Alert: Twitter Stays On War Path After Tucker Announces More Hunter-Burisma Dirt To Be Revealed

(Liberty Bell) – You know you’ve got a juicy story on your hands when the derelicts that run Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are so terrified of the revelations in a news report that they will actively shutdown their platforms to keep information from being spread across the country.

A few days ago, Twitter and Facebook tried to censor a report from the New York Post that featured new emails, messages, photos, and videos of Hunter Biden, many of which contradict Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s claim that he never met anyone from the Burisma Holdings company his son worked for.

Emails say he did indeed meet with an executive on the company’s board, just about a year before he applied political pressure to Ukraine’s government to boot a prosecutor for opening an investigation into the company. Hunter had a position on the board of that same company, by the way.

As soon as this hit the social media platforms, folks tried to censor it immediately, banning accounts that shared the report, including President Trump’s campaign and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Well, according to Gateway Pundit, it doesn’t stop there. Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated on Thursday evening that he would be releasing more emails about Hunter Biden that exposes the corruption of this family to a greater degree. This announcement was made on 4:16 PM.

Right after this announcement was made, Twitter seemed to shut down their site. It didn’t work on mobile or desktop. Folks weren’t able to post anything, which means there wasn’t much sharing of the news of the day either.

At around 7 p.m. the site went back up.

This has severe implications for the First Amendment. Sure, we don’t know for sure if the revelations promised by Carlson is the reason why the company shutdown their website. It could have just been a malfunction that needed to be worked on, or some sort of update.

However, they most definitely attempted to shutdown the spread of this story when it was first released. Apparently, the company has changed course on this after being threatened with subpoenas, but it’s too little, too late. We all know they were trying to help Biden out here by not allowing the masses to have access to information that painted him and his son in a negative light.

If it had been about President Trump, things would’ve been allowed to be spread from one end of the platform to the other.

Listen, Twitter is a private company. However, they function like the public square. Most people get their news through social media, which means they are crucial to the flow of information in America and are essentially publishers. They must allow both sides of the spectrum to voice their beliefs. No censorship of the news.

This is a problem that desperately needs to be addressed if we really want to see our freedom and liberty preserved. Folks need to be equipped with accurate information about their political leaders in order to choose wisely who represents them in the government.

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  1. I’m embarrassed at my party ( Republican), for some reason they can locate and present volumes of good information to put the Democrat/Socialist Party activists on the hot seat but dont light the fire ! ITS PAST TIME FOR SOME INDITMENTS AND TRIALS FOR OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, THE BIDENS, THE CLINTONS, PELOSI, DIANE FEINSTEIN FMILY, WATTERS AND HER FAMILY PELOSI FAMILY, AND A NUMBER UNDETERMINED OF THIS DEM/SOC PARTY NASTIES SHOULD FACE THE SAME JUSTICE WE REGULAR CITIZENS DO. Its well beyond time for all the publicity to stop and the legal actions to proceed !

  2. Where is the FCC when you need it to revoke some Left-wing “social” network’s license to operate? Is it possible that the FCC may have been infiltrated by the Deep State?

  3. You’re Damn Right, file charges for election tampering for 1 trillion and see what happens to all the Liberal Rats that are their fact checkers. When the lights turn on, the Rats and Roaches scurry away and hide!

  4. now is the time to fight back against these clowns… the democrats, the mainstream media and big tech have been dishonest from the get go and need to answer for their misdeeds… this cannot be allowed to continue…


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