Angry Baltimore Mob Marked 4th Of July By Tearing Down More American History

(Liberty Bell) – As patriots all across America set off fireworks and celebrated the independence of this great country, domestic terrorists did what domestic terrorists do. In Baltimore, a riotous mob gathered and tore down a Christopher Columbus statue near the city’s Little Italy neighborhood, dragged it to the edge of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and chucked it into the water.

How patriotic.

The statue, which was owned by the city and dedicated in 1984, is the latest casualty in the cultural revolution the radical left has begun in the wake of George Floyd’s death under the guise of ending racism in the name of justice. What began as tearing down Confederate related statues has turned into an all-out cultural cleansing of any and all historical figures.

The Baltimore Sun has more on the tearing down of Christopher Columbus statues:

The debate drew renewed attention to Baltimore’s Christopher Columbus memorials — including one in Herring Run Park believed to be the nation’s oldest. The legacy of the 15th-century Italian explorer, who had long been credited by history textbooks as a hero who discovered America, has come under fire over his violent enslavement of native people.

The torn-down Columbus statue is part of a “re-examination taking place nationally and globally around some of these monuments and statues that may represent different things to different people,” said Lester Davis, a spokesman for Democratic Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, on Saturday night.

“We understand the dynamics that are playing out in Baltimore are part of a national narrative,” Davis said. “We understand the frustrations. What the city wants to do is serve as a national model, particularly with how we’ve done with protesting. We’ve seen people who have taken to the streets, we have supported them. We are going to continue to support it. That’s a full stop.”

The city supports domestic terrorists. Full stop. The city of Baltimore supports violent rioting and the looting of local businesses. Full stop. The city supports reverse racism and growing animosity towards white people. Full stop. You heard it here, folks. Baltimore supports the cultural jihadists looking to desecrate America’s history and legacy and transform this country into a full-blown communist, liberal dystopia. Full stop.

Make no mistake, the statue was torn down as part of this cultural cleansing. The Baltimore Sun continues:

The Columbus statue was dragged down as people marched across the city Saturday demanding reallocation of funds from the police department to social services, a reassessment of the public education system, reparations for Black people, housing for the homeless, and the removal of all statues “honoring white supremacists, owners of enslaved people, perpetrators of genocide, and colonizers,” according to a flyer.

Davis said he did not know whether police officers were ordered to allow the statue to be torn down. But he made clear that protecting statues was not a priority of the city police department in the face of homicides and other violent crime.

Somehow tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus is supposed to miraculously do away with “racism” in America.


  1. What’s happening in Our country is just outrageous, there are no words no sense for so much hate and destruction.. these Marxist leftists movements are just worst of what they say are against..Im sure some don’t even have the slightest idea what the cause is for these Marxist liberals.. they act like wild ignorants..just looking at them and the euphoria they get while destroying is really sick..

  2. These socialist Marxist need to be run out of our country along with the squad in Congress and George Soros. This is our country! God Bless America! God Bless President Trump/Vice President Pence 2020 ✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸

  3. The responsibility falls on the city officials for allowing them to do it. Police could have and would have stopped the hooligans from destroying. This is not about Floyd – it is now all about domestic terrorism – funded by whom?

    • Patricia – agreed it is indeed domestic terrorism. The key phrase from the article is “cultural cleansing” – the remaining question is when (not if) that turns into ethnic and/or religious ‘cleansing’ – and who gets to ‘decide’ what groups get ‘cleansed’. And as you pointed out, who is paying for it.

  4. Again, another liberal city being destroyed by anarchism. The city officials should be held accountable for these crimes. If they allow this without any retribution, the responsibility falls on them. The silent majority is absolutely fed up with this and if it doesn’t end soon, I’m concerned that this will end badly. What I really want to know is who is funding all this? Obviously, these thugs aren’t contributing to the society.

  5. The full weight of the law needs to be brought down upon the necks of all these ne’er-do-wells (here I’m being charitable) in Antifa and BLM! Failing that, it’s past time for ALL American patriots and nationalists to take the law into their OWN HANDS and bring about a restoration of some semblance of law and order! FULL STOP! OPEN SEASON! NO BAG LIMIT! NO LICENSE REQUIRED! FULL STOP!

  6. The LAST thing you want is a resurgence of the KKK! Also, we don’t need a shooting war; there’s enough of that going on in Democrat-run cities! 🙁

  7. Every day they keep telling us how worthless they are. They blame white people for crimes in a city that is run, stolen from, cheated by black people.

  8. Ok BLM you want to erase history, so all history is now erased from the beginning of time until today. So there has been no slavery and no racism that anyone knows about! Now go home and get a job! If you continue your ways you will be the racist in the new history books starting today. There is now nothing to protest! If you kill people and loot and destroy buildings going forward then BLM now goes into the new history books as the most racist and most destructive and the most current hateful group in society! Your kids will read about BLM being racist and they will ask why! Remember BLM slavery and racism didn’t exist, there is no trace of it because it’s been deleted so what will be your answers to your kids if you continue to do what you do.

  9. There will come a day of reckoning for these people. It may not be today or even tomorrow but it will come soon. You can push just so far until the push back comes and it will come! And it’s going to be ugly like we’ve never seen ugly before. I only hope that the people involved with starting this upheaval can walk away from it saying how proud they are of themselves in their quest for money and power that it was all worth it. Maybe the monuments they build to themselves will one day have the same fate and that’s a day worth looking forward to!!!

  10. Why aren’t these @$$holes being shot the second they make contact with the monument? Just place a few sharp shooters in hidden locations with orders to shoot to kill. guaranteed this shit would stop immediately! And there would be thousands of volunteers for the sharp shooters position!!!!

    • I agree . It needs to stop and when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes!
      Like get some lead up your a$$ for being stupid …

  11. Yeah somehow, only in a sick persons mind . That’s the somehow.
    How about a cleansing of the demented and sick mentally probably with no chance of ever coming to reach mental clarity ? If they hate America then leave!
    Plenty of other dystopian places that will fulfill their zenith of utopia!!!
    It’s free country , please exodus now !
    Oh wait , that’s the point… They no longer want it free… Did you catch that?

    • Blow – don’t forget the origins of the klan – they were and still are a wholly owned and operated ‘enforcement’ arm of the democRATs. The current batch of insurrectionists (I’m being sorta kind) be they blm, antifa or any other group – are playing directly into the scheme of destabilization that the dems want – they would rather destroy the Republic and attempt to remake it in their utopian (more like dystopian) ideal. The old saying about it being better to ‘rule’ in Hades than to serve in Heaven is apropos for them. They ain’t figured out that there is only one ruler down there – all else suffer.


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