Alert: Illegals Demand DACA Is Saved…Because Of Coronavirus?

(Liberty Bell) – As the nation comes to grips with the severity of the coronavirus and its potential lasting impact, some are taking the opportunity to promote their agenda however they can.

“Because coronavirus” is going to be the new buzzwords for the left to promote whatever radical policy they can.

We’re already seeing it in the way some blue state governors have taken the opportunity to rob their citizens’ rights out from under their nose.

Illegal aliens who have been allowed to remain in the United States thanks to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, aka DACA, declared before the Supreme Court on Friday that the program should be preserved…say it with me now…because coronavirus.

Attorneys claimed in a letter to the court that there are 27,000 DACA recipients currently working in the healthcare industry in the midst of the crisis, according to The Gateway Pundit.

“The pandemic sheds new light on the reliance interests of healthcare providers and the public health consequences of ignoring those interests,” the lawyers wrote.

They’re appealing a ruling by District Court Judge Andrew Hanen from August 31, 2018 which deemed the program unconstitutional as it was never approved by Congress and rather enacted unilaterally by former President Barack Obama.

The program, from 2012, gave temporary amnesty to over 825,000 illegal aliens who had been brought to the country as minors by their illegal alien parents.

According to the attorneys, to end the program “during this national emergency would be catastrophic.”

A decision by the high court was originally expected this summer, but could be delayed by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, socialist upstart Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) whined that the $3 trillion spending bill didn’t have enough payouts for illegal aliens.

As WND reported:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is blasting Republicans for refusing to send rebate checks to taxpayers without a Social Security number, including illegal aliens.

She was referring to the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill that is now on its way to President Trump for his signature, reported.

“To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers, NOT immigrants w/ tax IDs (ITINs),” Ocasio-Cortez wrote Thursday on Twitter.

“Thanks to GOP, these checks will be cut off the backs of *taxpaying immigrants,* who get nothing. Many are essential workers who pay more taxes than Amazon,” she said.


  1. when are these people going to realize that their illegal they don’t have a right to demand anything. they all need to be sent back to what ever country they came from. they come here they get food stamps, free education, free housing and medicaid. things that even some citizens can’t get. they don’t pay taxes and i’m not saying all but the majority but then the democraps want them to get social security which they’ve not put one red cent into. the democraps don’t care about illegals they just want the votes. build the wall

  2. I would like to know why they think they have anything to say, since they are here illegally. If they had come in legally, they would have had a chance to read the Constitution and realize everything they are crying about getting, they have no right to.

  3. 27,000 DACA recipients currently working in the healthcare industry…Weren’t we told they only came to America to get jobs Americans didn’t want. Weren’t we told they only came to work in the fields and pick crops…

    • FINALLY SOMEONE who is 100% correct Yes, we were told that, but just like “the lottery is for the schools”, it was a lie

  4. Ridiculous claims to expect to get without having paid taxes though a proper tax identity. If you work, you pay taxes both federal and state. If you haven’t filed taxes in 2018 or for 2019, you are out of luck. If you don’t direct deposit and constantly change your address to stay off-grid, you are out of luck. IRS has to have your information to get this check. Stop complaining.

  5. The only ‘good’ thing about the Wuhan Virus is that the world is learning the value of borders. There are many ‘former’ democrats discovering this too.
    Continue building the wall.
    Trump 2020.

  6. So, if 27,000 work in the healthcare field, are they all masked and gloved up and working in ICUs in hospitals treating Covid patients? I doubt it. I am sure they have included receptionists at local Drs offices, cafeteria workers, toilet scrubbers, and medical bullets in this figure. Even if you subtract this “27,000” from the total DACA recipients, what excuse for the rest. I look at them as potentially taking an ICU bed away from a U.S. Citizen. BTW, Mexico has far fewer cases there. Seems it would be safer to go home.

  7. I agree with Jerry Hugh’s, give them 60 days to get out and start shooting them on day 61
    Build the wall and put land mines on our side
    Trump 2020. This man has done everything he said he would. A true patriot

  8. If any one cause that will adversely affect the next election will be the illegals and open borders. The ones who have been granted a driver’s license and a voter registration card with it. The Democrats are pushing for mail-in ballots for the next election and will make it much easier for the illegals to vote. Only US citizens are allowed to vote in national elections.

  9. It’s “Deferred Action”. Now let’s end the “Defering” and take action and deport those taking jobs from REAL Americans!!!

    • Totally agree, they’ve had yearssssssssss to get legal and chose to ride on the fact that they came her with illegal parents as a right to stay. Many illegals 20+ years ago crossed over pregnant knowing the US would take care of them and their child would probably be legal, oh well for 20+ years they should have become legal!

  10. I personally am afraid that “We, the People” will never truly realize and acknowledge what we have had and enjoyed down through the years as citizens of the greatest nation in the world, until we have LOST it to some godless foreign ideological interlopers or else some other heathen ideology trying to pass itself off as a “religion.” Then AND ONLY THEN will we look back with extreme regret upon the extent of our folly and lack of perception, which combined together equal IGNORANCE, which is over abundant in America already!
    I did not address illegal immigration per se because it is merely a SYMPTOM and not the main source of the disease!

  11. When you’re forced to fund their college educations in NY & find out Governor Cuomo spends so much on illegals he never prepared essentials for a pandemic, you get annoyed. I hear El Salvador promises good gov’t benefits during coronavirus. They should head over there.

  12. To all daca’s you want the right to stay in this country get your citizenship papers and stop believing the lying demonrats vote for President Trump do your duty to this country the legal way.

  13. Bring the military in give the Daca a holes 60 days warning. On the 61 st day start shooting them
    On the same day start shooting any liberal c sucker trying to support them.

  14. yes thanks to Obama who destroyed us real US citizens who lost homes and jobs cause of those DACA who took over. our immigration is so broken.I hope to God Trump will get something done right.

    • Deport them and their relatives. Giving them any rights of American Citizens or legal residents is an abomination.

  15. Why are “Illegal aliens who have been allowed to remain in the United States thanks to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” still here and working jobs that actual citizens, real U.S. citizens could and would and should be working? Obama’s “decree” should be put to pasture. It’s nothing more than an open border decree. An open border like no other nation on the face of this earth other than the United States has. It’s the left’s attempts at recruiting liberal voters… nothing more, nothing less. IMHO


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