Alert: Why This Clinton Foundation Probe Has The Deep State In A Panic

(Liberty Bell) – You won’t find two more controversial political figures in the history of our country than former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So much information has come out over the years indicating the deep corruption that lies inside of these individuals and pretty much every political endeavor they’ve ever undertaken, it’s a wonder neither of them is residing in a jail cell right now.

Well, the pair of Democrats are getting some super bad news as a federal tax judge has denied an IRS request to end a current investigation into the couple’s charity, the Clinton Foundation, allowing complaints made by a whistleblower to continue moving forward.

A report published by WND says that the judge stated the complaints, which were provided by former Drug Enforcement Agency official John Moynihan and tax professional Larry Doyle, provided “specific credible documentation” that backs up the pair’s allegations of tax exempt legal violations committed by the charity.

The complaint goes on to say that the foundation should lose its current tax exempt status as a result of these violations.

One of the big tip offs that indicate funny business was happening at the charity is that while Hillary Clinton was serving in an official capacity as the secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation was essentially floating in a swimming pool of money due to large donations. Many of these donations came from countries overseas. Ever since Hillary left public office, the charity’s income has plummeted.

Peter Schweizer, an investigative journalist, spoke with Tucker Carlson on his prime time news program, stating that the money coming into the foundation “dried up.”

“The Clinton Foundation has had a hard time raising money because they don’t have the influence to sell,” Schweizer told Carlson. “They don’t have power access to sell and that, I think, is the primary evidence for what the Clinton enterprise was all about.”

Doyle, who is a managing partner of DM Income Advisers, stated that the World Health Organization made an agreement with the Clinton Foundation that should have resulted in the charity losing its status as tax exempt.

Doyle has already given testimony to Congress that clearly states the law doesn’t allow the Clinton Foundation to enter into specific kinds of agreements.

“According to promotional material, the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative partnered with the World Health Organization on a technical program to scale up ‘national HIV/AIDS care and treatment,'” JTN said in their report.

The whistleblowers allege the Clinton Foundation has wrongly acted as a foreign lobbyist by accepting donations from overseas and attempting to influence actions taken by the United States.

Things are definitely looking dark for the Clinton Foundation. More and more evidence emerges that Hillary and Bill were abusing her political power as secretary of state to help earn cash in exchange for favors to foreign countries.

If this is proven to be true, Hillary Clinton needs to somehow be held accountable for what she did, even if that means she goes to prison. Especially if it means she goes to prison. No one is above the law here. That’s what makes this country so great.

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  1. Whack jobs! If it’s this criminal, throw them in jail. While you’re at it please throw Trump in jail for all his shady shit! Seriously, you can’t tell me he hasn’t profited off of being POTUS! This pie e of shit charges the secret service to stay in the hotels he owns. That’s a conflict of interest! Deal with both sides equally that’s all I want.

  2. The whistle-blowers had better watch their back or they will all have accidents or attempted robbery gone bad and end up with a bullet in the head and no pert. There are a lot of accidents or folks disappear up in Arkansas long before this started. It just got wore as it got bigger. We in Louisiana have a lot of friends in out neighbor to the north. The Ozarks are a big place and the Clinton’s are well known up there.

  3. The law is only as good as who’s willing to enforce it, which explains why no POTUS has ever been jailed or convicted of any crime. If I’m a gambling man, I’d wager that these two will also get a free pass.

  4. Here come the laws that only they can have. so AG Barr wants to wait to tell after the election to tell the people that up there with 30330 tell the people no the people don`t need to know what I am going to do with the court. with that kind of thinking in America game over for me because the law works so fast lol we are over 3 years behind on this we will not hear the truth about this fore year to come if you want to hear the story Trump 20/20 is the only way you will get the truth

  5. Normal, cognitive conservatives have known forever that the Clintons were pure evil. It’s no real secret in DC circles who or what they are. They were and are still in many ways the donkey that was the most fun at the fairground.
    It’s nice to know that we’ve finally been ‘allowed’ to see the real truth; but will the DOJ (still governed by the demons) do anything about it?
    Sure, the exposure of their ‘corruption’ will be embarrassing enough to halt future wealth-collections for the Clintons; but demons have no shame, so what’s the point? Other demons will still seek their council, and alert them of possible attacks; and throw they a bone or two. They’ll survive comfortably until they die.
    I’d like to see their ‘foundation’ and all it’s associated connections raided and dismembered by the Fed. Too bad for Chelsey, who grew up living off her parent’s ill-gotten gains; but other criminals have families too, and no one grieves for them.


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