And The Winner Of The Democratic Primary….No One? This Is Bad News For Dems

(Liberty Bell) – The clown show that is the Democratic party seems poised to deliver even more laughs at their expense as it becomes increasingly less likely that any of the candidates will be able to get a majority of delegates to gain the nomination.

It’s actually the most likely scenario, reported the Western Journal, based on the predictions of a model built by the website FiveThirtyEight. The model tracks how each candidate is currently doing and predicts where they will place in the competition for delegates at the Democratic convention, and this model’s latest winner was “No One”.

Democrats will, and have, attempted damage control on this upcoming disaster by blaming on the number of candidates in the field.

On the surface, this seems like a reasonable argument, “It’s just math” the former manager of failed presidential candidate Sen. (D-NJ) Cory Booker told NBC News. But that doesn’t explain why there are so many candidates still in the field.

Because of the voters, voters continue to annoy democrat establishment by not supporting their hand-picked candidates shamelessly promoted by the mainstream media (Harris, Warren, Biden), and the obvious reason for that is that Democrat voters can’t get enthused at all about the losers that they have to choose from.

To make matters worse, for the Democrats, the divide seems to be one that potential voters might be unwilling to bridge. This is because the current front runner is Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), with one of three odds, but with Biden in free fall Bloomberg is going to be Bernie’s real competition. This sets the party’s new generation of brown shirts against the deluded pragmatists that want to see Bloomberg’s billions used to defeat President Trump.

By no stretch of the imagination, this scenario leads us to a brokered convention, where candidates are forced to cede their delegates to another in order to get one candidate above the fifty percent mark.

The likelihood of a communist Bernie bro being satisfied with his candidate getting the short end of another rigged nomination process and losing to a multi-billionaire former Republican is about as likely as the Democrat party establishment willingly placing their parasitic control of our government in the hands of an Independent with no union support.

Either way the party goes a large portion of their voters are going to walk away disenfranchised and poorly motivated to show up in November and vote against their own self-interest in support of their party.

So I hope you’re not sick of winning.


  1. It is laughable that these Trumpies talk about Dems being corrupt and that winning continues. Its like their memories are wiped cleaned that DT extorted a foreign power to help him CHEAT to beat Biden. With this done, DT and other GOPers are shamelessly cheering on Bernie because he would be the easiest to defeat. If he was such a “winner” why is he willing to cheat to win? Maybe because deep down DT knows that with maybe only 45% of the vote he won’t win… unless his friend Putin and maybe the Saudis and Israelis inferfere with the election again to get him to the finish line. I’m not thrilled with any of the Dems running or Obama, but it would be nice to have a POTUS with a little integrity and isn’t a pathological liar. Make America Sane Again!

    • David, It was Killary that bought and paid for the Russian dossier. By the way, Trump doesn;t cheat. I guess you forgot about what you nigger did.

  2. Never underestimate the power of the mafia and its ability to cheat. (aka, by any means necessary.)

    We need to vote in the primaries and the general election to ensure we don’t fall to communism

  3. Mini Mike with all his billions has no chance of becoming POTUS after all his racist rants became public, as well as his insults against farmers, portraying them as clueless rubes. He screwed up NYC, and now he wants to screw up the entire country.

  4. You are mistaken. The Superdelegate kingmakers cannot

    The DNC will not break. The Superdelegacy is released in the SECOND round and it is bound only to the nomination slate. They will bail out Biden (or Bloomberg, if Biden quits).

    For the convention to actually break, the SUPERDELEGATES must also fail to tip the scales. Superdelegates vote en bloc and will always fall behind the establishment candidate handpicked by the DNC, no matter who actually came in first place.

    Only in the THIRD round can state delegates be released from their choice and begin the war. In the THIRD round (but not the first or second), any person eligible to be President can become a brokered candidate. (This is where Tucker Carlson thinks Michelle Obama will step in.)

    The convention will be decided on the SECOND round, not the first, and WILL NOT BREAK on the third round. I would be willing to bet money on this fact. I already have money riding on Biden being the winner.

  5. Not to worry. Bernie is going to get the shaft again. Bloomberg is already campaigning for November not for the primaries which means he has assurances from the DNC. You are our boy Mike, with your billions and war chest we can’t lose. Once again the Dems are applying their logic and discounting WE THE PEOPLE. TRUMP 2020.


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