee, when asked by Errol Barnett of CBS News this week if he’d take a cognitive test, Biden, who is known for being highly combative when remotely pressed by voters or reporters, replied by asking the young black reporter if he would take a drug test to see if “you’re taking cocaine or not? … Are you a junkie?”

Later, speaking with National Public Radio’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Biden drew a tone-deaf comparison between the Black and Latino communities. “Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things,” he told the Latina reporter.

He later attempted to walk back the comment, by basically saying he totally didn’t mean to say that Black people are a monolith when he completely said that Black people are a monolith.

Newsmax notes that Black voters as a whole delivered the Democratic nomination to Biden, powering his commanding win in the South Carolina primary, which rescued his floundering campaign. But that success was heavily dependent on older Black voters. In a general election where Democrats say no vote can be taken for granted, young Black activists and elected officials say this week’s missteps could make it harder to get their vote.”

“Trump is terrible, and he’s a racist, and we have to get racists out of the White House. But then Biden keeps saying racist things,” says Mariah Parker, a 28-year-old county commissioner in Athens, Georgia. “It doesn’t make me feel much better that we actually will have an improvement for the Black community with one president over the other.”

While Trump is viewed by many Black voters as someone who heightens racial tensions, he has long shown impressive approval and voter turnout among Black voters, something which only seems to be growing.

Trump called out Biden for his repellant comments.

He was not alone:

His campaign is highlighting the growing rapport among black voters:

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  1. For anyone who has dealt with traumatic brain injury, dementia or stroke pts., there is no doubt that Joe’s not all there. The vacant look in his eyes, the inappropriate affect, his hesitation & “C’mon Man” are all symptoms of brain lapse & the neurons & synapses are not firing on all cylinders. Rappers can “rap” out a whole song before poor Joe can attempt to spit out a complete thought. It’s truly pathetic that THIS is the ?best? that the Dems can offer as a candidate. “Falling, coughing ” Hilary was one thing but this man is being used for nefarious purposes & he IS totally clueless. I hope that there is ONE debate & America can see “what’s what”.

  2. What’s happening with Sleepy Joe is due to his dementia. His old-self is popping out more often. Dementia patients can’t help it. They can remember the old days, but forget what they had for dinner . . .
    He’s always been a racist, but his constituency always “looked the other way” because he allowed them their welfare freebies. Their laziness trapped them on the Democrat Plantation.
    Hopefully the younger people have grown out of that mindset, and will leave the plantation.


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