“America Last” President Biden In Office For Two Months And Already Ford Announces Plans To Move Plant To Mexico

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden is the most anti-American president to ever sit in the White House. Within two months of his presidency, jobs are already leaving the US while record numbers of migrants are making their way in.

What a mess.

Ford announced this week that they’re planning to move a major project from northeast Ohio down to Mexico. Under President Trump, Ford promised to invest $900 million in their Avon Lake plant in Ohio, but now that Biden’s in office they’re going back on that promise.

Is anybody surprised? America is on the way to hitting major rock bottom with four years of Biden ahead.

Workers at the Avon Lake Ford plant were informed via a letter by the United Auto Workers union that the major project scheduled for 2023 will be moving from the Ohio plant to Ford’s plant in Mexico.

The March 12 letter stated that Ford is canceling their agreement to build a “next-generation vehicle” at the Avon Lake plant in 2023. Guess the Avon Lake plant also won’t be getting the “complete revitalization” that Ford also promised back in 2019.

On Tuesday, Ford released a statement to 3News defending the move saying that they choose “to invest in America more than any other automaker” and that they “remain committed to investing $6 billion in our US plants and creating and retaining 8,500 jobs in America.”

The statement also asserted that Ford has “invested more than $185 million” in the Avon Lake plant since 2019 and that they still plan to increase “capacity to build additional Super Duty trucks” at the Ohio Assembly Plant “to meet strong consumer demand.”

US Senator Sherrod Brown called on Ford to honor their original agreement and pull out of their plans to move the 2023 project to Mexico.

Brown said that the commitment made by Ford would “invest $900 million in the Ohio Assembly Plant” and would “create more than 1,500 jobs.” Brown called Ford out saying that they have “decided not to honor that promise, but instead build its next generation vehicle in Mexico.”

He then slammed the auto company saying their “decision to turn its back on the community is just unacceptable.”

It’s only a matter of time before other companies follow in Ford’s footsteps and move their operations to Mexico or other countries around the world for cheap labor. You know, in places where the government isn’t trying to force a federal $15/hr minimum wage.

We can’t help but marvel at the irony of the entire situation. While Southern and Central Americans are clamoring to illegally enter into the US with the hopes of eventual amnesty under Biden, the jobs are moving out and going to the very places they’re fleeing.

Joe Biden has made an absolute mess of the US in just two short months. Imagine what four years will bring.

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  1. Biden is incompetent and not at all suited for the job. He is a puppet that the dam democrats are using to force feed their stupid socialist
    Agenda down our throat. All these people want is power. Why should we have solar panels on our roof if we don’t want them? An expense I for one don’t want to consider.

  2. Buckle up America for coming attraction under the Biden/Harris administration. Just check out the radicals that are in their cabinet pick. It’s painful to watch but 85 plus million put America in their hands and we knew Biden was going to be calling the shots, so who is? Harris, Chuckie, Nancy, AOC or his chief of staff?

  3. January 20,2025 can’t come fast eneough. Still yet another example of the disaster of a Biden/Harris administration.


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