Alert: Media Personalities Already Trying To Dismantle Future Debates; Here’s What They Want Biden To Do

(Liberty Bell) – Tuesday night’s first presidential debate was a total, utter bloodbath. In a figurative sense, of course. The evening started out a bit on the cordial side, but things quickly devolved into some serious verbal fisticuffs that left former Vice President Joe Biden looking weak, weary, and battered.

Granted, Biden got in quite a few heavy shots of his own, but still, the president was aggressive out of the gate and was relentless. Biden lost his cool on a number of occasions proving he doesn’t have the mental maturity to remain calm under stress or to be able to fight back against criticism in a way that is constructive.

As you might imagine, liberals are absolutely terrified about Biden having to endure several more debates and many media personalities are already encouraging the Democratic presidential nominee to not participate in any further events.

However, something these folks need to keep in mind, is that if he doesn’t do the debates he looks super weak.

Via Just The News:

Media personalities including MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski said Tuesday night that former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, shouldn’t participate in the next scheduled presidential debate with President Trump.

“This is a disgrace, a low point in American debate history. There is no reason, not one, that Joe Biden should participate in another debate,” tweeted Scarborough, co-host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

Brzezinski, the show’s co-host, shared a similar assessment on social media following the first presidential debate.

“No more debates,” she posted. “No more opportunities for Trump to debase American democracy. Biden did well tonight.”

Television commentator Bill Kristol said Biden should refuse to show up for the next debate.

“For the sake of the country, Joe Biden should refuse to appear again on the same stage as Donald Trump,” he wrote. “Biden can have weekly or twice weekly town halls…But he should not put the nation through another ordeal like that.”

CNN commentator April Ryan said another debate with Trump is “beneath” Biden.

“I’m not sure Joe Biden should do another debate with Donald Trump. This is beneath him. It’s obvious that he’s focused on real issues & matters that are important to Americans. And Trump is just being Trump,” she said.

If you read between the lies here, what’s really being expressed is fear of total annihilation. If Trump is given a chance to truly debate Biden, without having to also debate the moderator like he did with Chris Wallace, then he’ll utterly destroy the former vice president with facts. Not only that, Trump will confront Biden about the many flubs, gaffes, scandals, and failures of the Democratic Party, which will leave Biden flustered as it did Tuesday evening.

Of course the left doesn’t want another debate. This would be their greatest fear realized. However, as noted earlier, Biden will look weak and pathetic. No, he has to do these debates. Which means Trump will likely smell the blood in the water and go right for him, but that’s the way it is.

Video: Full Presidential Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden


  1. If Biden refuses to participate in more debates, just think what that will make the American people think of him! It would confirm that he is weak, senile, and unable to stand up to opponents – like the far left that wants him to preside like Bernie would have, and China, Russia, North Korea and Iran!

    By the way, JusticeforTrump, who responded to hal (above) is like every other leftist when presented with the truth – they attack the person who is telling the truth with lies, insults, slander and character assassination because they have no defense to disprove the truth presented to them. And their lame arguments to try and disprove the truth fail within 30 seconds, at most!

  2. First I believe an impartial moderator needs to be moderating, Wallace truly was on Biden’s side. We need a true debate on important issues such as the Constitution, the border, protecting the police, the rights of the American people, keeping American history instead of re-writing it and destroying the monuments. The positive things Trump has done for the country and the American people compared to the corrupt and non productive accomplishments of Biden over the last 47 years. America and the people need to be first not foreign countries.

  3. I am still curious why they will not do an electronic check on both candidates? Just make sure that we are getting the answers from the Man not a controller. We don’t need a producer and an editor. Let them answer the questions. Standard debate decorum.
    Let the chips fall where they may. Or is that too much to ask?

  4. Funny
    He did well but no more?
    Why afraid Biden cheated with a wire to his ream to help him?
    Hes didn’t do as well as you thought?
    Afraid his dementia will kick in?
    Afraid pedo Joe will falter
    Maybe his true racist past will come out he conspired with segregationist senators.
    Democrats actually stole reparations from the slaves

  5. If questions are asked that need to be answered the public would be advised as needed. We need to know about the taxes, we need to know about the court, we need to know abut the border, police, energy, and how the Constitution is going to be respected. We need to have an explanation of the obvious corruption with Hunter Biden and China and Ukraine. We need to know how his foreign police will be formed around national security with China, the Middle East, and what economic costs he will impose on this country for supporting Europe and other countries. These are questions arbitrators MUST ASK. No more protecting the left. We do NOT want socialism!

  6. Regardless of style or attitude, there is only one choice in this election if you are truly a patriotic American. Biden and the left will destroy our country


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