Alert: Trump Lawyers In Pennsylvania Have Done The Unthinkable

(Liberty Bell) – Liberals do not seem to understand why President Donald Trump is fighting so hard in key battleground states to have accounts of voter fraud investigated, believing that these are just the actions of a man who is simply a sore loser, who can’t accept defeat.

What they don’t realize, or simply don’t care about, is the fact that if we allow voter fraud to go unchallenged, we will essentially be sticking a blade into the heart of Lady Liberty.

Because without fair elections, where every citizen — notice the word “citizen,” illegals shouldn’t be casting votes to impact the outcome of an election in a country they do not legally belong to — is able to cast a vote and have their voice heard in who and how they are governed, we’re just a glorified monarchy.

And that’s what our founders fought to free us from. As the election system goes, so goes our freedom. It’s really that important.

President Trump might have a bit of an ego, as all accomplished men do, but at the end of the day, he just simply wants to make sure that if he really did lose, it was fair and square.

Unfortunately, pursuing the truth right now, in our current political climate, is proving to be fraught with a number of obstacles.

According to Breitbart, President Trump’s lawyers in the state of Pennsylvania, the Porter Wright firm, have quit representing him and his challenges to the results of the election.

According to a report from the NY Times, the reason for the firm quitting had a lot to do with “internal tensions” over working for Trump, some of which is directly the result of pressure being applied to the firm by the news publisher itself.

Some employees have said they felt that the Porter Wright firm was being used to undercut the integrity of the electoral process. In fact, the firm’s work before the election actually led to one individual quitting back during the summer.

Many of the individuals who oppose President Trump have been trying to apply pressure to the folks who are representing him in various states, trying to get them to quit. They fear that if these lawsuits and investigations are properly carried out, the president’s claims that he is the rightful winner of the election will be proven true.

The last thing they want is to have another four years of Trump, a man who truly represents the average, hard working Americans that make up the backbone of our nation.

Let’s hope his other attorneys stand firm on principle and help the president ensure that if he did lose, it was a fair loss.

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  1. If the Dems were smart enough to rig the whole Presidential election why didn’t they win the Senate and why did they lose seats in the house. Perhaps they aren’t so smart after all and the ignorant assertions of Republicans is just the shit it seems to be.

    • The main and only goal was to get Trump out of office, the senate and house mean nothing, get Trump was the only goal and if they or someone could effect that vote it would be worth it.

  2. Mr. Donald Trump did more for our country in the first 3 months of his Presidency, than all the Presidents we’ve had for the last 30 years. That’s why the Left wing devils, oh sorry, I meant (democrats) don’t like him he showed them what a true American President should be. Thank you Donald Trump.

  3. Trump is a loser in 2020, stole 2020, is a loser racist, loser egomaniac, loser father, loser son, loser businessman, who has loser children, loser wives, loser resume, loser personality, is a loser carnival barker, a loser mobster, a loser thief, a loser Putin butt kisser and a loser President, rated the worst President ever.

    • Wow, we’re all impressed that you know how to spell loser. You know your name is quite misleading. JusticeforTrump. Thats exactly what Trump is doing, trying to get Justice for this sham of an election. Trying to prove how the Democrats have made a once respected tradition of voting into a big fraudulent mess to steal the vote. Yes, we want President Trump to get his, and our Justice. Justice serves to champion anyone who has been wronged, and our President has been wronged by the democrats and mainstream media since he started campaigning for 2016. So I agree with your name. Justice for Trump!!!!

    • You’re nuts! Trump has fought for the working class and not the elites. You do not understand the politics of a fair election. Prior to the election, Biden said on TV that he had a committee that had a plan to assure he would win the election. And now that all the evidence of fraud is out, we know why. Crooked Biden and Dems. The Dems are using the Venzuela plan to destroy our Country and it is working like a charm. All the Dems care about is power and money, not the people.

    • I see like all good and useful loud mouthed democrats, you Project onto Trump what YOU really are. You dont have to like trump, but he is fighting for our future Freedom from democrat tyranny.

    • Go to a site you agree with. You look like either an annoying teenager in need of “relief” or a weirdo adult who fantasizes about burning things. We don’t need your negativity here and you are wrong. The courts are the place that decide facts. Good bye.

    • The Granny Lady, Rose, Td, and Laura are too stupid to understand apparently how evil Trump is, or they don’t care because they like his racist policies, he has done nothing for the poor or middle class, just the super wealthy making many millions a year, especially in red states.

    • it good to see that you finally recognized obama the very worst president ever. to bad you can’t spell his name

  4. How much money collected should not be a determining factor of who is the BEST. Election should not be bought by the richest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 100% agree. Not to mention the fact he has severe Alzheimer’s. Pelosi wants him in so she can pull the 25th amendment and named Kamala as the president and Pelosi would be the VP. It’s disgusting.

  5. Biden couldn’t get a dozen people he knew to come & pretend to be a rally, the whole rigged thing stinks. No questions answered & babbles through the gimme planted questions. Joe Biden, come on man, you should be in a home. Just doesn’t make any sense. We saw many clips of the Republican poll watchers being turned away, run out of the room to cheering? Cheering? Really? That sounds like fair minded people to be working in a polling place. Counting in the middle of the night with no one but them around & suddenly wholah! Bidens ahead. Just the lack of poll watchers in these key places should throw those places out of the count, well, leave the Trump count only, we’ll never know how many they threw away & I am sure there are affadavits on that. Big hurry to claim victory tells you alot too. If you didn’t cheat, well just let it play out & say you want it to be clean too. They can’t do that. They were all in on this, planned from the start. Biden could not be seen or given any scrutiny because he is senile, we all see it & hear it……..Dominion? It really happened & we know of a good number of flipped votes, like the 6000 in one place in Michigan. That’s serious by itself. But, even Fox sadly is selling the line that there was no fraud. We saw a chunk of it live. Big funny number jumps for Biden suddenly after Trump was way in the lead? Never seen anything like that in my 72 years. Calling Biden when he was still behind on the board? I saw that. Poll watcher scandal cannot be denied. Too many statistical impossibilities.

