Amazon Hires Lobbying Firm With Rather Suspicious Ties To Biden Administration

(Liberty Bell) – Retail giant Amazon has hired a lobbyist whose brother is set to be a top White House counselor to presumptive President-elect Joe Biden.

So if anyone was worried that the massive tech company accused of monopolies and poor treatment of its workers was going to get an unfair shake from the supposedly incoming administration, don’t worry.

It will all be in the family.

Lobbyist Jeff Ricchetti is brother to Steve Ricchetti, an incoming adviser to Biden. He also registered as a lobbyist for Amazon on November 13th.

According to disclosure forms filed with Congress, Ricchetti will be lobbying on Amazon’s behalf regarding “[i]ssues related to COVID-19, including implementation of the CARES Act.”

Steve Ricchetti is a longtime aide to Biden and was tapped to serve as a White House counselor on November 16th.

CNBC was first to report that Amazon had hired Jeff.

Jeff Ricchetti’s firm, Ricchetti, is posed to be a major player in the lobbying world under a Biden administration, and Amazon is the 10th company that has been registered as a client since May 1st, 2020.

Ricchetti has a “stable” of other clients, The Daily Caller reported, but had only made one deal since July 1, 2016, according to records filed with Congress.

In August, the firm was registered to lobby on behalf of Applied Materials, a California-based firm that produces materials for semiconductors.

Ricchetti had disclosed his plans to lobby the White House and other executive agencies on U.S. trade policy with China—great.

So we can reasonably expect—no surprise here—that a Biden administration is going to be working in the best interest of massive globalist corporations and the CCP when it comes to China policy.

To say nothing of the Biden family’s already suspicious and crooked business ties to Beijing.

On November 13, Ricchetti also signed an agreement to lobby for biotech firm Vaxart that currently has an oral coronavirus vaccine in development.

Well, guess what?

The DCF notes that “Vaxart is under federal investigation over its claims to have been part of Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration effort to develop a vaccine this year. Prosecutors are looking into whether Vaxart misled investors by falsely claiming to be part of Warp Speed.”

What do you know?

The corruption has begun already.

The DCF also notes that the Ricchettis put their lobbying shop together after Steve Ricchetti left the Bill Clinton administration, where he served as deputy chief of staff.

There, he had helped Clinton successfully lobby Congress to pass a controversial trade deal with China.

When Biden served as Vice President, Steve Ricchetti was his chief of staff.

He will reportedly rely heavily on Ricchetti as a liaison to Congress.

The Swamp is already getting re-filled with muck.

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  1. back to the same old shit even before that piece of shit Biden.gets seated, the swamp is regenerating already . W hy do we borrow massive amounts of money from China they turn around and give Pakistan a massive loan Does that make sense ? plus other shit house countries got billions , so many american citizens starving and losing housing and we give this money away to countries hate us. also giving money to the Kennedy center and Smithsonian ,these should be for profit entities, again save the swamp while citizens suffer this all sucks screw all of the socialist Democrats Bob T


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