AOC Faces Off With Ted Cruz, Immediately Regrets It When She Suggests Clerk Records Get Pulled

(Liberty Bell) – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) definitely deserves points for the confidence with which she expresses her fallacious statements and absurd attacks on conservatives, but that’s about all she deserves credit for.

She has certainly learned the hard way that a bartender-turned-Soros-funded-socialist-princess is no match for a Harvard-educated former SCOTUS clerk which came in the form of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over the weekend as the two faced off on Twitter.

It all began when Cruz denounced “President-elect Biden’s choice to call his political opponents literal Nazis” as “really sad” and divisive, BizPac Review explains.

“This kind of vicious partisan rhetoric only tears our country apart,” he added.

Enter AOC.

The “Squad” leader replied by trying to claim there had been a “Neo-Nazi presence” at the U.S. Capitol Building last week when the facilities were breached by protesters and criticize Cruz’s objections to Arizona’s slate of electors.

She also erroneously claimed that people at the Capitol had “tried to hang the Vice President,” and subsequently called on Cruz to “resign.”

“They wore Auschwitz shirts, erected gallows, and tried to hang the Vice President. Your continued excusal and denial of Wednesday’s Neo-Nazi presence is abhorrent and dangerous. The most healing and unifying thing *you* can do is take responsibility for your actions and resign,” she wrote in perhaps the most fantastical account of Wednesday’s events.

AOC may not have wanted to bring up “Nazis,” considering her chummy relationship with the most vehemently antisemitic members of Congress.

“Epic hypocrisy. Facts: 1) Nazis are evil bigots. 2) You & your anti-Israel pals blocked a resolution condemning antisemitism—which I passed unanimously in the Senate. 3) Unless they are genocidal, calling your political opponents Nazis is atrocious,” Cruz replied.

After the socialist sweetheart accused Cruz of “lying,” AOC challenged Cruz to “Pull the Clerk record. I proudly voted for the resolution against antisemitism you cite. Your statements are growing increasingly erratic and unfounded in fact. I do not call all my opponents Nazis. But rest assured, Neo-Nazis are my opponents.”

Pull the clerk record, you say?

Cruz was far too quick for her on this one.

“Not true. The ‘record’ you cite is the show vote on the watered-down House resolution AFTER you BLOCKED the resolution condemning antisemitism,” Cruz replied.

“You support BDS. And you demand candidates promise NOT to visit Israel,” he added for an epic and false-narrative-destroying 1-2 punch.

He was referring to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement which was started by Palestinians to punish Israel economically for existing.

The Senator also pointed to a link from March, 2019 in the New York Post headlined “Pelosi passes watered-down condemnation after Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets” which covered a House-passed resolution which had started as an effort to react to AOC’s homie, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) raging antisemitic statements on Twitter at the time.

The resolution was so watered down, in fact, that Omar herself ended up voting for it.

Cruz also linked to a WCBS Newsradio report from August 14th in which it was noted that, in order for candidates running for New York City Council to get the support of “prominent Democratic Socialists” like Ocasio-Cortez, “he or she must pledge, if elected, not to travel to Israel.”

“There are two questions, not just one question. There’s a second question about the Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement of Israel that they are calling for these candidates to support,” Jewish community relations vice president Michael Miller said, deriding the travel pledge “despicable.”

“The fact that these questions were posed, singling out the state of Israel as opposed to any other country in the world, yes, this is anti-Semitic,” he added.

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  1. “This Fat Mouth NO NOTHING cannot even be Trusted to share tips with honest hard working fellow employees”! “How in the HELL can WE Trust her to make Life and Death Decisions when she has already deceived Patrons and Workers?! “She fits right in the Demoncratic Party”! “Keep Mouthing OFF”, “NO ONE TRUSTS YOU with your hand on the Bible, you just might steal it too”! Take a powder!

  2. AOC and her Squad of women which I’m ashamed to call women are racist anti Israel anti-jewish anti-god and just plain stupid they don’t know their history they don’t know politics they need to crawl back wherever they came from and whoever voted for these so-called women are just as stupid as that crazy screaming liberal Squad.

  3. What needs to occur for people like AOC is to be ignored on all social media outlets. She needs her platforms for ranting removed. If no one is listening or paying attention, she will be talking to herself and you know how boring that will get to her. Remove her audience.

  4. The only Nazi’;s in DC were the BLM and Antifa who initiated the ‘riots’. It is so sad when the news media has ll been bought and controlled by a Nazi…George Soros. he need to be hung for sedition, inciting riots and treason. But those who control the money control the lemmings.

  5. AOC is just another victim of what she was taught in the college she attended. She is also very gullible and naive and does not even try to find out facts for herself. Sadly we have many just like her in Congress. This country is on the verge of self-destruction.

  6. Thanks to re-districting and mass immigration allowed to live in these large populated areas we get complete idiots like this making decisions for America as a whole. People you need to take a look at your local elections. The district lines are strategically redrawn to guarantee political bias candidates. This is going on across America.

  7. AOC is totally irrelevant now. She has shown herself to be not only anti Semitic but a total lunatic. Please don’t give her anymore air time. Just ignore her.

  8. AOC has learned her lessons well…So well that the ignorant fools in her district voted to return her to congress and bought her lies and presentation of those lies. All of us better understand exactly what is being done to our country with these mouthpieces used by the far left Soros/big tech media cabal!

  9. She’s right they probably were Nazi’s and bigots.
    I’ll bet they were antifa and blm dressed as MAGA.
    Funny how the capital police are overseen by congress. Were they ordered to stand down by Pelosi and AOC and the Confederate Democrats who work for Jim Crowe Joe. Joe’s predecessors were the Confederate Democrats who stole the reparations blm is after.

    • I agree with you 100%
      You know this was a set up, there was to much positive momentum going into the hearings of the certifications. They could have easily had some national guard support to help knowing the amount of people that were going to be there, My opinion they denied help purposly

  10. Will someone please shut this idiotic woman up? I can’t stand this loud mouth ignorant representative wanna be. Just 5 minutes alone in a room with her and I could shut her up by sticking my foot up her a**, or maybe my fist down her throat. She just likes to hear herself talk, cuz by no means nobody else does. Keep making her look like the stupid rep she is Ted Cruz. I love it!!!

  11. AOC please call back in a 10 bar once your wonderful governor and mayor allows people to go back to work maybe you could do something you’re good at

    • Everyone of “THE SQUAD” especially AOC, and Omar should quit trying to act as if they are knowledgeable, and relevant, even though everyone knows they aren’t. Pelosi is included in this merry band of fools.


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