  6. Al VET
    We really don’t have a legal election system because in this election, we permitted dead people to vote, allowed the harvesting of ballots, permitted the blocking of the opposing political party from witnessing the recording of each ballot, to assure the legitimacy of the ballot, and to assure ballots were not run through the ballot recorder multiple times. Also, many votes were submitted by an unknown group, using names of former residence, whom had long moved to another state For the news media to tell the American voters there was no election fraud in the swing-states, is in itself fraudulent. The theory that telling a lie often enough will eventually be taken as the truth, is no longer viable method of fooling the people. Time to bring integrity back to our elections. US VET, and member of the American Legion.

    • I’m in 100% agreement Al Vet. We people of honesty and integrity need to stand up and push back instead of being bullied by the Dem/socialists who want to take over the Country and destroy it. George Sorros has said, the happiest day of his life will be the day he brings down the U.S. Synister, huh?

    • Amen, you are 100% correct. The Election was stolen from Trump. He is the best President of my lifetime and I am in my 60’s….I receive more job offers at my age now with President Trump running things and am saving more $$ now then ever before with nice low taxes……The Dems will never be even come close to the accomplishments of a “REAL” President like Trump. We must never have another Election with mail in Ballots PERIOD. That is how they stole the Election.
      No one can name a single thing Biden has done in his last 40 yrs for the country while in Politics…..(that was legal).
      Remember, Liberalism is a mental disorder. They DEFLECT, DISTORT, & DEMORALIZE.

  7. i never did this before but i think the hold election should be done away with and start over ever state and vote in person no mail in and if a person can not come to the polls a democrat and a republican well go to them and when it comes to counting same thing dems. and rep. do the count and they would have to show if they are dem. are a of each, list make this right NO FRAUD.

  8. I fully agree and I love Donald Trump and what he has done for this country. I pray for President Trump each and every day and I am sure the Our God will see that the righteous will win. May God bless our President and the United States or America.

  9. I don’t believe the Liberals and Leftist “believe that these are just the actions of a man who is simply a sore loser, who can’t accept defeat.” It’s simply something they promote to cover for their deception and fraud. Just like the faked ‘polls’ that were put out to discourage Trump support prior to the election, all these statements after the election is nothing more than psychological warfare. They’re creating lists of Trump supporters to defame, discredit, harass, and ruin. It’s another form of cancel culture.
    The lawyers in Pennsylvania are worried about future profits and the fallout from cancel culture. They are not brave patriots. They may have taken the job for those reasons, but succumbed to pressure. I don’t feel sorry for them. When this election mess is all over, they may lose even more if Trump succeeds.
    All the people who insist the election was fair and secure may have to eat their words.
    There’s simply too much evidence, and even though the key states have demon judges who agree to dismiss, the Trump team still has hundreds of Federal cases and the SCOTUS has already agreed to hear the one of the Pennsylvania cases.
    Posters here that do not understand how the system works like R Philipson say things like “shits believe in imaginary farts”. Maybe they’ll do the harakiri thing when Trump’s second term starts?

  10. I hope that this investigation continues until the whole truth is known. There are so many troubling things that are being revealed, and things that history shows are not new to the instigators of the election fraud. I truly think and hope that the right people prevail.

  11. I stand with our president trump there is nothing higher then TRUTH and without TRUTH nothing can last so lets all work to have the TRUTH reveled.

  12. I feel the same but they can’t handle the job. I’ve worked with law firms and they want easy money and not to much work. May steam of real hard working LAWYERS TAKE OVER FOR THE BETTER OF THIS COUNTRY

  13. Since there is no evidence of fraud, to pursue imagined fraud it is futile and damaging to the system for shits tend to believe in imaginary farts.

    • R Philips on you’re either 1) “as blind as a bat”, 2) not paying attention to all the evidence of election fraud, or 3) a Democrat supporter who doesn’t realize or doesn’t care about the obvious election fraud that occurred because of your Democrat support or Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Hey Skippy, the authentic ballots were all encrypted with QSF blockchain because Trump knew the Leftists were going to try and fix the election. The National Guard is scanning ballots–so far over 70% of Biden ballots in Michigan and Wisconsin are FAKE. Get over yourself. The fraud in this election will incontrovertibly be proven.

    • There was Huge fraud against trump when your ilk tried to frame him for fake collusion with russia. This election is full of potential fraud as long as the government has mostly democrat swamp employees making their living off of our tax dollars.

    • Absolutely there is fraud here, this must be fully exposed. Liberals are and Dems do not acknowledge the reality of all this, many because the main stream media have not reported this. They only report flowers and candy for the Democrats and fake negativity about Republicans. Muzzling and censoring and filtering out the truth is a violation of the obligation of the press and they know it. Every person has a responsibility and an obligation to get the truth. Hold on, the election is not over, still lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of Cyber irregularities, enough to resemble what went on in Venezuela !! Very strange list of shareholders for Dominion software, and how Obama and Biden used it during their administration to influence elections in foreign countries. Used to influence elections in foreign countries ! WOW ! Hold on, “The best is yet to come!!”

    • Is it even remotely possible that there may be a measure of chicken shit mixed in with all the bullshit? Whatever, all lawyers are accomplished prevaricators anyway. It goes with the territory!


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