Alert: Shocking Voter Fraud Captured On Camera

(Liberty Bell) – One of the biggest concerns about the current presidential election is voter fraud, largely due to the fact that Democrats are absolutely nutso at the moment and willing to do whatever it takes to shut President Trump’s reelection efforts down and take the White House by any means necessary.

We’ve all been raising flag after flag about mail-in voting, warning folks that this sort of system would leave the door wide open to all kinds of voter fraud practices to help silence the voices of thousands and maybe millions of Trump supporters. We’ve actually seen it, on a small scale, in various places around the country already.

Well, according to Newswars, some brand new footage has come out showing a poll worker marking a ballot with a pen.

“In the livestream video, which shows poll workers in Germantown, Maryland, examining ballots, one man opens up a ballot and proceeds to look around suspiciously before appearing to use a pen to mark on the ballot,” the report says.

The video is one hour and 51-minutes long and was streamed by left-leaning news outlet Yahoo Finance on their Facebook page.

LIVE: Mail-in ballots examined before being counted in Germantown, Maryland

LIVE: Mail-in ballots examined before being counted in Germantown, Maryland

Posted by Yahoo Finance on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Again, we live during a time when liberals will do anything they can to try and win this election. Including voter fraud. This is how strong the hatred for President Donald Trump is in our culture, a feat accomplished by the mainstream media performing as good propaganda creators and crafting narratives about the commander-in-chief that simply aren’t true.

But hey, if you repeat a lie long enough, eventually folks will start to believe it. That’s just a fact. One we’ve seen in the past with Nazi Germany. Yeah, the left might try to paint up conservatives as Nazis, but if you do a study of history, you’ll see the left ideologically has much in common with national socialist belief.

Regardless, we must take every measure possible to protect the integrity of our election system. This includes voting in-person. It’s the only way to ensure our voices are heard and our votes counted. Plenty of precautions can be taken to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus from voting in-person. Are we willing to do what we need to do in order to preserve our republic?

Along with this we need to see nationwide voter ID laws put into place. There’s nothing racist about requiring someone to prove they are who they say they are and to ensure they are an American citizen. Voting is not a right for all people. It’s only for those who are citizens and contribute to the current system. Period. That’s not a popular message, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Voting is one of the most important rights we have. It’s our power and authority to choose who represents us in the government and what direction we want to go in as a nation, what values we want to see protected and upheld.

If we want to see America continue to be the greatest nation on earth, we need to preserve our election system.

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  1. I dont do twitter anymore but for those who do..will someone please post this link on twitter with alerts to POTUS and a few senators and campaign officials? I doubt it would do any good to alert the fbi considering what’s been going on with them.

  2. What’s amazing is that Democrats have the chutzpah to claim “voter suppression” by Republicans to cover their voting illegalities. When I was a young man, I witnessed the distribution of Democrat street money with bottles of whiskey To black voters in Gary, Indiana. Such activities, or their equivalent, have been a staple of Democrat politics for decades. They will do anything to gain power and control over our tax dollars.

  3. If Biden wins on the basis of fraudulent ballots, there will be no effective recourse. It’s like when the dirtbag Harry Reid slandered Mitt Romney by saying he hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years. When it was pointed to him after the election that he was wrong, he said “well, we won didn’t we?” The Democrats are a criminal organization and Joe Biden, like Hillary Clinton, used his office to enrich his family. He dragged his drug addicted son around the world to serve as the conduit for influence peddling millions.

  4. This man should be in jail on Federal charges that the locals cannot drop!!! This is voter tampering in a federal election!!

  5. If he was ‘turned in’, Maryland won’t do anything. It’s a Blue State. Their poll workers are supposed to be criminals. They’re hired to help the demons get their power back.

  6. IF he wasn’t arrested for voter/election fraud, WHY wasn’t he arrested? He was caught in the act on videotape surveillance! It’s a cut-and-dried, open-and-shut case! Damned Democrats will do and say ANYTHING to steal this election! WTF, over!


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