Alive? Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Emerges From Hiding. Here’s What We Know.

(Liberty Bell) – Is Kim alive, or isn’t he? This has been the burning question about the infamous dictator of North Korea, who, according to intelligence reports, has been ill to the point of being in a vegetative state.

Not only have discussions of the state of his health been widespread, but many had even been considering who his successor may be should he meet an early demise.

However, a recent apparent public appearance is casting doubts on this intelligence.

What’s really going on?

South Korea’s state-owned news agency Yonhap is reporting, according to Zero Hedge, that Kim Jong Un has made an appearance at a factory after being absent from the public eye for 20 days.

Kim is reported to have attended a completion ceremony at a fertilizer factory in Sunchon, a city in South Pyongan Province, according to the outlet.

This marks his first reported public activity since he was last seen on April 11, presiding over a political bureau meeting of the ruling Workers Party. His apparent absence in events commemorating the 108th birthday of late founder and his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, on April 15 spawned speculation about his health.

The Korean Central News Agency also reported that Kim “attended the ceremony” on Friday and “all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of ‘hurrah!’” when he appeared.

He certainly doesn’t look like a man who was recently in a vegetative state.

Was this an authentic public appearance, a return from near the grave? Or is this old or manipulated footage?

More from Zero Hedge:

While U.S. officials said they were told Kim, 36, was in critical condition after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure, a top South Korean foreign policy adviser later said he was “alive and well.”

Kim’s absence from an April 15 anniversary celebrating the life of his grandfather Kim Il Sung, coupled with scattered news reports of illness, sparked widespread concern over the potential for instability of the nuclear-armed state.

While officials in Seoul and Washington – including Trump – had downplayed the reports of illness over the past two weeks, experts, including former CIA officers, cautioned that western intelligence’s insight into the inner-workings of the Kim regime are very limited.

The episode served as a stark reminder of the risks of a power struggle in North Korea. It also put Kim’s younger sister and trusted adviser, Kim Yo Jong…

… into the spotlight as a potential successor.


  1. Many Communist nations have used A Doppleganger. They have gone so far as to have some someone to go through Plastic Surgery just to keep their Nations Highest Safe. The Doppleganger would show up at many public events where it was found not not safe for the Original…..Bones…..

  2. We do not need Kim’s rabid sister in charge. She has a brain and is not susceptible to flattery as he is. Sister is much more dangerous.

  3. Who gives a stranded hitchhiker’s “wet dream” whether Kim Jong-UN is dead OR alive? It’s almost humorous the way things play out every time some leader of a nation known for its hostility to the USA goes off the radar for any length of time! There’s no great mystery here. This was nothing more than standard Communist SOP! The state-controlled media will AT BEST either avoid the subject entirely or else will offer only a vague token explanation as to the whereabouts of the absent head honcho. It serves only to get the rest of the world’s news media into a lather, almost panicking to know what he’s up to! Like I alluded to before, who honestly gives a particular DAMN?

  4. Yeah, everybody cheered. Just like a game show telling you to clap now. Only this show will shoot you if you don’t. And who knows if he was really there. All it would take to fake his appearance would be to bring a big ugly brown balloon. If he was sick, its probably due to eating his dead soldiers. What do you think is used at the “fertilizer” factory?
    “Its people! Soylent green is people!”


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